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Top 8 Video Editing Tips for DaVinci Resolve

Aug 31, 2020• Proven solutions

DaVinci Resolve is a well known name in the world of video editing with its non linear editing abilities. It offers wide range of original features along with a streamlined and interactive platform. The ease of use is the major reason behind its popularity but in case if you are new to video editing projects then it will be good to follow few professional tips. If you go ahead with step by step guidelines then it will be much easier to speed up the editing workflow.

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Top 8 Video Editing Tips for DaVinci Resolve:

1.Make proper project settings:

It is always difficult to start with new software because we have to learn about its interface But the DaVinci resolve offers easier to access services. All that you need to do is simply open project settings on screen and then check basic settings like timeline resolution, video format, frame rate etc. Update settings as per your need and then begin your project.

2.Optimize Media:

You may sometime find little difficulty to access DaVinci with few media platforms but if you are working with its supported file formats then there are so many options to optimize things as per need. Just select your files that you want to process and then right click. From drop down menu, select Generate Optimized Media option. It will make things smoother to access.

3.Take Shortcuts:

In case if you feel that it is taking much time for basic editing options like moving video clips over timeline, deleting selected ones or trimming any selected portion then it is good to add easy to use shortcuts. Resolve assists users in generation of specific keyboard shortcuts, all that you need to do is go to KeyBoard mapping option that is available below project settings button and they assign key functions as per your need.

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4.Use Scene Cut Detection:

Scene cut detection tool is designed to allow single file analysis and it can be easily chopped to form multiple shots as per need. It assists in finding edit points accurately and also saved time during lengthy editing projects. To access this feature, locate your single movie file via media storage before importing it and then right click on screen. Now from drop down menu select Scene Cut Detection.

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5.Choose favorites Folder:

During editing process you may also find few elements or special sound effects that are being accessed time and again. So it is not a good idea to keep on importing them every time from source as it will consume much of your time. Instead, set up a favorite’s folder. Go to media page and then navigate to your desired folder from volume list, now right click and from drop down menu choose add folder to favorites option.

6.Sync Audio in the Media Pool:

There is no need to use separate software for audio synch needs and you not even need to spend time on manual editing. Resolve provides advanced editing features to assist users for maintaining easy synchronization between audio files. First of all you need to Ctrl Select the audio file and desired video clip and then right click when both get highlighted. Now from drop down menu choose the sync options as per need.

7.Use Audio to Mark Clips:

In case if you have already synchronized your footage and audio signal from media page then it is now much easier to trim files ahead. This feature is much useful if you are editing any speech or interview. Simply go to edit page and then double click on your footage clip. Bring it to the source monitor and then choose the ellipses from top right corner. Now you can select show full clip audio waveform option and then file can be trimmed easily by simply pinpointing the desired locations.

8.Trim Long Clips Before Import:

Generally, user’s first import their files and then they make efforts to adjust the beginning and ending points from source monitor. With the help of Resolve you can trim long videos even at import level. This feature is accessible over a video file that has maximum ten minute duration. First of all you need to bring your media file on the viewer and then mark the In-Out points. Right click and now select Create Sub clip option from drop down menu. It will easily import the file as per your specified length.

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