Filmora9 FAQ

Import and Upload - FAQ: Common tips on opening projects

 Common tips on opening projects

  • Can I open my old project in version9?

It is not suggested to open a project made with the old version to new version9, as they share the different software architecture and built-in effects. So you are suggested to finish the project in the older version and export it first. Then create a new project with version9.

  • What should I do when it requires to locate the missing files?

There is no chance to open the project without original files used in your project, so if you have moved/renamed/deleted some files after saving the project, then you will see the page as below remind you to relocate your files.

missing files

Then you can click on the search icon to find the new path of your files to relocate them first then open your project.

To avoid such an issue, you can just select “Archive project” under “file” to archive your project and original files to the same folder instead of just hit the save icon when saving your project.

  • Where the project will be saved to?

All the projects will be saved to your computer locally and also the original files used on your project and the same to the final videos.

  • Can I open .wfp project with other app or players?

The .wfp file just can be opened with Filmora and if you want to open it with other players or apps, you need to convert it to video first by hitting the export button.