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Business Animation: 10 Best Video Animation Services

Feb 22,2019• Proven solutions

The videos are a vital part of any business and including it in your marketing strategy can always assure you a great return on investments. But, small businesses often consider the use of videos, costly and difficult. The small business owners get worried about each and everything.

From their lacking skills of video making to shy employees, reluctant to face the camera and the cost of distribution and promotions, they find all such things problematic and tough.  Are you a start-up owner with a vision of making a business animation video as a part of your marketing tactics?

As a small business, you may lack the related video making skill as the marketing gurus but the video animation services can ease your worries to a great extent. Here are 10 best video animation services for small business.

1. Topexplainers

Topexplainers help the business to make high-quality professional videos for your business including 50% of animation technology and 50% of marketing techniques. With Topexplainers, you can reach your clients and convey your message in just a few seconds. The team makes clear, short, and convincing videos to explain your business in a very simple way. The powers of content and visuals have no match. The Topexplainers video animation services help to make customized videos to garner 5 times more positive engagements and 65% more attention from the users.

Pricing – There are 3 packages in Topexplainers. Firstly, the 30-second package priced at $397. Secondly, the 60-second package at $597, and finally, the 90-second package priced at $797.

business animation

2. Side Kick Sales Videos

The value of business animation videos is increasing with each passing day. Side Kick Sales Videos team aims at creating highly-effective, ingenious, result-driven online videos that can help in fighting the rat-race and get the attention of the viewers. From graphics animation to royalty free music and highly converting the script to visual design, Side Kick Sales Videos personalizes video animation services to create an enhancing package and create your brand awareness.

Pricing – Side Kick Sales Videos offer 3 packages for 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 90 seconds explainer videos respectively. The price for 30 seconds video is $247, 60 seconds is $349, and 90 seconds is $449.

business animation

3. Explainify

The team at Explainify understands your brand and your ideas to create the right tone of the message that you wish to convey to your customers. From scripting the 60-90 seconds pitch to showing you the storyboard and helping you understand what the final video will be like with animations, sound, and vocals, Explainify offers great video animation services.

business animation

4. Animation ANTS

The business animation explainer videos have the power to strengthen your marketing efforts. Animation ANTS helps to create stunning, short, and crisp videos within an affordable budget to deliver your message to the masses. Your customers receive a concise message with the videos created by the Animation ANTS.

Pricing – The custom videos have different package names like Leaf, Seed, and Rock. Each of the packages is priced at $3900, $4700, and $5400 respectively. Other than the packages, Animation Ants also offer more template style videos at a discounted price.

business animation

5. 90 Seconds

Yes, the name says it all. Within 90 seconds you can create a business animation video, just plan, shoot, edit and review your video from your mobile device. The entire process of creating a video is simple, quick, and easy with the 90 seconds video animation services. You get access to the 90 seconds marketplace of over 12,000 video creative professionals in over 160 countries. You can choose from 70 categories that include photographers, videographers, animators and more.

Pricing – The pricing is flexible for 90 Seconds. Firstly, there’s standard fixed pricing, especially effective for one-time projects. Second, comes the pre-pay starting from US$20000 which is good for the on-going massive content requirement with a flexible timeline. Finally, the subscription model starts from US$3500/month for the brands that regularly need video content and loves what 90-Seconds offer.

business animation

6. Idea Rocket Animation

If you are looking for a perfect solution for the most complex problem, turn to Idea Rocket Animation. It takes a brief from you to understand your brand and requirements and then designs the business animation video online. The Idea Rocket Animation takes your message and pitches it to a story, creating a visually appealing design, animations, and sounds.

Pricing – The pricing of business animation videos with Idea Rocket Animation is between $5,000 and $35,000 per minute depending on your choice of animation styles, studios, etc. Budget pricing is also available for creating animation videos between $2000 to $5000 where you need to satisfy with budget studios, DIY software, and freelance professionals.  

business animation

7. Battle Media Lab

The Battle Media Lab bridges the gaps between brands, design, animations, sound, bringing all together beautifully into one video that is appealing to the viewers. This is one of the most trusted video animation services that influence your brand positively by defining the essence of your products and services and how it benefits the community through an eye-catching and impressive video.

business animaiton

8. Epipheo

Creating a business animation video with Epipheo, lets you explain what you do and offer, why do your products, services, and presence matters or how you're unique and different from the rest of the companies in the similar niche through an appealing video that can draw the attention of the viewers.

Pricing – The different categories of videos that Epipheo offers are –  a video case study, internal video, storytelling video, trade show videos, 3D explainer videos and more. You need to ask for a quote as per your requirement.

business animation

9. Promoshin

Do you wish to avoid in-house video cost or hefty fees for several one-time projects? Turn to Promoshin that allows you to create unlimited customized video content at a flat fee per month. With Promoshin you get to access a team of 8 creative experts who can create any kind of video for your company with unlimited revisions.

Pricing – You need to fill a form to get the pricing detail.

business animation

10. Tell us Talk

You get a special admin interface which can access by one or more users as per your control. Tell us talk helps the small businesses to create a manageable comprehensive web interface that can be used by users to manage the administrative tasks of the company. It makes your task easy and simple to deal with the customers through customer admin interface used by the web administrators with the help of toolbox function. From internal billing to API access and sending SMS and MMS, Tell us Talk creates a personal interactive platform to keep in touch with your customers and win their trust.

Pricing – Tell us Talk basic fees is 46.8 EUR/month per user. For additional users, the charge is 1.8 EUR/month.  The extended option costs 57.8 EUR/month with additional users charged at 1.8 EUR/month.

business animation


The video animation services are a great way to hit the bull’s eye at the right time without much of experiments. The business animation video services know what it needs to enhance your brand image and create exactly the same for your company. Try out the above options and check for yourself the big difference that it makes.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.