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Use Different Types of Social Media to Boost Your Business

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

Are you a business-oriented expert who wishes to expand or grow your business territory over different types of social media? Are you tired of searching over the entire Internet to come up with a solution?

With all the possible available strategies, getting social or leveraging with social media networks works, and maybe you should give it a try today! We are here to bring you the latest trend and hope the information can boost your business as well.

Different Types of Social Media

Use 6 Types of Social Media to Grow Your Business

1. Social networking sites

Social networking sites stand first on the line to reach a complete customer club towards your business. You could nearly achieve different types of customers associated with other platforms. There are surplus social networking sites or applications available in the market of varied functionalities and niches in which one could be interested in. It is a mixed popular platform where many users can turn as target customers to your business.

Some of the popular social media networks are Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. Products from various organizations, both big and small, show for the notice of customers.

Social networking sites

  • Social media sites help one to connect to new people all over the globe.
  • They are known to provoke easy and instant communication facilitated through messaging and video calls.
  • Get access to real-time news and discover the information that goes on in-and-around the world.
  • Privacy issues are reported by many that are a growing concern as the information spreads through the public.
  • As the number of users increases day by day, there are high chances for information overload, making the platform noisy and overwhelming.
Tips to Marketers
  • Social networking sites offer business people immense opportunities to optimize and furnish products or services through images or videos as Instagram supports multiple videos and image uploads. At the same time, Facebook offers a cover video facility too.
  • These types of social media platforms expose your business brand directly through site or link and aids in a one-to-one connection.

2. Image sharing sites

If you wonder how an image-sharing site boosts your business, it does more than you might think. Yes, image-sharing sites help optimize SEO efforts, leading to more exposure towards your brand, increasing traffic towards your brand, and the list still keeps going on.

An important task is to choose the precise image-sharing platform to upload images related to your business.

While you may find Instagram and Facebook the most known and relevant ones, there are plenty of Images sharing sites like Pinterest, Flickr, Google Photos, Imgur, Unsplash, Shutterfly, and Photobucket that are popular ones at present.

image sharing sites

  • Most of the Image sharing sites are free to use and can be excellent for small companies.
  • As sites like Pixabay and Unsplash provide free photos, anyone can download them and can make it up as per their choice.
  • Sites like 500px offer unlimited upload, gallery slideshows, profile badges, and data insights.
  • Google Photos provides unlimited free storage ability, built-in editor, album creation, and automatic backup.
  • Image sharing sites lag privacy where anyone can steal your images, leaving no credits behind.
Tips to Marketers
  • Choosing an apt image-sharing site can provide you with benefits like SEO, traffic, and brand exposure. Yes, places like Pinterest posts the images along with URL so that when clicked, the customer gets directed to the company profile or other sales page.
  • You can market your photos and earn potential income, like sites like Pixabay and Shuttershock.

3. Video hosting sites

Rather than reading the text, numerous users prefer the video hosting types of social media. Such videos broaden the latent viewers and provoke new visitors too.

People don’t like to waste time surfing the web and scans over the entire textual content as videos work well in conveying the information in an effective manner that is all is needed. Additionally, suppose you are bored of using YouTube for your business. Click here to learn more about YouTube Video Promotion.

In that case, there are various other options like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Wistia, Brightcove, and Vidyard, that you can consider in boosting your business.

Video hosting sites

  • One can embed videos for free of cost on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Business experts can make use of the live-streaming feature offered by video hosting sites.
  • Video hosting sites help in reaching out to a vast audience and in monetizing money.
  • It is not that all video hosting sites, like YouTube, receives more audience. (Vimeo has less audience)
  • Various video hosting sites have limitations on video file size.
Tips to Marketers
  • Never prefer hosting videos on your websites, but if you have decided to go on, implement a particular mark-up, and take necessary steps to increase search results on the browser.
  • If your organization or company is product marketing, post videos of your products, like unboxing, revealing their features, and reviews.

