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5 best mp3 music mixer for mac

Best mp3 music mixer for mac

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 14, 22, updated Apr 28, 24

Choosing an auto music mixer for Mac and be difficult. This is because it needs to meet your requirements and resources, which can be difficult. Some of the auto music mixers are paid, while others are free. While some cater to a specific operating system, you can use others for several operating systems. You also need to consider the features it comes with and if they’re what you’re looking for. Knowing how complex finding the suitable auto music mixer for Mac can be, we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. Below are some of the best software you can use to satisfy your needs.

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    1. Tractor Pro
    2. Mixxx
    3. UltraMixer
    4. VirtualDJ
    5. MixVibes Cross DJ
  1. Alternative Option: Wondershare Filmora

Best Auto Music Mixers for Mac

Below, we’ll review some of the crucial features that these auto music mixers can offer you. Keep reading to find out all the crucial details you need to know and find the best auto music mixer for you.

Tractor Pro

tractor pro

If you want an auto music mixer for Mac that allows you to seamlessly create musical compositions with samples, effects, and inbuilt filters, Tractor Pro is the best option. It is a popular software amongst DJs worldwide because of its impressive features. This auto music mixer allows you to create remixes and edit music easily. You can mix and edit up to four tracks at the same time.

One of the things we love about this software interface is its intuitiveness. Developers upgraded the previous version’s file manager to help you better organize your media library. It also allows you to include songs from music platforms like iTunes. In addition, it is one of the leading software for auto music mixing and features automatic functions and presets to simplify the process. It also has 40 quality effects and stability features to improve your audio tracks.

  • It helps you rate songs to create a perfect and fluent mix
  • Experiment with your mix using the sync button that automatically blends your songs
  • You can remix with the best jumps, loops, and hot cues
  • It comes with a complete FX suite
  • There’s a native recording available for a harmonic mixing
  • Not ideal for beginners



An easy-to-use software solution for your music files is Mixxx. It is an excellent option for mixing audio tracks and can be utilized by professionals and amateurs. The program works with playlists and can stimulate the noise of playing vinyl records. This auto music mixer also allows you to simulate analogue control. One of the crucial functions of this auto music mixer is the ability to synchronize tracks. To synchronize and listen to any track, all you have to do is hit the headphone icon.

Mixxx is a common choice for DJs worldwide, especially those still trying to get their footing in the DJ world. Its editing features include key control, pitch, hot cues, beat looping, quantization, crossfader control, four-deck mixing, and many more. It also allows you to explore a vast range of DJ hardware, so you don’t have issues connecting it to a modern DJ controller. When it comes to file management, Mixxx is an excellent option. It has an impressive and organized music library that allows you to organize your music tracks into playlists.

You can also create crates to build organizational systems that you prefer. Thanks to the iTunes integration features, you can import various tracks from iTunes right into your track. Another useful feature in Mixxx is the ability to record your mix. Its auto-DJ function also allows you to take a break while the software works for you. This software also has an impressive selection of customizable skins to make it more appealing to users. This free and open-sourced software is all you need to start mixing tracks.

  • It features iTunes integration
  • This tool comes with 85 MIDI DJ controllers that are supported
  • Auto synchronization feature
  • Auto DJ element allows you to take a break from editing
  • It will enable you to edit and mix up to four tracks at the same time
  • Not a great option for professionals



Free DJ software that you can use for free auto music mixing on Mac is UltraMixer. It allows you to seamlessly create and save custom beats on your Mac whenever possible. Some of the unique features this auto music mixer offers are record audio, live mix, and an impressive database offering you thousands of royalty-free sounds that you can utilize as you want.

If you want to improve your hip-hop, rock, or alternate music production, you should look no further than UltraMixer. This mixer supports up to 80 MIDI controllers and features a stylish and customizable interface that you can upgrade its skin and add widgets. It also features a database archive excellent for professional music management and makes it easy to sync and manage your music files. With this database, it’s much easier to navigate playlists and tracks.

Like every other premium tool, it has many features like auto music and video mixing. It also comes with sampling features. However, it can be quite hard for beginners to navigate at first. However, with practice and perseverance, anyone can figure out UltraMixer eventually.

