Alex Floyd-Douglass

Alex Floyd-Douglass

  • Experienced Professional Photographer
  • Shares her travel experience through blogging
  • Her areas of interest span across photographing

Experience & Education

Working Experience and Education

I began working as a Photographer back in 2013 during my solo travels around South Africa. I fell in love with Travel and Documentary-style Photography and continued to pursue it as my profession until today. Over the years, I built my brand and developed my skills as a Content Creator, adding Copywriting, Editing, and Videography to my skillset.

I’ve had the privilege of living and working across three continents, and more specifically, the UK, South Africa and most recently, Cambodia. My passions lie in telling a story, both visually and using the written word. I’ve worked on a large amount of both business and charity campaigns and I’ll always strive to create a new and more positive voice for my clients.


As a Content Creator, my range of skills are considered fairly versatile, and I pride myself in vast adaptability and diligence. I really enjoy writing about Travel and Lifestyle related topics, along with educational articles in the Photography and Videography sectors.

The Adobe Suite is a forever evolving interest to me, though I’m most familiar with Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere. Despite this, I’ve found many other software over the years that have proved themselves as strong contenders for the future of editing suites. I find myself swinging towards one or the other, dependant on the work at hand.


As someone of dual nationality, I’ve always struggled with the convention of identity. I am both South African and English, and thoroughly enjoy the blend of these two nationalities that make me whole. I spent the majority of my younger years growing up in the South of England, surrounded by rolling hills and fresh air, whilst my adult life began on the winding roads of the vast South African landscapes. I’ve spent most of my life reading, writing and listening and I believe this has shaped me into the storyteller I am today. Every moment has a story, right, so what is a story without sharing it?