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Colour Correction Tips for Drone Videos

Drones are always able to produce impressive footage but sometimes the problem is caused by colour blending issues. The raw video files often use to contain low saturation, low contrast, and unbalanced exposure. Most of you might be searching for advanced tools to fix this trouble. The best option to achieve great results is to apply a video editor that has ability to colour grade and make effective colour correction. Note that the terms colour grading and correction both have different meaning here. When we talk about colour grading then it deals with colour enhancement and additionally works to add extra tint over clips. Videos are developed with colour grading tool to provide realistic feeling with scenes like blue appearance suits for action videos whereas red reflects the romantic scenes. The article below will provide you detailed tips regarding how to colour grade/correct your drone videos:

Colour Correction Tips

1. Start Thinking Before Shooting: Film Flat

With this feature, users become able to capture as much data as they want to. More data means much effective colour editing. In case if you are planning to apply colour grading effect then this step is essential for you. Those who are working with a DJI cam will be able to select D-LOG profile to avail this effect whereas others may find different equivalent options. Generally, few cameras produce RAW footage that is already in flat colour profile.

2. Use the Video Scope

If you have an idea about colour grading process then you might be aware of this step too. Actually due to few differences in display settings or monitors, sometimes people are not able to work with effective colour editing, in such cases, Scope plays essential role. Most of the popular editing tools like Da Vinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro possess this feature. These scopes always provide correct information about all scenes.

3. Set Black to Black

Here you need to crush the blacks. Note that, shadows refer to dark portions of image and brightest parts are denoted by white. Further, the mid-tones lead to light levels that lie somewhere between whites and blacks. It helps to adjust the footage brightness levels most effectively by decreasing baseline value so that users can have better access to colour correction process.

4. Adjust White Balance

The best trick to utilise this feature is to use RGB parade scope. You need to experiment by keeping tops either green or red and use blue scopes. Note that, such types of selections are always effective on emotion delivery of scenes so you must choose right collection for best content delivery.

5. Take use of the Flesh Line

If you have some visible people in your video shot then you can take benefit from this flash line effect. No matter what is their skin tone or ethnicity, all of them will sit perfectly on flesh line as it provides effective saturation between all tones.

How to colour correct in Hot Video Editing Software

You can easily find numbers of software tools online that lead to effective video editing with impressive colour grading and colour correction tools. The list of free software including Windows Movie Maker and iMovie etc. whereas few professional and advanced tools are Vegas Pro, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Da Vinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro etc.

Free Solutions

1. Wondershare Filmora - Recommended:

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

It is quite simple yet practical video editing platform that is perfect for beginners. Its inbuilt type colour grading tool assists users to make easy adjustments for white balance, hue, brightness, saturation and contrast etc.

See how to do color correction in Wondershare Filmora >>

2. Colour Correct in Windows Movie Maker:

The sad truth about Windows Movie Maker is that is do not work on window 10 and its platform has not been updated since 2012. But you can try downloading it and then with the help of additional plugins you can achieve great results for your colour correction needs.

See how to do color correction in Windows Movie Maker >>

3. Correction with iMovie:

No doubt to say that iMovie is an easy and intuitive tool for your video editing needs. It is developed by Apple platform and users can easily implement basic colour correction features with it. The results will definitely be surprising and amazing.

See how to do color correction in Wondershare Filmora >>

4. Colour Correction in GoPro Studio:

GoPro studio is well equipped with lots of advanced editing features that can add a creative touch to your videos. The colour correction tool is useful enough with easy to implement settings; that is why this tool is commonly used for video editing needs in industries.

See how to do color correction in GoPro Studio >>

Advanced Solutions

1. Correct/Grade Colour With Vegas Pro:

This Vegas Pro software platform can be used to apply colour correction over videos as well as on images. There are few simple to execute steps to get impressive results with vegas pro tool.

See how to do color correction in Vegas Pro >>

2. Colour Correction in Final Cut Pro:

If you want to apply wide variety of customization tools on your drone recorded videos then it is good to use Final Cut Pro as it has wide set of features especially for your needs. Access few expert tips to get fast and most effective results.

See how to do color correction in Wondershare Filmora >>

3. Colour Grading tips for DaVinci Resolve:

DVR helps users to enhance their image and video output quality with least efforts. There are so many advanced features to provide effective finishing to every video clip. Due to classical work platform and easy to use features, this tool is preferably accessed for commercial applications and music videos.

4. In After Effects:

Adobe After Effect is commonly used by many professionals for video editing due to its powerful collection of tools that can assist in animation, slideshow, title sequence management and it can also perform effective colour grading option.

5. With Adobe Premiere:

There are highly useful 3 way colour correction tools over Premiere Pro platform but its tonal range is set to narrow with by default settings. You need to make adjustments over it to get better results. This tool can deal with all noisy videos so easily and the advanced tool set can create wonderful adjustments within very less time.

Nov 23,2017 14:47 pm
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