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How to Remove Black Sun Spots in DaVinci Resolve

Oct 17, 2020• Proven solutions

Most of the filmmakers are searching for an effective solution to black sun effect problem. In most of the cases, black sun spot is observed as an artefact produced due to over exposure. It is commonly found in videos that are generated during recording under direct sunlight. The central position of an overexposed image automatically gets clipped to black and it leaves a bad impression on footage.

Although, this issue is not observed with all cameras but the digital cinema cameras use to suffer with this issue hence one need to apply proper care for handling such issues. The article below will help you to fix this black sun spot issue using DVR software tool.

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Method 1: Remove Sun Spot in One-Click

You will be glad to know that DaVinci Resolve consists of built in type Black Sun Highlight Correction feature. Using this facility you can easily remove the black sun spot. All that you need to do is:

Right click on thumbnail of your affected clip on colour page timeline and then apply Black Sun Highlight Correction feature from contextual menu.

black sun highlight correction

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Method 2: How to Remove Black Sun Artifacts Professionally

Step 1: Move to the Colour Page and generate Serial Node:

The very first task for users is to import their footage on DVR timeline and after that they simply need to go to Colour page. Using Node editor function or Alt+ S they can create Serial Node.

Step 2: Make a Power Window:

In the second step, user needs to develop a power window that can cover the black sport over footage. The best trick is to generate a small circular window and position it right above the ugly black hole. Although, users may wish to improve softness in their editing results but it is advised to limit window size up to required dimensions very carefully.


Step 3: Track your Power Window:

As you have already created this window so now it is time to track the mask on black spot using tracker. Track backward and forward buttons will help you to execute this task, it will perform analysis over clip and then tracking data will be updated.


Those who are working on locked-off shots using tripod can avoid this step but in case if you are tilting, panning or shooting handheld then it becomes important to track window. Once this tracking task is complete then you can move ahead to final step.

Step 4: Level Adjustment:

After executing 3rd step, your window must have been accurately tracked that black spot on the screen. Now you have to lift the shadows in your footage as much as possible. The simplest method to execute this task is to use left wheel for tracking and apply this effect till the time black hole completely turns to white colour. It will help you to get rid of black sport from footage and the final image will appear perfectly clean and fine.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.