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Mini Drone Frames Buying Guide

So after watching all those YouTube videos you are finally ready to create your own racing mini quadcopter. However the first thing you need to consider is the kind of frame you are going to use. Mini quadcopter frames consists of a number of microfiber plates which keeps the flying vehicle from falling apart. Creating a drone out of a quadcopter frame right from the scratch can be a mind boggling task since it is the frame which determines the way in which the rest of the components of the mini quadcopter is going to be placed.

Before choosing a mini quadcopter frame

1. Layout:

The arm layout determines how the drone arms extends from the body. Though ‘X-quads’ are more popular right now but there is still no verdict if the arm layout actually leads to any significant difference in performance. The inherent reduced weight of the X-frames are the reason behind its enhanced performance. Lets take a look at the various arm layouts of drone frames.

True X- Here the arms extend from the middle of the quad’s body to form a 90 degree angle to each of them.

Asymmetric X- Here the arms extend from the centre of the quad’s body but the angle between the front arms is greater than the rest.

H- Here the arms extend from the front and rear end of the body of your quad.

2. Arm Size

By arm size we are talking about the length of the arm. The size of the arm helps to determine the kind of props which can be used. The prop restrictions vary from one miniquad to the other. Therefore you need to check the quad before making the purchase. Given below is a basic rule of thumb:

  • Arms under 200 mm can only support props no longer than 4”
  • Arms which are 200 mm to 215 mm in length can support props no bigger than 5”
  • Arms which are 225 mm to 250 mm long can support up to 6” props
  • 3. Material:

    The material of your quadcopter plays a very important role in gauging its stability. Carbon fibre is the most commonly used frame material for quadcopters. The popularity of this material is due to the fact that it comes with physical characteristics which are congenial for flying in high altitude. This light weight frame allows the quadcopter to be much more agile. However one drawback of this material is that it tends to send radio signals in the air. Other frame materials can be aluminium or balsa sheets depending on the strength you need. Fibre glass quadcopter frames are also increasing in popularity these days.

    4. Price:

    The cost of a sophisticated frame can be around $200. However you can find plenty cheaper varieties of frames.

    5. Weight:

    The weight of the frame is one determining factor of the performance of your frame. The lighter the frame the more the thrust from the 4 motors would be used for rocketing you up above. The weight can be reduced by using less hardware and by making everything as compact as you can.

    Best recommendations

    1. ZMR X-210 Carbon Fiber frame kit

    zmr x-210 carbon fiber frame kit

    Check at Amazon

    This is a superb budget frame you can order from amazon.com. It comes with an X shaped frame which keeps the mass more centralised thereby allowing the quad to flip quickly. It includes 4 mm arms which are sturdy enough when you want to land hard. One cool feature of this frame is the optional use of the bottom plate. You can simply not use it if you want to reduce its weight. Available for just $65.00 these lovely frames can be used both as an Acro frame and as a race frame.


    yks mini c250 quadcopter frame kit

    Check at Amazon

    This ultra-light and high intensity carbon fibre is the cheapest and most utilitarian drone frame you will find in the market. It comes with plenty of space so that it easily fits the FPV tucking away all those wires neatly. It offers useful features like rubber damper, high shock absorbing capacity and AV shockproof ball. The 3 mm arms and the 1.5 mm carbon fibre fuselage helps to lower the vibration during the flight which in turn enhances the flying ability. It can be used for both beginners and professionals.

    3. LHI 250mm Pro Pure Carbon Fibre Quadcopter Frame Kit

    lhi 250mm pro pure carbon fiber quadcopter frame kit

    Check at Amazon

    This midrange pure carbon fibre quadcopter frame kit comes with a CC3D flight controller, a 6030 CF propeller prop, simonk 12A ESC and a MT2204 2300KV motor. The rubber damper of this frame helps a great deal in lowering the vibration during the flight time. The low weight and the aluminium alloy spacer are some of the other interesting features of this frame. This comprehensive starter kit is available on amazon for just $113.00.

    4. Crazypony X210 Carbon Fibre Frame

    crazypony x210 carbon fiber frame

    Check at Amazon

    This carbon fibre FPV racing quadcopter frame comes with symmetrical X arms and a top notch air frame design for smoother performance. Available for just $31.99 it would give the users a superb FPV drone racing experience. The crazypony X210 comes with a special FPV camera (not included) and a HD mounting system for ease of use. The 4 mm unibody frames are sturdy enough for hard landing. The accessory antenna extension plate and the premium quality aluminium hardware are some of the factors which makes this frame a good buy.

    5. Usmile 120mm Super Lightweight Carbon Fibre Frame

    usmile 120mm super lightweight carbon fiber frame

    Check at Amazon

    This compact and light weight frame is very congenial for creating Micro and nano FPV. The 820 motor is going to give the user all the power needed and offers much greater flight time than the 720 motor making it ideal for use with micro FPV. The rubber motor mounts is capable of holding a 8mm motor so that you can easily fly your micro/nano FPV system. The 2 mm fibre plate along with the rubberized motor mounts would help to reduce vibration from the propellers and micro motors. Available for just $14.78 this is one of the most cost effective frames you can find in the market.

    Nov 23,2017 14:54 pm
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