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Review for Cheerson CX 20

If you could imagine a clone of DJI Phantom then its close look will be same as Cheerson CX-20. Those who are searching for a mid range; well designed and classic drone unit can prefer to buy this product to have more fun in flights. CX-20 is designed with ABS plastic material that leads to highly durable construction and you need to apply very less efforts to assemble this drone. It comes in well tuned and perfectly calibrated position from factory end so buyers can have their first flight right after taking it out of box. The only assembly required at user end is the propeller blades that make it safe in air.

cheerson cx-20

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Pros and Cons of Cheerson CX-20

  • It is a ready to fly and well integrated drone unit.
  • Highly stable and agile performance.
  • Offers two unique flight modes.
  • Equipped with intelligent orientation control.
  • Comes with an auto return to home function.
  • Cons:
  • You need to buy camera separately for your quadcopter.
  • This unit is designed for upped end professionals not for all basic drone lovers.
  • Users need to buy batteries for their drone as they are not included in package.

This auto pathfinder product is well designed with all great features but it also suffers with few minor issues. But if you are searching for a drone in low budget range then there are so many impressive things that CX-20 can offer you. In terms of reliability and features, it can be rated as a full-fledged professional drone unit but one needs to make some compromise for camera.

Complete Review for Cheerson CX-20

1. Basic Specs Info

Item name Cheerson CX-20
Price: Official: $297.97 only
Basic Specifications
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 20 cm Control range 300 meters
Flight speed 22 mph Weight 980 grams
Flight Time 15 minutes Battery Rechargeable Lithium Battery: 11.1 Volt/2700 mAh
Charging Time 2 hours Control Intelligent Orientation Control
Special Features: Auto Landing Failsafe, Altitude Hold, Fixed Position Hover, Return to Home Feature. Camera GoPro Camera Compatible

2. Design

First of all you need to know that this quadcopter does not come with camera so you can imagine that it is manufactured strictly for the flying needs. However, it has space for camera unit where users can easily mount their GoPro camera unit to have better recording results. The overall dimension of CX 20 is 11.61 x 11.61x 4.13 inches whereas its overall weight goes up to 21 ounces. The light weight type air frame allow this drone to fly up to greater heights at very decent speed but at the same time its structure is suitable enough to withstand adverse weather conditions up to certain level. The ABS plastic material makes its body highly sturdy and the durability gets naturally increased.

3. Battery Life:

This camera works with a Rechargeable Lithium Battery: 11.1 Volt/2700 mAh that needs almost 2 hours to get fully charged. Once you have fuelled up its power then it can spend about 15 minutes in air. If you compare this performance with DJI Phantom then it will definitely lead to satisfactory results with lower price range. Those who want to enjoy longer time in air can prefer to buy additional batteries that cost around $30. In case if you can manage to have a multi port charger then several batteries can become ready at same time to offer you great flight experience for hours.

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4. Flight Performance

We must say that biggest advantage of Cheerson CX-20 is its ability to navigate in much easier manner. The integrated high quality flight dynamics system makes it suitable for beginner flights. All the flight parameters as well as functions comes with pre-programmed capabilities so you can have your first flight experience right after it reaches at your home. The maximum flight speed of CX-20 is 10m/s whereas it can climb up to 6m/s. This amazing balance between stability and speed assists users to have memorable experience in air and they can enjoy the beauty if Auto Pathfinder mode to the fullest. The added bonus at low price is its 1.5Km flight range.

5. LED Light:

LED lights

You will find two LED lights on both sides of your drone and one green light is placed at its front end. LEDs with red colour are positioned at rear portion. With this variation in colour, you can have easy details about in which direction your drone is travelling at any specific instant. These LEDs make flights much better during night hours. In case if you notice that drone is having some shaky appearance in flights then it must be recalibrated. Simply put it on ground and push left joystick towards right direction and you will find a blink in green and red LEDs. Now push throttle in upward direction and your device code binding will get activated. Drone will hover for a small duration and then comes back to ground automatically. Soon your device will get stabilized.

6. Controller/ Transmitter:

cx-20 controller

The CX-20 transmitter works with 2.4 GHz frequency range and it has four channels. As it is developed with anti interference type design so you can enjoy safe flights with your friends at the same time. In case if you find it too noisy then simply move the switch to different channel and noise will be filtered out.

7. Camera:

Although, CX-20 design does not possess any camera but it is capable enough to handle GoPro models that you can buy additionally. You will not find a gimbal support for your camera but mount is available. Thus your camera will stay mounted in a fixed position and even if your drone faces any jerk then also it will not be reflected in recorded footage.


Those who cannot spend money for Phantom but want a comparative design can prefer to spend on Cheerson CX-20. If you have a camera then this drone unit can serve you with impressive results for all flights. Just spend one additional batteries so that you need not to wait so long to organise next flight.

Nov 23,2017 14:55 pm
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