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Best 8 Online MPEG to GIF Converters

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published May 16, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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GIFs are known to be quite effective in displaying a video portrayal. Many people save special moments across GIFs to make sharing easy and simple. However, when you own different forms of video formats and are looking to convert them to a GIF, you may need a proper tool for its execution. In this article, we shall be working on converting MPEG to GIF without any difficulty.

To make sure that you successfully convert a MPEG to GIF, this article will introduce a set of offline and online converters for effective execution.

Part 1: Best 3 MPEG to GIF Converter Software

This part will focus on the offline software that can be considered for converting MPEG to GIF. Follow through these tools to understand more details about them:

1. Wondershare Filmora






This offline software stands among the premium software of the market that provides efficient services in video management. From basic video editing to diverse features such as adding effects and transitions across it, Wondershare Filmora provides enthusiast-level features to its users. The advanced and modern features, combined with simple interfaces, bring a competitive environment for users.

As you create a video across Wondershare Filmora, multiple advanced tools can be consumed easily. You can find examples like motion tracking and overlays across the tool. However, if you consider converting a MPEG video to a GIF, Filmora is definitely a great option in the market.

filmora 11 editor


  • Provides a wide variety of effects and overlays.
  • Quick rendering of video while converting or editing.
  • A cost-effective tool with a vast set of elements.
  • Offers intuitive guidelines and custom animation tools.


  • Adds watermark across the exported video in the free version.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro




Adobe has developed industry-standard tools in this developing age of digital software. Adobe Premiere Pro is an efficient example of good video editing and management software. The ecosystem of tools offered across Premiere Pro is extensive and prolific; however, the user needs to have a basic knowledge of video editing before coming across it.

The conversion opportunities across this MPEG to GIF converter software are extensive. Its execution, alongside the wide variety of conversion options, is responsive. This makes it a great choice for your organization that is in search of a perfect tool for this purpose.

adobe premiere pro interface


The interface is quite clear and flexible for video editors.

The stabilization tool of Filmora is commendable for users.

Collaborate with other editors on different projects through Creative Cloud.

Can perform color correction and audio tweaking on videos before having them exported.


This tool is not designed for beginners and people who do not understand video editing.

3. VLC




VLC is a free and open-source media player that provides an inspiring variety of tools across its platform. Unlike other free tools, VLC does not work across simple features and characteristics. It offers options for converting, streaming, video editing, and enhancing. This makes it an exceptional offer for users looking to convert their MPEG to GIF.

The tool is highly customizable and is supported with extensive file format support. Looking across the different features required in the process, you can add different plugins to expand your work across VLC.

vlc media player


  • Offers easy conversion of video files without loss in quality.
  • Encode outbound streams without any issues.
  • Works perfectly for Linux, Windows, and Mac devices. Also available across Android and iPhone devices.
  • It can be expanded through plugins for better functionality.


  • You cannot edit the video using the VLC Media Player.

Part 2: Top Online 5 MPEG to GIF Converters

For this part, we shall work across a few impressive online converters that can be essentially used for converting a MPEG to GIF. Go through the functions of these tools to understand how you can convert your required video with ease.

1. Aconvert

The first option among the premium online converters for MPEG to GIF is Aconvert. This tool can be quite charismatic in providing you with a proper platform to work on your video conversion. While being a simple tool, you can make changes in the video in the best possible manner. Not only does this tool provide the conversion of the specific format, but it also covers an immense amount of conversion options.

aconvert converter


  • Set the duration of the GIF as per your desire.
  • Change the video settings, such as bitrate, frame rate, and size.
  • A simple and effective user interface.
  • Contains a proper description of the file formats for the user's knowledge.


  • Does not keep up with the quality of the video while converting.


As the name suggests, this online converter is a very simple and effective tool to try. As it converts a MPEG video into a GIF with ease, you can surely look for this tool for quick results. With the option of multiple tools to work with, you can add this tool to your daily life for quick functions. returns you with an animated GIF, which is quite effective compared to other online platforms.

ezgif gif converter


You can paste a URL of a video directly for conversion.

Provides a variety of file formats to its users.

Covers videos of variating frame rates, which makes it diverse.

Get an accurate start and end of the GIF with proper setting tools.


Users can only upload file sizes of 100MB.

3. CloudConvert

You may find this online platform to be the most effective for converting your MPEG files. While offering various options for converting videos, you can easily manage more than 200+ formats across the tool. Along with that, Cloudconvert ensures the security of all shared data across the platform. It does not allow anyone else to access your data.

cloudconvert gif converter


You can ensure high-quality conversion with the online converter tool.

It offers you the option of setting the resolution of the video that you wish to convert.

Helps in changing the aspect ratio of the tool with ease.

You can also change the frame rate of the video that is to be converted.


Allows converting 25 videos in a day.

4. OnlineConvertFree

Another great website that you can consider to convert your MPEG to GIF is OnlineConvertFree. With a wide variety of conversion options available across the format, you can make quality GIFs. Along with that, the platform allows its users to upload videos through the computer and Dropbox or Google Drive. Its fast conversion makes it a premium option among users.

onlineconverterfree tool


It is a completely free tool to use.

Provides users with support across more than 250 file formats.

Do not keep any data across the website for security reasons.

You can also save your converted data across the cloud.


The website contains a lot of ads throughout.

5. Convertio

This platform is another exceptional option in file conversion that can be considered in the online software. Convertio supports more than 25600 different file conversion options, which shows that the file format support is extremely elaborate in the platform. The process of conversion is the simplest you can find in the market. Along with that, the tool ensures that the shared files are kept secure from unauthorized access.

convertio gif converter


Provides exceptional features for free.

The interface is quite straightforward.

Allows batch conversion of multiple MPEG files into GIFs.

Ensures the quality of the converted file.


Users are bound to buy a plan for Convertio to use its full features without any file size limits.

Part 3: How to Convert MPEG to GIF Using Wondershare Filmora?

Filmora can be a great option to convert MPEG to GIF without any problems. You need to go through the steps to figure out the complete procedure with ease.

Step 1: Launch Filmora and Open Project

Download and install the latest version of Wondershare Filmora on your computer. Once done, launch the tool and click on “New Project” to open a new window.

create a new video project

Step 2: Import MPEG Video File

Once a new window opens up, you need to click on the "Import" icon displayed in the "Media" section. Add the MPEG video that is to be converted to a GIF. Once added, drag it across the timeline.

add video to the timeline

Step 3: Export as GIF

Click on the "Export" icon to open the export options. You need to select the option of "GIF" displayed on the left-hand column of the screen. Once done, set up a name and location for the video. Along with that, you can also change the resolution, frame rate, and size by clicking on "Settings." Once done, click on the "Export" button to conclude the process.

export the video as gif


Have you learned about the variety of software that is available to convert MPEG to GIF? You can consider any tools for making quick changes across your video. Along with that, for perfect execution with quality, you can definitely consider using Wondershare Filmora to convert your video files. Go through the article to make the perfect selection for your tasks.

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