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How to Easily Make a Real Estate Video with Ideas

Nov 15,2019• Proven solutions

Gone are those days when advertisements of real estate used to come in the newspaper. Forget about pictures, the present date real estate business heavily engages in video marketing. And if you are in the urge to make it on the top, it is vital to make a real estate video. It’s not that simple, there are some mantras you should look up to. So in this article, buckle up as we will share some amazing ideas to build a great real estate video!

Part 1: How to Make a Real Estate Video

1. Prepare your equipment

There is a good number of hilarious content available online for real estate market especially, in today’s time where the digital market is on its threshold stage. If taken into account, the real estate market is filled with fast-paced buyers and ever-changing tech that implies marketing your property using a video is crucial. Here are some of the highlights, where our focus should be on.

  • Having a DSLR
  • Zoom lens with good wide angle (16-35mm)/ 17-40mm.
  • Tripod with a slider is important.
  • Another tripod that can sit on the head of the slider.
  • A drone can be of use too.

In order to make an impressionable real estate video, balancing amount of lights is important so that all the aspects of interiors, buildings are easily covered. Plan out the shoot in a good sunny weather! Even a partly cloudy won’t pose to be a problem. But do avoid to not make a video in a dark, low or gloomy weather.

2. Plan and shoot video

Before commencing any operation, it is important to do planning-plotting, right? Chart down the areas that makes the buyer, a prospective one. Start with 2-3 prime shots for each of the bedroom, each bathroom in the house. The main catchy points are kitchen, living room or the master suite. 10-15 approx exterior shots are enough too. These include – back of the house, close shots of front or any detailed portions. Don’t overshoot, move on to cover all aspects that makes real estate video interesting.

Make use of slides, glides to bring about the motion and a still environment. Slides are essential in taking in account the entire room and wide shots. Pan to make the view of your room in a wrap-around effect. Whereas Glides allows brining viewers into the scene by motioning camera front to back.

In case, the slider isn’t handy, just some tilts and motion can make a much more fantastic shot. Make balance between the brightness by using ISO and shutter speed.

3. Edit your video

One of the intuitive ways to make an amazingly great real estate video is by using Filmora Business – a powerful tool that is flared to render a good palette of tools to drool for. Flight up the mundane video with its presets, editing options as well as audio mixer right! Here is the glimpse of the guide:

Step 1: Import Video

Launch the tool and by default “Media” is selected on the menu bar. Use the “Import” tab followed by “Import Media Files” to add in the file. Then drag the file to the timeline that you have just imported.

Import Video to make a real estate video

Step 2: Split/Cut/Trim Video

Adjust the play head of the clip from where you wish to cut or split the clip. Now, click on the scissor icon or do Ctrl + B to split the clip. You can also use the other icons to cut or trim the video.

Step 3: Add text/title/logo

As the next tab, you need to add the necessary text. Don’t forget to add the logo. Also, from the menu, click on the “Title” tab and add it on your clip.

Add text

Step 4: Add Music, Transition and Effects

On the menu tab, use the “Transition”, “Audio” and “Effects” tabs from the menu bar in order to get these sorts of editing fulfilled.

Effects when making a real estate video

Step 5: Adjust Color and Export

To give a finishing touch, make sure to do color adjustments. At last, click on the “Export” button and get your file with you.

Export real estate video

Part 2: Real Estate Video Ideas

1. Listing video for real estate

One of the prime real estate video ideas include pairing of photos with the video clips, texts to make a descriptive listing video. These videos can be featured in the websites, listing or over the social media accounts. Moreover, they are served as the best sales tool for your property. In a recent report of Inman it says that 73 percent of homeowners are much on the side of listing with a real estate agent that can lend their hand in creating a video for them.

2. Make House Clean

It goes without saying that the house should be all well-neat and cleaned. And a good house always gives the good vibes. Prior to recording, check each and every aspect is well taken care of. Hide any kind of minuscule distraction that can be of no help. Here are some points you must upkeep to understand the science of how to make a good real estate video –

  • Pull away the table tops and keep the counters free.
  • Don’t  show pets
  • Keep all the closet doors shut
  • Avoid having wrinkles over bed spreads.
  • Not to keep the toilet seats closed.
  • Taking snaps of the homeowners.
  • Do adjust the couch pillows.

3. Neighborhood video

The well-satiated clients are undeniably the best thing one can ask for. Just plan out a small deal at the end of every deal you crack. Humbly request feedback from clients that can be used in your real-estate video ideas as a good marketing strategy. If agreed, just set-up lightning and camera and keep your array of questions ready. And then, you can act upon getting the best for your video. You can key in the buyers, sellers and a clip featuring feedback from client who took the initiative in your mini Q & A sessions.

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So here were the best ways of giving real estate video a great start. All in all, we touched upon some useful tricks on how to make a good real estate video nicely. Let us know which trick you loved the most!

Liza Brown
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