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Instagram Video Marketing: How to Plan Your Strategy with Ideas

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Instagram has evolved over the years and has reached 1 billion active users each month.

But, do you think it was just the logo? No, there were many other big changes too. From the introduction of several business profiles on Instagram to unveiling new tools, Instagram video marketing is on the roll.

If you are a business owner, you definitely cannot ignore the power of Instagram video marketing, so in this article, we will let you know how to make Instagram video marketing plan in 8 steps, and the excellent Instagram video ideas.

Part 1: You Need To Understand IG First

If you market a product without knowing the culture, tastes, or likes of the people around, you are most likely to fail. So, while marketing a product on Instagram, you must know and understand the culture followed at Instagram.

For instance, when the brand Pepsi selected China to expand, the launch slogan was “Pepsi Brings You Back to Life” which was misinterpreted by the people as “Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Grave”. This was a huge mistake for the brand when it was trying to make a mark on the global level.

So, prior to planning strategies for Instagram video marketing, you must be aware of the type of promotions and marketing you should plan so that you never go wrong with your strategies. You must know the audience and understand their choices, likes, and what can drive them to your video.

Part 2: How to Plan Your Instagram Video Marketing

Step 1: Know Your Objective

To ensure a successful Instagram video marketing strategy, it is important that your videos are not just moving pieces without any message to convey. There has to be some key objective for your Instagram video.

However, every video may not have a thoughtful or reflective objective because product launches or major announcements and not done each and every week. Whatever the objective of your video is, the moving images must tell a story that the audiences can accept and turn to again and again.

Instagram Video Marketing goals

Step 2: Keep Your Video Short

A singular post on Instagram can have up to a 60 minutes long video but, you must keep it crisp, interesting, sweet, and short. No matter what the video length is, you must ensure that the video must be able to deliver the strong message that it intends to. The primary objective of the video must be to come across clearly without confusing the viewers.

It is quite possible that your Instagram video marketing content is for introducing a new product. The product can be in a number of colors or have a lot of features. But, that doesn’t mean you have to include it all in a 60-second video. Only add a few features and make the objective of the video clear for the audience to feel connected.

You may also create several short videos to make the audience understand it easily instead of one long video.

Instagram Video Marketing short video

Step 3: Make High-Quality Video

You must never compromise on the quality of the video when it comes to how to make Instagram video. In order to generate traffic, always ensure that your content is compelling.

By giving a sneak peek into behind the scene glimpses, upcoming product launches or something relevant can create interest amongst the people and make them take action. The explainer videos are the best ones in this category as it unleashes the power of emotional content.

Step 4: Add to CTA

Your video must be able to direct the audience to take a call to action. What do you want the users to do once the video is over? The call to action helps in conversion. It is not really necessary for you to add a call to action button within the video but when your video has got attention from the viewers, the next step automatically becomes a clear call to action for the viewers.

If you wish to increase your Brand’s Insta following, make sure your call to action for the users must be “follow the Instagram page for more updates. If you want the users to share the video, you must ask the user to tag a like-minded friend. Be as much creative as you can with the words and language.

Instagram Video Marketing cta

Step 5: Use Hashtags

Hashtags can be really helpful at times. The top hashtags on IG can be used to submit the videos on Instagram, enter any contest, or for live events promotion. When you have huge viewers base on Instagram, the hashtag is the best method to engage with your audience, develop your brand’s loyalty, and get user-generated content.

Instagram Video Marketing hashtag

Step 6: Your Videos Should Be Topical

Leveraging dates for content opportunities can be a great Instagram video marketing tip. You can get several opportunities to create great topical videos at any point of time so keeping an eye on the pop culture and current affairs can be beneficial. It helps the brand to reach a wider audience by hashtagging and topical visuals.

Instagram Video Marketing

Step 7: Shoot Special Moment

To highlight the special offers and promotions available with the video, 60 seconds might seem a long time. Adding a special and personal message by flipping the view mode on the camera, you can create interest amongst the potential buyer and fans.

The message from you can be anything like win a certain gift or highlight the points that can help you win during the sale, etc. You may highlight the video message by adding a hashtag for tracking conversions.

Instagram Video Marketing Special Moment

Step 8: Use Instagram Analytics

Analyzing and evaluating constantly where you stand and how you can improve your Instagram video marketing strategies is very important at every stage of your promotions. You may use the Instagram analytics tools to track and monitor your performance and trend, check hashtag uses and comments, identify influencers, measure the audience engagements and more.

