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How to Choose the Best Voice Changer for Gaming?

Do you want to hide your vocal identity while gaming? We got you covered. The following article will discuss multiple voice changers for gaming.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Feb 09, 22, updated Mar 15, 24

The world is evolving as time passes. and the gaming industry is also exploring technology reforms. People are now joining the gaming industry as a profession. They stream their gaming sessions along with uploading them on YouTube. The players also communicate through the game for what something popular nowadays is a voice changer for gaming.

The usage of these tools is sometimes for fun and sometimes for some genuine reasons. Due to this, Voice changershave made the gaming world unique and full of suspense. If you are looking for any good voice changer for gaming, we have a solution for you people.

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Part 1. What Factors Make A Nice Voice Changer for Gaming?

Have you ever used a voice changer for gaming before? If not then, allow us to help you out. There are multiple options when it comes to voice changers for gaming. There are some tips and factors depending upon which you can choose a nice voice changer. The coming section of this article will focus on the factors that should be considered while selecting your gaming voice changer.

· Efficiency of Usage

Selecting a voice changer is not only about the sound effects it offers or its features and services. At this point intervenes in the consumer experience it provides. The efficiency here matters a lot. Moreover, the question that ‘Is the software user-friendly?’ is the game-changer in this world. An attractive and easy-to-understand interface is the key to having more consumers.

· Support for Streams

Online streaming and sharing is the most prominent way of communication nowadays. The next thing to check is if the voice changer is compatible with online use? If the answer is ‘Yes,' then it has secured another point in favor of its usage.

· Sound Library

Finding sound effects is sometimes difficult, so to avoid this, a wide range of sound effects must be available for the user’s ease. If the voice changer has a built-in sound effects library, then it has gained a tick in the checklist. A good voice changer always has a built-in library, and they even allow the user to upload their sound library.

· Trial and Affordability

As no good facility is for free, so good voice changer for gaming is never free. On the contrary, a good voice changer has an option for a free trial for a limited period. Another thing to be considered is whether the amount charged is justifiable by the services provided or not.

· Online Activity Support

Today, the world has gone online, from banking to studies. The software should be compatible with the revolving world technology, and it should support online gaming platforms such as League of Legends, CS: GO, and Fortnite.

Part 2. Nice Voice Changer for Xbox

VoiceMod is a good option if you are looking for a voice changer for Xbox. It is the most reliable voice changer for both Xbox One and 360. VoiceMod is a voice modifier that is compatible with all kinds of gaming platforms but is preferred for Xbox. It is a real-time voice changer for gaming as it changes voice in real-time and not in playback.

VoiceMod helps create a unique identity by using real female voices, robots, demons, celebrities, and other voices. It has an extensive built-in library of sound effects. VoiceMod is the best option to enjoy your gaming experience and make it livelier. It allows you to upload a voice of your choice; you can either become a character from Rick and Morty or even Donald Trump.

voicemod interface

Key Features

  • It provides the user to upload external files of WAV or MP3 format for their use along with using the files from the built-in library.

  • VoiceMod is easy to set up and use as compared to other service providers. It allows you can record your voice and add it to the soundboard.

  • It has more than 90 voices that are all interesting and different to make the gaming experience better and unique for the consumer.

  • Is VoiceMod voice changer harmful? No, VoiceMod can be easily and directly used with Xbox without any harm to the device.

Part 3. Best Voice Changer for Fortnite

Is there any good and specific voice changer for Fortnite? Yes, there is a voice changer named MorphVOX PRO. It is a tool that modifies your voice according to your personality. The Artificial Intelligence of MorphVOX learns from your voice and creates a unique and strong voice with high quality.

The built-in sound effect library makes it convenient to use this voice changer. MorphVOX is capable of converting your voice in-game or online. Can you modify your voice to male, female, or baby? Yes, MorphVOX can create voices based on age. MorphVOX can also be integrated with online games for what reason gamers find it attractive.

morphvox pro game voice changer

Key Features

  • MorphVOX has a background voice remover which removes any unnecessary voice that bothers you.

  • Artificial background sounds can be added from the built-in library or can be added by the user to make the listener's gaming experience better.

  • MorphVOX can also be used for online gaming streaming, unlike other service providers.

  • The built-in library has funny sounds that help to make the intense and serious gaming scene a little funny.

Part 4. Popular Voice Changer for PS4

The most famous voice changer for gaming on PS4 is the Clownfish Voice Changer. Clownfish allows using it as the best voice changer PS4. For using Clownfish, PS remote play is required. Does the voice changer differ for different games?

Clownfish is installed in the system so all the games can access it and use it without any endow. It integrates with multiple other software and applications, making it the best voice changer for gaming.

Clownfish is a famous and popular voice changer. It is one of its kind and has a list of voice effects such as aliens, female and male pitch, radio, slow mutation, and mutation along with baby voice. Clownfish is also known for its robotic voice change and also for the Clone and Atari voices.

clownfish voice changer

Key Features

  • Clownfish is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions

  • It provides a high-quality built-in sound system and sound management system. It also has access to 14 different voices, including robotic, alien along with male and female voices.

  • Clownfish provides you access to Virtual Studio Technology (VST) which creates a multi-dimensional sound effect.

  • Clownfish Voice Changer has a music player with an internal playlist along with audio control. User can also add their audios.

Closing Words

This article tried to cover different kinds of voice changers for gaming purposes. The tip and tricks of how to choose the best voice changer were also discussed in the above-written article. We shared different voice changers for gaming, related to Xbox of any kind, to PlayStation, and to a specific game named Fortnite.

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