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ChatGPT: The AI Writing Assistant You Need to Know About

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Apr 23, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Digital marketing and other forms of online writing are already evolving due to artificial intelligence. Even though the early AI tools are not very intelligent, they have significant applications. A few powerful Ai writing tools can be available, but ChatGPT, an OpenAI chatbot, is currently the most intriguing. While not explicitly created as an advertising medium, you can accomplish much with that due to its versatility.

how to use chatgpt
In this article

Individuals are discovering how to utilize ChatGPT to ask humorous topics, test how effectively it can produce material, and sharpen their writing skills. This is a detailed explanation of the steps to use ChatGPT's AI tool to assist you in writing.

Part 1. Why use ChatGPT for writing?

Generative Pre-Trained Transporter (GPT) architecture is the foundation of ChatGPT. This implies that the program uses deep learning methods to analyze and produce text. The program utilizes a vast quantity of data from the internet to recognise the nuances of human-produced basic language.

It examines the content by dividing the input material into more manageable units, such as words or short sentences. ChatGPT responds after putting it all together. The fact that ChatGPT was taught using classification methods from user feedback makes it unique (RLHF: reinforcement learning from human feedback).

The most effective use scenarios for ChatGPT, a popular chatbot built on a robust AI learning algorithm, are still being worked out. You may also use AI model ChatGPT to solve your mathematical problems. Some even question whether or not the AI chatbot will change several businesses, replacing writers and software developers. This article offers suggestions for using the ChatGPT artificial intelligence model to assist with writing.

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Part 2. How to Use the AI Model ChatGPT to Support Your Writing?

The magic of this most recent ChatGPT writing prompts is not in how novel the concept is but rather in how approachable and simple its operation is. Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots may engage in text conversations with users, and all these interactions can seem just as genuine as chatting with an actual human.

01of 06Register with OpenAI

Visit to create an account. You may also use a Google or Windows account if you like. To access ChatGPT prompts for writing, you must first register on the OpenAI portal.

register on ai
02of 06Agree with the ChatGPT terms

After login into the OpenAI account here on ChatGPT area of the website, it is time to read the terms and conditions for ChatGPT and choose Next. Click Continue when you come to the last one.

agree with the chatgpt terms
03of 06Begin writing

It is time to use ChatGPT nowadays to access it and log in. Tell the language models any pressing questions you could have and see what type of responses you receive.

You may insert any ChatGPT instructions in the text field at the end of the page, then click Enter to send them. The AI chatbot would then produce text to respond to your suggestions helpfully.

begin writing
04of 06Use ChatGPT to come up with ideas

A decent brainstorming companion is ChatGPT. Even if they may not be the most qualified specialist, it is like having a partner to discuss copy with. Although you cannot rely on it to take every single statistic right, it can come up with some clever phrases without you having to connect to a human.

That is especially beneficial if you believe you are better at crafting in-depth articles than intriguing headlines or sales copy.

use chatgpt to come up with ideas
05of 06Use ChatGPT to create SEO meta descriptions

Outlining text that you provide is one of the aspects that ChatGPT excels at. It is a piece of a crapshoot when given the task of coming up with something completely original. You could learn something useful, or it might veer off course and completely miss the mark.

But when you offer it just a few hundred pages to work with, the likelihood it will err is much lower. Because of this, it excels at creating SEO meta tags.

create seo meta descriptions
06of 06ChatGPT can draft rough blog outline

Now that ChatGPT has reached this stage, you can use its preliminary output to create a solid blog post outline. Nonetheless, it frequently results in short writings with one paragraph for each idea. There are several "furthermore" and "additionally". The ending begins with "in summary," and the final phrase begins with "Finally." They are formulaic but not nonsensical.

Viewpoint is also missing here. Although ChatGPT is heavily invested in whether AI can replace authors, it lacks meaningful knowledge. Nonetheless, it is a good foundation from which to develop. Using ChatGPT's general outline as a guide, you can create something crisper, more passionate, and obviously, more genuine.

draft rough blog outlines

Part 3. A Few More ChatGPT Input Prompts

In addition to producing essays and book summaries for you, there are many more ChatGPT writing features. ChatGPT is capable of creating and fixing code, doing computations, assisting with creating your résumé, translating material, and more. This capability might one day put search engines to the test. These are some starter questions you might use:

  • What is classical physics?
  • Write a headache-related Walt Whitman-inspired poem.
  • Make a pop song
  • Could you provide me with a book's plot summary?
  • Compose a sick note to the school explaining my child's absence.
ChatGPT is now available in Filmora!

1. If you are attempting to decide which AI chatbot is the best, you might be interested in knowing how Open AI's ChatGPT stacks up against rivals like Google Bot or Microsoft's AI-powered Bing. ChatGPT writing's increasing popularity may be due to its skilful blending of broad availability, expertise, and conversational fluidity.

2. While ChatGPT is still just a toy, the GPT-4 AI that drives it can be integrated into processes to perform tasks like automatically generating content ideas, creating outlines every time a topic is added to your ideas list, and creating article titles for each new seminar you wish to advertise.


  • 1) Can I utilize ChatGPT to support book writing?
    You may use ChatGPT to draft a book or nonfiction piece swiftly. Yet, if you would like your readers to feel motivated to complete your narrative, remember it, and suggest it to their relatives and close acquaintances, you might have to continue through and change a few things.
  • 2) How much text can ChatGPT produce?
    The maximum text length for ChatGPT, as per OpenAI, is 3000 words. Put another way. It would help if you started a new chat once the model has only referenced a maximum of three thousand words in the present discussion.
  • 3) What does ChatGPT work as?
    With the help of ChatGPT, an AI-powered natural language processing tool, you may communicate with the chatbot in various human-like ways. The language framework could assist you with writing emails, articles, and code and provide answers to your inquiries.
  • 4) What is ChatGPT's maximum input?
    Each character that exceeds 4,096 characters in input is disregarded without notification by ChatGPT.
  • 5) How might AI assist writers?
    For any average writer, creating a blog takes time; however, AI assistance can expedite the writing task. The AI assistant can use human input, such as section headings or keywords, to generate content that a writer could tweak for tone.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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