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Air Hogs Star Wars Millennium Falcon Drone Review

The popular foreshadow follow up of Star Wars drone is ready to make your flight hours more memorable with its highly captivating abilities. You might have seen its short sweet trailer that shows the brilliant lights, impressive soundtrack and high range flights. With Millennium Falcon, you will be soon able to enter inside a new world that offers legendary flight features. No matter whether you are going to organize your flights in day hours or want to enjoy its fantastic LED lights in darkness, this drone will always perform with its peak abilities.

air hogs star wars

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Pros and Cons of Air Hogs Star Wars Millennium Falcon

  • The impressive sound effects from Star Wars.
  • It is highly safe with shielded rotors.
  • Users have reported its unbalancing issues during flight.
  • It offers short battery life.
  • You need to spend more to get this device.

This tiny toy appears amazing in air and the sound is perfect copy of Millennium Falcon but it demands more care from users as compared to other drones that are accessible in same range. You can buy this unit with payment of $76.04.

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Complete Review for Air Hogs Star Wars Millennium Falcon

1. Basic Specs Info

Item name Air Hogs Millennium Falcon Drone
Price: Official: $62 only
Basic Specifications
Dimensions 9.5x7x1.5 inches. Camera No
Flight Time 5 minutes Smartphone Controlled No
Battery Size 140 mAh Li-iON for Quadcopter and 6 AA for remote. Weight 2.33 Ounces
Rotors 4 non replaceable. Each with 1.2 inch diameter. Battery charge Time About one hour

2. Design

If we talk about design then Millennium Falcon is designed with very durable and impressive construction. The outer frame is made up of high quality plastic material and all 4 props are shrouded. The entire body is attractively molded over a quad frame with added durable foam protection. It helps to make this device light weighted with maximum weight of only 2.33 ounces. That means you need not to make efforts for getting your drone registered with FAA. This drone is 9.5” long so it appears bigger than most of drone vehicles.

3. Battery Life

This device is equipped with a 140 mAh Li-iON Battery that takes an hour to get fully charged. The maximum flight time of Millennium Falcon is 5 to 8 minutes and due to non removable type battery you need to wait so long to start your next flight. The charging cable of this drone is build inside so that users can access controller’s powerful 6 AA size batteries to charge this device again. If you want to charge it using computer or other power source then prefer to use Micro USB port and USb charger respectively.

4. Flight Performance

Once your device is fully charged then you can send it into air with so many control functions. The LED lights show complete indication about drone flight status. This drone performs with stable flight experience and the four advanced proportional channels allow users to flights from all axis so that users can have real fun in air. This quadcopter is well known for its highly responsive design and it is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor flights. You have to add more care in windy conditions as it may cause disturbance in device stability.

5. Controller/ Transmitter

falcon remote

With classic Star Wars branding, this controller is well recognized as a standard unit having specific control buttons and 2 control sticks. When you are ready to start your first flight then hit the green button available on middle position and to take it forward to throttle you need to use left stick in forward motion. Use left and right movements accordingly to explore the flight with rotation. To go forward use right stick and move in left and right direction with directional movements. You will also find shoulder buttons on controller where the right one leads to hyperdrive effect left one is used to make extreme noise. Users can easily switch off these additional noises using controller buttons. This drone can fly up to 40 feet height.


Although Millennium Falcon device is not much fancy unit and it don’t even carry a camera on the top so you cannot record footage in air. But all other features are quite impressive along with that in air noise. If you are a Star Wars fan then you will definitely love its flight experience but the long charge time is really the downside of this unit. If manufacturers allowed users to swap batteries then it could lead to more entertainment but with current model you need to make compromise at battery level. With current price range, you can find many competing drones in market and they may more loads of features but for crazy star wars fan, nothing can be more beautiful than watching Millennium Falcon flying around with a controller in their hand.

Nov 23,2017 14:48 pm
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