Review for Autel X-Star Premium

If you are a drone lover who wants to buy a new device to impress your friends then Autel X-Star can be a great choice. This drone is designed with incredible set of features, latest specs and it offers very decent flight service. It comes with numbers of useful accessories such as classic memory package for video recording and 4K camera unit that offers impressive recording experience in air. This drone can ensure you cool flight for longer run and the compact and simple design makes it easy to handle even for your wild photography needs during trips. Autel X-Star has capabilities to attract consumers with its great performance.


Complete Review for Autel X-Star Premium:

Pros and Cons


  • This drone unit is well known for its compact, rough and beautiful aesthetics.
  • It offers decen set of features with satisfactory performance.
  • The flight times are impressive.
  • Well priced with wide range of specifications.
  • Designed with advanced video recording feature.
  • Ability to capture stills at 12MP range.
  • Comes with 3 axis gimbal stabilizer.
  • It offers wide range of frame rate setting options.
  • Advanced navigation system for outdoor flights.
  • Numbers of autonomous modes.
  • Huge storage capacity with 64GB MicroSD card.


  • Its memory capacity cannot be extended above 64GB so if you are an all time 4K recording lover then it could be a trouble to store your memories.
  • During Takeoff and Landing time, you will find footage little bit unstable.
  • Flight time is limited.


You will find Autel 4K camera almost same as that of DJI Phantom 3 as they have lots of equivalent features. You will find their aesthetics almost similar with that rough shape, cubic body having four arms on each top corner. You will find a propeller on every arm and there is a small electric motor. Below this drone unit you will find the landing gear that looks sturdy enough and can handle drone even in rough space. This drone unit carries a 3 axis gimbal support as well as an X-Star camera underside the drone. The exterior of Autel X-Star is finished with well polished hard plastic; it assists in easy handling with smooth grip.

Battery Life:

Manufacturers claims that Autel 4K camera unit can stay in air up to 25 minutes; however, the performance may vary as per flight conditions. In most of the tests, average battery performance is observed to be 20 minutes. You need to plug in this drone for charging using an AC charger and it takes about 1 hour for complete charging. Note that, this charger can be also used for charging transmitter battery and you can also charge these batteries at the same time.

Flight Performance:

Autel X is designed to serve three mode flight systems as ATTI, IOC and GPS. When you switch to GPS mode then you will be able to access wide range of features. In this mode, drone works on the basis of GPS signals with the help advanced sensor unit and there are three different autonomous flight controls such as programmable waypoints, orbit mode and follow mode. The IOC or Intelligent Orientation Control mode helps to manage input controls in such a manner that it can work with real time orientation. You will find two flavours for IOC mode as Home Lock feature and Course Lock feature. ATTI Mode works as per signals transferred by sensors that are connected on bottom side of this drone unit. In case if you are working in such situations where GPS signals cannot be transferred with ease then ATTI mode is suitable for you. This mode will provide you all GPS mode features and one additional ability is Go Home feature.

Control Range:

X-Star Premium comes with a pre-bound transmitter. You will find movement related controls and basic throttle on this control unit. Various function keys are added to assist users with flight modes and it can also control the camera unit to capture stills. There is an interactive LCD unit attached to control device that provides complete details about flight data on real time basis.


The camera unit of Autel X-Star appears quite excellent choice as it provides impressive results for both videos and stills. With payment of a reasonable price range, you will be able to get sharp and crisp footage. Most of the professionals love the decent color vibrancy, amazing stability for aerial recording and good contrast ability. If you prefer to record footage at 720p resolution level then it can work with 240fps frame rate whereas for Full HD recording you can enjoy 120fps range. For 2.7K videos, the frame rate can be set to 60fps. The stills can be captured at 12MP and the maximum field of view offered by this camera is 108 degrees.


Some of the most incredible features of this Drone unit are listed as below:

  • It has maximum weight of 3.52lbs only with compact size.
  • Hover accuracy for horizontal range goes up to +- 6.5’ for 2m and in case of vertical range it offers +- 3.2’ for 1m.
  • Maximum flight time goes up to 25 minutes but it may change as per flight conditions.
  • Maximum speed of this unit goes up to 35 miles/hour whereas maximum altitude is specified as 1.2 miles.
  • This drone can carry a UHD 4K camera that can record with three resolution settings as 720p, Full HD and 2.7K other than the impressive 4K results.
  • The automated flight modes include Follow Me mode, Waypoint, Orbit and Return to Home feature.
  • It can be controlled from mobile device using X-Star application.
  • Maximum Storage capacity goes up to 64GB with MicroSD card.


After going through so many features of X-Star drone unit, it can be recommended to beginners as well as professional drone users. The easy to handle design with fast control abilities make it more suitable for rough conditions. With decent price range, this drone unit standout against several high end drones.

Nov 09,2017 8:53 am