4. Blogging and publishing networks

Another way to boost your business using social media is to prefer blogging and publishing networks. You can hire a blogger and choose building blogs on your websites as a source of interaction. You can either prefer building your website and hosting blogs down there or using a platform like LinkedIn and Medium and posting your blogs through your professional business account. If you are a beginner to the blogging community, you can try some of the blogging sites like Wix, WordPress, Medium, and LinkedIn.

Blogging and publishing networks

  • An excellent creative blog can inspire and help readers learn something new.
  • A blog helps in revealing the customer's likes/dislikes of the product offered by your organization.
  • It is an excellent place for hearing feedback and constantly being engaging with the readers.
  • Low blog content drives a harmful impact on your brand.
  • There are times where there are no visitors or viewers to the blog session.
Tips to Marketers
  • Develop good content for your business website in which the readers are interested as Google notes them, and in turn, it increases your website's rank.
  • If you are new to the market or have a new business, craft new engaging blogs that would be visited by many readers.

5. Discussion forums

With countless communities online and numerous conversation topics worldwide, discussion forums are gaining importance at present. Although most website forums are on technology topics, some share issues like cooking, hobbies, products, and services. Since BBS, and Usenet in the past, they have reached a long way, and at present, there are millions while Reddit, Quora, XDA- developers, and GameSpot are the popular ones. As per the survey, 16% of web users read such comments and answers in online discussion forums.

Discussion forums

  • Discussion forums encourage discussion where stakeholders and team members share their experiences.
  • Discussion forms are a way of improving communication between organizations, employees, and customers.
  • They drive collaboration and engagement for a better cause.
  • Lack of coordination may lead to misunderstanding and being out-of-topic.
  • Consistent monitoring is needed to look after inappropriate posts.
Tips to Marketers
  • Create a FAQ page on your site and answer them to fabricate a learning society in turn.
  • Start a discussion with the customers, past users, and employees that will lead to big-picture thinking.

6. Consumer review sites

Assume that you are about to buy a new product launched in the market. What factor would you consider before preferring it and making a decision? Yes, you have guessed it correctly—customer reviews who have already purchased the particular product. Our last type of social media is consumer review sites that can boost your business as 94% of customers lookout for online reviews before purchasing a verdict. Google, Amazon, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are the top business review sites.

Consumer review sites

  • Business reviews and posts aid in determining an organization’s online reputation.
  • It provides transparency and encourages trustworthiness.
  • Customer review sites pave the way to reach a company worldwide.
  • There are times where false reviews are uploaded by competitors to break the reputation.
  • Besides positive reviews, customers look at negative reviews.
Tips to Marketers
  • As customer reviewers are valuable feedback to the business, encourage customers to post their reviews to rectify the odd ones of the product or the approach.
  • Get yourself added or claimed to any of the review directories that will get you listed on citation results or search engines.

Create Stunning Video Content on Different Social Media

As you are now aware of the 6 types of social media, their examples, and the benefits they offer from their side to grow your business, let’s look at a tool that helps one make up stunning videos in showcasing different social media. Rather than images, videos are the best-to-go ones that help understand and screen the process. Hence, to improve your business, make videos that depict your process or product is a must wherewith no doubt, it is Filmora that stands out to empower your imagination.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Filmora is a video editor platform created by Wondershare that can be used by creators ranging from professionals to newbies. With Filmora, one can find an infinite way to impress oneself and achieve a refined look with lasting effects that come in handy.

  • Filmora helps in creating surplus unique videos that can be uploaded readily in various types of social media.
  • Are you thinking of upgrading your business to a new level? With 100 media layer support offered by Filmora, you can easily create complex stories hassle-free.
  • Enter a new world of video creation by layering clips and adding green screen effects.
  • Build your video to perfection by removing unwanted sound, background buzz, noise removal, and keyframing effects.
  • It aids in tailoring your video to share it easily with different social media.


Social media can help you reach every nook and corner of the world to expand your business and do wonders. With an overview of different types of social media and an introduction to Filmora that crafts stunning videos to market your business.

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