  • Extensive collection of royalty-free music
  • Supports up to 80 MIDI controller
  • Features a stylish and customizable user interface
  • Offers auto-sync and auto music and video mixing
  • Its database archive allows you to navigate your tracks and playlist easily
  • It is difficult for beginners to navigate



This is an auto music mixer that allows you to record tracks to share in live shows and with friends and seamlessly mix and edit songs on this platform. VirtualDJ allows you to easily import music from your computer or USB storage device and then playback using the VirtualDJ feature. Even better, it comes with a virtual keyboard that allows users to click pads and change keys when they want. You can also navigate through VirtualDJ easily to simplify your mixing process.

When you download and launch the app, it provides an impressive user interface divided into manageable and organized sections. It also offers you an advanced auto mixer, loops, effects, hot cues, track information, jog wheels, performance pads, smart sync, and many more valuable features DJs would love.

Although beginners might find this software a tad overwhelming, it is powerful and easy to learn. In no time, you’d be able to master all the features you need to enhance and effectively mix your audio files. Apart from an audio mix, its powerful mixing engine allows you to mix video content if that’s what you’re looking for. In terms of the music library management system, VirtualDJ is also quite impressive. You can create smart filter folders, virtual folders, playlists, and many more to organize all your tracks easily.

The best part is that if you’re in a hurry, you can easily utilize the toolbar to select folders as favorites and its fast search parameters when looking for a specific audio file. Although there’s a paid version, the free software is still an excellent option, especially if you’re new to music mixing.

  • It offers you a fast search feature for easy accessing of files
  • Its music library management is organized
  • It comes with many impressive features for mixing audio and video files
  • The software comes with a virtual keyboard
  • Beginners find it complex

MixVibes Cross DJ

mixvibes cross dj

An excellent choice for auto music mixing for Mac is Cross DJ by Mixvibes. This software offers all you need to thrive in your career as a DJ. Although it is a paid application, the free version doesn’t limit the features you can access; it only prevents MIDI support for external hardware. This auto music mixer for Max is powerful and easy to use. It will effectively meet your needs as a professional or beginner. It comes with a functional and intuitive user interface that’s simple and, therefore, easy to use.

One of the things we love this auto music mixer for is the sound fusing feature it offers. This feature ensures that users hear precisely what’s happening in the room even if they’re not there. It is a special effect that can simulate different effects when mixing your music files. It also allows you to create underground music, popular hits, and many more. As a versatile tool, MixVibes Cross DJ software is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. It also effortlessly integrates with the software you need to import playlists, loops, and hot cues for your music file.

  • The free version offers you all the features for auto music mixing
  • It comes with a clean and straightforward interface
  • It integrates easily with the software necessary to import loops, hot cues, and playlists
  • Compatible with iOS as well
  • Ideal for professionals and beginners alike
  • The free version doesn’t come with MIDI support for external hardware

Alternative Option: Wondershare Filmora

An alternative option to the 5 best auto music mixers for Mac that you can explore is Wondershare Filmora. It is a great option that’s also suitable for auto music mixing and editing. This software has many impressive features to take your audio file to the next level, like auto beat sync. It will also add sound fade-in/fade-out features to your music file when needed. It also features speed and pitch adjustments, volume adjustments, and many more. The steps for using Wondershare Filmora for an auto mix are simple; we’ll break them down below.

Free Download
Free Download
  • Before you can start using Wondershare Filmora for auto music mixing, you have to download the app. It is available on the official site. Alternatively, you can download it from your app store.
  • After downloading, install the file on your device following the guidelines, and launch the software to get started.
  • Upon launch, the welcome page will ask you if you want to open an existing project or create a new one; opt for ‘create a new project.’
opt for create a new project
  • This will lead you to the editing panel of the software. Click ‘import media files here’ on the media menu and navigate to your file location. Select the file you want to mix and then hit the ‘import media’ button.
click on import media files here
  • Now, mix your audio file with the audio mixer tool available on the software. You can also use its silence detection and auto beat-sync feature for effective mixing.
mix audio file
  • After mixing and you’re satisfied with the result, click the ‘export’ button. Before you hit the ‘export’ button again, you can edit the file name, quality, and format.
click on export button

Final Thoughts

We provided all the essential information you need about the best auto music mixer for Max in this article. Their unique features, pros, and cons will help you choose the ideal auto music mixer. Additionally, you can utilize any of these tools if you’re a beginner or a professional. However, Wondershare Filmora is also an excellent option for you. Again, it s a great option for beginners and professionals and will ensure that your music mix output is top quality.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Apr 28, 24
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