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Best 6 WMV to GIF Converters

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published May 16, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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GIFs function as a series of images that seem like an audio-less video and are widely used across numerous platforms. People send GIFs to their friends while chatting and also add them to their photos and videos. Moreover, this image format does not lose its quality during compression. Due to their high popularity, GIF converters are much needed.

If you have a WMV file and want to use it as a GIF, you can easily execute the conversion through GIF converters. You can find tons of GIF converters, but not every tool is reliable. For WMV to GIF conversion, we will provide the best GIF converters that you can utilize confidently.

Part 1: Best 3 WMV to GIF Converter Software

In this following part, we will discuss the best 3 offline GIF converters through which you can easily convert your files from WMV to GIF comfortably.

1. Wondershare Filmora






Wondershare Filmora is a top-notch video editing tool comprising every basic and advanced feature that you would require. It offers smart templates that help beginners in designing their videos along with exceptional effects. Furthermore, people can utilize their royalty-free images and videos to add them to their videos for more dimensions.

Along with its extraordinary video editing features, people can also convert their videos files to numerous formats such as GIFs and other formats. Although the user interface of Filmora is extremely easy to handle, if you still find some difficulties, you can watch the tutorials from their platform to execute the editing process easier. By using this excellent platform, you can not only get rid of the flaws in your videos but can also convert them to GIF format conveniently.

filmora 11 editor


The “Instant Mode” of Filmora enables the users to design and create their videos with great proficiency without spending too much time.

It comprises animated effects that can add an artistic element to your videos.

It has an excellent function of a “Screen Recorder” that can effortlessly capture the on-screen activities of your computer.

You can easily synchronize the audio and soundtracks with the videos through its “Auto Synchronization” feature.


The free version of this platform comprises a watermark that can ruin the actual impression of the video.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro




This tool is an ultimate professional video editor that comprises the ability to transform videos into a high-end project. You can add various transitions to the videos and can portray interesting storytelling through them. You can easily upload the recorded video from either your smartphone or professional camera and can edit the footage in up to 8K high quality.

Furthermore, when people try to export their videos, this tool displays multiple options to convert the current video file into another. Thus, you can easily convert your video file WMV into GIF quickly with a single click. Other amazing features of this tool include Adobe Stock, through which you can import various audio files and can professionally embed them in your video.

adobe premiere pro interface


The “Auto-Reframe” feature allows the users to intelligently reframe their videos in 4K resolution flawlessly.

You can add subtitles to your videos through “Auto Transcriptions” quickly and can edit them further.

You can color fix the videos through its excellent filters, which can give an aesthetic impression.

The export settings of this tool can be customized, and you can easily share your videos to online platforms.


The user interface of Adobe Premiere Pro is a bit complicated, and non-professionals can find it difficult to use for the first time.

3. Cyberlink PowerDirector





This trustworthy tool is widely used for converting video files to GIF format along with various intuitive features. It also functions as a video editor as it includes advanced options to edit multiple video file formats effortlessly. You can use their enhanced "Mask and Blend" option to combine numerous video clips smoothly and professionally. Also, you can replace dull and boring skies from your videos through its “Sky Replacement” feature.

Along with its powerful conversion feature, you can also remove unwanted objects or people from the videos flawlessly with a single click. For a high-quality audio experience, you can use its audio tools to remove unnecessary background noise to make the vocals sound refined. Hence, it works as a trustworthy tool that not only makes the videos appealing but also provides ease to its users.

Cyberlink powerdirector 365


This platform offers motion tracking through which you can precisely synchronize the elements in your video.

It has included various effects and filters ranging in diverse categories that can be used to change the perspective of the videos.

The user interface is well-defined and easy to use for beginners.

It offers fast rendering so that you can export the edited video in high quality.


This tool contains ads and has an expensive subscription plan.

Part 2: 3 Online WMV to GIF Converters

If you want to conduct online conversion of files from WMV to GIF instantly, use any of the following mentioned tools.

1. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

This online tool provides an easy way to convert WMV to GIF in a well-protected environment. You can import your WMV file to this tool easily either from your device or can utilize the drag and drop option. Afterward, you can select the quality type and file size from the displayed options. The conversion process does not take long, and you can easily share the newly converted GIF across online platforms.

adobe creative cloud express


This tool is free to use and offers basic editing options to create unlimited GIFs.<

You can select the file size of the GIF file so that you can easily save it on your device without worrying about space usage.<

You can adjust the aspect ratio of your manually before the conversion process.<

Through its trim option, you can eradicate unwanted parts easily.<


It only offers premium features such as refine, cutout, and resize in the premium plan.<

2. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is an online platform that will assist you in converting video files such as WMV into GIFs conveniently. This tool supports and shows compatibility with more than 200 file formats which depict that you can convert from and to GIFs in the best environment. You just need to upload the video file to this platform, and with a single click, you can get a GIF of the best possible quality.

cloudconvert converter


You can simultaneously convert the videos files into GIFs through its batch processing option.

Apart from being an online tool, the software rendering integrated into this tool allows the users to get high-quality results after the conversion.

The data security in this tool is exceptional as this tool has a strict privacy policy for the users.

Apart from video and image files, you can also convert documents and audio files through this tool efficiently.


This online tool takes plenty amount of time to convert large-sized files.

3. Convertio

Convertio is another good example of an online GIF converter that supports tons of file formats. It has one of the easiest user interfaces among other online converters, as each function is well-displayed on its main interface. After uploading the video file on this online tool, you can easily select the output format, such as GIF, and within no time, you will get the desired result. This free tool also supports batch processing to offer an enhanced ecosystem to the users.

convertio online converter


Beginners can rely on this online platform as it offers security along with tons of supported formats.

For instant conversion of the files, this tool is ideal as it does not demand the users to create accounts for sign-ups.

It does not disturb the users with constant ads and functions as a stable tool.

You can access this online tool from any browser, and it can easily work for converting videos, documents, and images.


For converting large-sized videos, you need to buy its subscription plan.

Part 3: How to Convert WMV to GIF Using Wondershare Filmora?

There are plenty of GIF converters, but to enjoy the best user experience, explore Wondershare Filmora. As we mentioned earlier, this tool includes every basic to advanced feature for both video editing and conversion process. To convert WMV to GIF through Filmora, use the below steps:

Step 1: Import WMV File

Launch Wondershare Filmora on your desktop and click to use its interface. Tap on the “New Project” option that will display a new window on your screen. At the media tab, click on the arrow and import the WMV file from browsing through your computer.

create new filmora project

Step 2: Select GIF Format

Now drag the imported video to the timeline of this tool and tap on the “Export” button displayed on top. From the newly displayed window, select the “GIF” format from the left section.

add video to timeline

Step 3: Click to Export

Along with changing file format, you can also name the file and can set its file location. For more settings, you can adjust its resolution, bit rate, and frame rate displayed on the right side of the screen. Once done, click on the “Export” option.

export as gif


Create your GIFs by converting from the WMV files through powerful GIF converters. To convert WMV to GIF, we have recommended different tools along with their distinct features for your ease. However, to generate instant and best outputs, Wondershare Filmora comes on top as a powerful GIF converter. Through its advanced features, you can edit and create multiple GIFs within a well-defined platform.

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