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Review of Walkera F210

Are you searching for a racing drone? You might have gone through so many options in market but nothing can be as good and affordable as Walkera F210. It is one of the highly featured, well designed and coolest drone collections that can serve you better for al racing needs. The fast flight performance with easy control features make it suitable for your adventure sports needs.

walkera f210

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Pros and Cons of Walkera F210

  • Robust, crash proof design with special air frame.
  • Powerful brushless motors that lead to highly reliable performance.
  • Offers multiple flight modes with impressive in air stunts.
  • Impressive structure with turn lights.
  • Outstanding battery life.
  • Cons:
  • Non removable battery so you need to wait so long to organise your next flight.

Walkera F210 offers long time in air with its powerful battery unit but you need to purchase an additional transmitter, stabilization gimbal and camera as it is not included in the package. But if you are not looking for aerial photography or want to use this drone just to enjoy flights and racing then camera is not a need.

Complete Review for Walkera F210

1. Basic Specs Info

Item name Walkera F210
Price: Official: $389
Basic Specifications
Dimensions 182x182x103 mm. Main Rotor Dia 128 mm
Remote Controller DEVO 7 Receiver DEVO RX713
Transmitter TX5825 (FCC)/TX5824(CE) Weight 370 grams with battery
OSD F210 OSD Brushless Motor WK-WS-28-014A (CW/CCW) KV 2500
Flight Time 8 to 9 minutes Special Features Sp racing type F3 flight control, Mushroom antenna, powerful motor design and Night vision HD camera.

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2. Design

As we discussed earlier, Walkera F210 is designed to serve for speed hence it is constructed with light carbon fiber type body and powerful brushless motor that assist in its faster movements. The overall flight time goes up to 8 to 9 minutes with much precise centralized control systems. This drone is designed with one OSB along with a 700TVL camera that can be used with almost all FPV Goggles. The sad part is that it comes with a non removable battery so one it dies then you have to wait so long to get your drone ready for next flight. Although, racing drones are not expected to have attractive looks but with when you buy Walkera F210 then you need not to make compromise with your cool personality. The outer carbon fiber frame makes this device safe for flights and it comes with ready to fly design. It is possible to have acceptable night vision with its equipped camera unit.

3. Battery Life:

This quadcopter is powered using 4S type 1300mAh battery. It offers total flight time of 8 to 9 minutes when fully charged but this model supports non removable battery so users need to wait so long to organize next flight. Professionals call it an uncommon tech design drone but beginners find is right device for their basic needs.

4. Flight Performance:

F210 can be switched into three different flight modes as advanced, intermediate and stabilize. Beginners can start with the basic stabilized one, once they are able to learn the basic control details then they need to practice for few days on intermediate mode and finally they will gain experience to organize flights in advanced mode. So you can switch between any of these as per your expertise. The default mode use to be ‘stabilize mode’ so that beginners can start flying it right after taking out of the box. In the intermediate mode, this device can perfume impressive rolls whereas advanced mode is recommended for classic racing championship.

5. Controller/Transmitter:

walkera f210 controller

F210 racing quadcopter comes with Devo 7 transmitter that is considered as a perfect entry level controller for Walkera devices. It can be handled easily by learners too and the best part is that it runs with a single battery unit. Devo 7 is well known as a universal transmitter that handles air craft movements with ease and allows advanced settings for flight controls. The 3 position mix switch can help you to shift between different flight modes.

6. Camera:

walkera f210 camera

F210 comes with an HD camera unit that has ability to focus clearly even in darkness. The low light level technology makes this camera able to fly during night hours with ease. The 120 degree super vision type lenses make focus much wider whereas one can adjust all recording needs with respect the adopted flying style. The adjustable angle along with HD night vision camera presents best combination of features. Further it offers detailed picture information even during night hours or on a cloudy day thus racers can enjoy flight anytime with peak performance.


If you observe all above features then Walkera F210 appears to be an impressive racer unit that can be controlled easily from transmitter. You will not be able to get any other powerful quadcopter with same incredible feature set and impressive structure.

Nov 23,2017 14:59 pm
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