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How to Create a 3D Text in DaVinciResolve 12.5 and Fusion 8

Dec 04, 2020• Proven solutions

It is said Blackmagic Design’s Fusion is the most advanced compositing software for visual effect, motion graphic design and 3D animation. Well, in the article, we will show you how to create a 3D Text in DaVinci Resolve 12.5 and Fusion 8. If you have not downloaded Fusion, click here.

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How to Create a 3D Text in DaVinci Resolve

Section 1: Open your Video Clips

Step 1: After placing your video clips in the timeline in the Edit Page, select one or many video clips in the timeline that you will send to Fusion.

send file to fusion

Step 2: Right click the selected video clips and then select New Fusion Connect Clip option from the contextual menu available on screen.

Step 3: In the New Fusion Connect Clip dialog change the settings accordingly:

  • Enter a name for project.
  • Select the video file format; it will help you to render the final media on fusion platform.
  • Select the codec as per the file format you selected.
  • In case if you wish to save this fusion clip for future needs, then it can be saved to media, directory or any other specific location on system. To do this, you need to check the box for Custom Location, click the Browse button, and then select the desired location. Otherwise, you can move to the directory that is currently holding your Fusion Connect Clip. The rendered media will be automatically saved to this directory.

Step 4: If you want to open Fusion immediately, then turn on the “Open Clip in Fusion” option. When you select this option then your DVR software will automatically render your selected video clips. The process will consider all speed effects, color page details, transformations as well as other operations that are applied on clip.

It’s recommended to enable the Open Fusion Connect Clip in the dialog box in case you want to launch Fusion automatically once the clip you’ve chosen is rendered in the format you’ve selected.

Step 5: Once DaVinci Resolve finishes its rendering process then Fusion 8 will get opened directly.

Section 2: Edit 3D Text in Fusion

Step 1: Go to Fusion interface. Here you will find your recently rendered clip over both monitors with connected nodes.

fusion interface

You will find Fusion Clip Node on right side of your screen; this node represents the connection with DaVinci Resolve 12.5. Now you need to drag it further towards right direction of screen and let it be there for a moment.

Step 2: Now you need to move to the Fusion Library. Navigate to 3D section on this platform then start scrolling down. You will find a 3D text icon on screen; simply drag this to your Flow Node Editor Window.

3d selection

Step 3: It is time to drag your 3D text icon to the right portion of your device screen. Now you need to enter your text; users can also make other necessary modifications over text at this point using the tools panel that is available on right side of screen.

text tool

Step 4: When it is time to merge the two nodes, then the recently created 3D text node must be converted into a 2D object first. To perform this action, you need to go to the Tools menu and then choose Renderer 3D. Soon you will find the 3D render in the Node Editor.

Step 5: Connect this recently developed Renderer 3d node to earlier developed 3D text node. Drop this combination to the right viewer of your Fusion 8. In case if you want to mix the video clip and 3D text node to form a single composition, you need to create a Merge Node.

Step 6: Go to the Tools menu, choose composite and then select “Merge 3D”. Make efforts to join your clip Node with the 2D text node and it can be done by simply pressing or holding the rick click button of the mouse. Choose your background and foreground objects from drop down menu which be added to your final composition.

merge node

Step 7: In case if you want to preview your final composition, then pick your Merge Node and drop it on the left Viewer of Fusion. If you want to animate this 3D text to generate customized results, drag your 3D text node to the right viewer and use different parameter adjustments from the Tools panel.

Step 8: Soon you will be ready to send your final composition into Resolve 12.5. To do this, you need to join the Merge Node with the Fusion Clip Node that you have dragged to the right portion of screen at initial stage.

Step 9: Finally, save your Fusion project and render it.

Section 3: Go Back to DaVinci Resolve:

Now you simply need to move back to your DaVinci Resolve 12.5 platform. You will find your recently designed Fusion clip on DaVinci 12.5 timeline. In case if you are not able to find it, simply right click on the video clip, click Fusion Connect and then Refresh. It is time to view your 3D text on your video clips.



Although, the node based workflow of Fusion platform may appear a little complicated at the initial level, once you follow the tips, you will be able to explore its most effective feature set. It is good to spend some time on this tool and get started with the adventure.

To get the detailed information about how to create 3D Text in DaVinci Resolve, check the tutorial made by Alex Jordan below:

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