With the use of Analytics, you can understand which Instagram video marketing strategy is working and what needs to be changed and improved.

Instagram Video Marketing Analytics

Part 3: 10 Best Instagram Video Ideas You Should Know

Below is the 10 best IG video ideas to power up your story. Take a look.

1. Behind The Scenes Videos

The behind the scenes videos build your brand image and attract the viewers as people are always curious to know how the team works, who is behind creating a product they are using, or which process of the business makes the product exclusive and different from the rest.

Bragging your brand personality, your team of spirited members, their working patterns, and more through a video is considered one of the best Instagram video ideas for growth and success of the business.

2. Slow-Motion Video

The inspiration and creativity are the driving force behind successful businesses. It doesn’t always require BIG moments. You must know how to make the moments interesting and motivating for your followers.

SlowMo videos can be quite an interesting watch for your viewers and one of the rocking Instagram video ideas that can work well for your business. For instance, the gym or daily activities when captured and presented through a slow-motion video, it helps to highlight it clearly for the viewers and drives more and more audiences.

Instagram video ideas

3. Try To Add Some Text

For business profile posts, it is important to caption the social videos because often people ignore switching the sound on. While posting on Insta stories, you get several fonts to choose or you may customize it yourself by adding your own creativity.

You may also use the text field templates. Adding the relevant text to your Instagram that is fun and interesting to read as well as informative for your audience can be a great idea for Instagram videos.

Instagram video ideas text

4. Boomerang

Instagram video ideas are incomplete without Boomerang videos. Do you know why? It is because right in the app, you can create these fun videos. It is not only fun to create but also adds movement to your Instagram grid.

When you have no time to post or no ready content, making a boomerang videos can be a great option to boost your views while still maintaining the superior content that you consistently share.

Instagram video ideas Boomerang

5. Live Streaming An Event

When you plan to promote an event, it is important to start it in advance when you have lots of time to plan and focus on it.  Creating some of the events focused videos with great captions can be a great way to make an acoustic relation with the prospective visitors in the event and show them what exactly they can expect from you.

Just posts and images are not enough to promote your event. Live streaming an event can make a larger impact.  Your viewers must know that the event cannot be missed out in anyway.

Instagram video ideas Live Streaming

6. Video Slideshow

The best part of the slide shows is you do not need any video clips to create it. If you are apprehensive about creating a video, you may just pick a few images and get your way through PowerPoint and make a slideshow.

The slideshows help in creating list, countdowns, steps, or to show transformation or progress. For instance, the Chevy Trucks video is a great example of slideshows. It has no effects or texts, yet the brand story is reflected through a powerful story.

If you have any such transformation stories, you may use the journey images to add an emotional story. It can be one of the best Instagram video ideas amongst all.

7. Q&A Video

For Instagram video ideas, you may create stories based on the question and answers with brand ambassadors, customers, topical experts, team members, or maybe with your CEO. Such stories can create interest for the viewers because it helps them to know more about the product or the maker and also help the consumers to express their feedback to the management.

Instagram video ideas

8. How-To Video

If you are wondering, you are not ready with the Instagram story so what should you post, you may turn to the saved stories or Instagram stories that you have posted. Such video can be great for product tutorials.

You can zoom and offer a closer look at the product size, versions, colors, packaging, and describe how the product works in a step by step guide. It can be a great Instagram video idea and also a unique one.

9. Interview Video

For a business, building trust with the customers and making them feel important can lead to a successful business. So, featuring the interview of the customers and the employees can create a sense of belonging and community.

When a satisfied customer tells their part of the story in front of the camera, it becomes an inspiration for others which also help in building trust.

Instagram video ideas Interview

10. Music Video

Although, it is seen that people mute the videos while watching it, there’s nothing more powerful than a relevant and unique soundtrack. A smart and economical way to show your brand personality, making music video invokes direct emotion that no long narration or text can ever do.

Music concludes and completes your video by perfecting or complementing the speed of motion onscreen. Choosing the perfect music track is one of the most difficult decisions a video editor has to make. Instagram video ideas are many but if you leave music, you will be leaving out something most vital.

Instagram video ideas


The marketers will have greater opportunities to reach their audience as the video on Instagram continues to grow and develop. Set your objectives and plan your Instagram video marketing strategy using the above tips to keep accomplishing the milestones you have set for your business and for yourself.

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Liza Brown
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