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Detailed Guide to Add Song to iMovie

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 19, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Versatile Video Editor - Wondershare Filmora

"Can you add songs to iMovie? I need someone who can help me find a solution by providing a Detailed Guide on how to add songs in iMovie.”

It is a fact that iMovie is free for Apple users. There is a bit of a learning process that a user needs to go through before they start using it. It is also pertinant to understand that the simple process of adding a song to iMovie can be pretty tough if you do not understand the process.

Without delaying any further, let’s go through a quick detailed guide on how to add songs on iMovie as follows:

 Part 1 How to add Music to iMovie [iPhone & Mac]

iMovie provides Apple users with varieties of great opportunities, especially those who are much more interested in making videos to add transitions, cut clips, overlay titles, and do more on the platform. More so, for those using them already, you will notice that there are about five songs already, which can be somewhat overwhelming.

The good news is that Apple users can now add more songs on iMovie using the following steps:

For iPhone: there are different methods of adding songs to the iMovie project using your iPhone device:

Add theme music and soundtrack

● While your project is still open, click on Add Media button +and then click on Audio.

● Click on Soundtracks and all the Soundtracks that you need to download will appear showing a Download button next to them.

● Click on a soundtrack you want to download and download it. After you download a soundtrack, you can click on it to preview.

● To download all the soundtracks, click on the Download button in the upper right.

● To add a soundtrack, click on the soundtrack you want to add and then click on the Add Audio option + that appears to add a soundtrack to your project.

● Scroll down to the Theme Music section available at the Soundtracks list and add theme music to your project to add theme music.

Add background song stored on your device

● While your project is still open, click on Add Media button + and click on Audio.

● To look for songs previously synced to your device from your computer, click on My Music.

● To listen to a song before adding them, click on the song.

● To add a song to your iMovie project, click on the song and then click on the Add Audio button +.

Add imported songs from an iCloud drive or other audio

Scroll the timeline so the white vertical line known as the ‘Playhead’ appears while your project is still open and select where you want to add the audio clip or songs.

Note: The new clip gets added before or after an existing clip. This is if the 'Playhead' is resting over a current clip.

● Click on Add Media + and then click on Audio.

● Click on the iCloud Drive listed in the categories.

● Navigate to the folder with the audio you want to use, located at the iCloud pane,

● Click on the name of the audio clip or song you want to add and tap the Add Audio button +.

For Mac: There are different methods of adding songs to the iMovie project using your Mac device:

Add background Music

● Click on the iMovie app on your Mac device and open your movie in the timeline. Then select Audio located above the browser.

select audio option


● In the audio sidebar, select from the dropdown; Sound Effects , GarageBand , or Music

audio sidebar

The contents found in the selected item will appear as a list in the browser. Therefore, to filter what appears as a list in the browser:

● Tap the pop-up menu at the upper-left corner and select a category.

● Look for the clip you want to add to your project in the browser.

● Drag and drop the clip to the background music well below the timeline.

background music well

You can now trim, edit, and position, the background audio independently of clips in the timeline.

Add a sound clip

● Click on the iMovie app on your Mac device and open your movie in the timeline. Select Audio in the menu located above the browser.

● In the audio sidebar, select from the dropdown; Sound Effects , GarageBand , or Music

The contents found in the selected item will appear as a list in the browser. Now, to filter what appears as a list in the browser:

Tap the pop-up menu located at the upper-left corner of the browser and select a category.

In the browser, select the song you want to add to your movie and then do any of the following:

a) Add all audio clips by dragging the clip from the list to the timeline.

b) Add a part of the audio clip by selecting a range in the waveform at the top of the browser. Then drag the range to the timeline.

select the range

● Finally, the audio clip will then be attached to a clip in the timeline. Therefore, the audio clip will move as well if you move the clip the audio clip is linked to.


 Part 2 Can I use iTunes songs on iMovie

Before we know how to add songs from iTunes iMovie, you must realize that all Music is protected. You will get an error statement that; "the songs you selected are not usable in iMovie because they are DRM (which means Digital Rights Management) protected."

Note that to use the songs you had downloaded from iTunes, you must be sure that they have copyright permission. Otherwise, you won't be able to use such themes in iMovie as those downloaded content through iTunes come up with limited rights only. Available options are:

● Import music from iTunes to iMovie (Already existing, downloaded files)

● Can purchase the track from iTunes Store

● Rip the CD

● Purchase music from Amazon

● Subscribe for the program named ‘Match’ under iTunes (That will assist you in getting duplicate copies of DRM free music.)

Noted: You can use all those tracks you own, but not those tracks that you get on a rental basis (such as from Apple Music).

Alternatively, you have one more option: you can add songs to iMovie from Spotify. If you are willing to learn how to add songs to iMovie from Spotify, the process is quite simple. Firstly transfer your Spotify music/songs to your music library. Then open iMovie > Add media> Add Music and select your desired song/music/track from the library.

spotify to imovie

This way, you can easily add songs from Spotify to iMovie.

 Part 3 Where can I get free songs to add to iMovie

To get and add songs in iMovie, you can visit the following free platform to download the songs on your device.

● dig.ccMixter

dig mixer music

If you are looking to find some excellent soundtrack, Music to make the iMovie add song process smooth, then using this platform will be the right approach.

● HookSounds

hook sound royalty free

If you want to learn how to add a song on iMovie iPhone or Mac devices, getting Royalty-Free Resources will be the desired choice. And that choice you will get with HookSounds.

● Free sound

free soundtracks

There is one more free music resource platform that will give you multiple options to get some incredible soundtracks for free so that you would be able to understand quickly how do you add songs to iMovie.


Listening to your favorite Music at your ease is the best thing in the world. Especially the freedom of Music, video editing with iMovie is a great relief to the iPhone, Mac users. But, the limited availability of Audio or songs under the iMovie library will reduce the expedition. And the question always arises how to add songs from Apple Music to iMovie or different ways to download iMovie add Songs. The article gives you a detailed description of how to add Songs to iMovie on Mac and how to add Songs to iMovie on iPhone devices with respective details. Additionally, the options given to free resources to download Music will provide you further guidance to enrich your music library with iMovie.

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