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Best And Free Facebook Picture Video Maker

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Feb 28, 22, updated May 20, 24
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Our profile pictures say a lot about our personality and how we like to operate in life. With Facebook, people are getting into profile videos to communicate better. The still pictures do not say much about what we are offering. For instance, if we own a business, a picture video could explain a story, showcase an instructional image video, and display our brand.

The article revolves around Facebook picture videos and tips to make a perfect Facebook picture video song. Wondershare Filmora would also be presented to explain the procedure regarding Facebook picture video HD.

Part 1: What Kinds of Facebook Video You Can Make?

Turning your profile pictures into videos is always a good idea to positively influence your brand and business. You can make an awful load of Facebook picture videos with music to create brand visibility, awareness, and recognition. The market teems up with Facebook picture video-makers for this purpose. However, let us first know what kind of videos can be made.

Instructional Image Video

The instructional image videos on your Facebook are the right way to create an awareness of your business operations. You can also teach your audience and viewers something valuable and engage them in your new product imaging. Additionally, the instructional videos can also explain how your product works to the users. A Facebook slideshow helps grab the viewers' attention.

For instance, make an instructional video on doing hashtag research on Instagram and removing photobombers using Photoshop. You can also develop a video on how to cook chocolate caramel cake.

Product Demos

A product demo clarifies and explains the value and workability of what you offer to the house. You can use Facebook picture videos to showcase the product details, how it operates, and how its functionality can bring wonders to your life. The product demos have to be handled with care as they act as a final decision maker on how your brand would be perceived by the customers, clients, and competitors.

You can include the whole production process and detailed shots of the product. It will create a lasting impact on the audience.

Storytelling Picture Video

By using the storytelling trick, you can captivate the attention of your followers and viewers. The video can start with an interesting or motivating shot that educates the audience and leaves them astonished. It plays a vital role in taking your audience on a visual adventure. It is recommended to use your Facebook slides to engage the general public and potential customers.

An uplifting and motivating video is your chance to rule the hearts of your clients, followers, customers, and believers. This trick always works for most brands.

Brand Showing Video

Brand awareness can be enhanced by displaying the ins and outs of your business. Facebook picture video HD can be made as live videos to keep the audience in the loop. You can showcase the products, prices, value in the market with their customer reviews. It is a smart idea to make your customers and clients feel connected to your brand and your hard work.

The native live streaming creates a raw action on Facebook. Facebook picture video with music is the best way to improve brand visibility.

Behind the Lens

The general public and potential clients are more interested in your business's backhand story and how work is done behind the lens. They like the imperfection and raw videos as you work to create the best product for the users. The FB videos picture can cover Behind the Lens footage and impact the viewers.

You are free to give office tours and go backstage before and after an event. It helps build trust and connection. Moreover, do not hesitate to share the production process behind the successful packaging of the product.

Promos and Deals

A video with an attractive and compelling deal can grab the attention of a wide range of followers and non-followers. The fair choice would be to turn your FB videos pictures in a captivating deal of the hour. The exclusive deal will surely bring clients to your Facebook like a bee on honey.

Part 2: How to Make a Facebook Picture Video?

Making a Facebook picture video might be tricky for an entry-level beginner. Therefore, the sub-section of this article reflects upon two ways to ace the process. You can use Wondershare Filmora and the personal feature of the Facebook application. Let us start!

Using Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is your ultimate video editor in the business, offering a wild balance between remarkable features and an intuitive interface. You can play with your audio and video without getting into complications. The high video quality of Filmora is to die for. Therefore, let us show you how to create FB videos picture using Filmora.

Step 1: Importing Media Files

Launch Wondershare Filmora and import the targeted media files to your timeline. You can also drag and drop the images. After you are done, reorder them as you want in the final video.

import your media files

Step 2: Editing Process

It is time to personalize the video and turn it into the most captivating Facebook video ever seen. The user is free to crop, trim, cut, pan, zoom, reverse, enable green screen, and stabilize the shaky videos.

edit your facebook video

Step 3: Adding Effects and Transitions

Moving on, add effects to your video to send a transparent message across. Various overlays, transitions, motion elements, and filters create an engaging output video.

customize video with transitions and effects

Step 4: Final Changes

Filmora also chooses to add presets and titles to the Facebook video. In short, you can use anything to bring your imagination to life. Make all the desired changes effortlessly. To export the video, click on "Export." Choose the right format for your video and tap "Export."

export the video

Using Facebook Feature

Some technical requirements need to be fulfilled before uploading a Facebook picture video HD. The maximum video length should be up to 7 seconds, and you are supposed to crop the video to a 1:1 aspect ratio. Moreover, it is also recommended to keep the Facebook videos sound-free. Follow the guidelines below to make a Facebook picture video song via the Facebook feature.

Step 1: Navigate to the Facebook application on your phone and click on your profile picture from the top left of the screen. The current picture shows a camera next to it. Click on it.

Step 2: Afterward, tap on "Select Profile Video" if you are an Android. For iPhone, hit "Select Profile Picture or Video."

choose profile video

Step 3: Choose the targeted media file that you wish to use. Make the required changes to the video, such as cropping, editing, and trimming using the Facebook video editor.

select your video

Step 4: Save the video, and it will be automatically uploaded as your display.

Part 3: Tips to Make a Perfect Facebook Picture Video

There are some tips that need to be taken into consideration to make the perfect Facebook video. The sub-section is designed to ace your Facebook picture video HD. Follow the tips for desirable results.

tips for facebook profile video

Captivating and Engaging Videos

The Facebook videos have to be captivating so that the viewers' do not get bored. Once they scroll down, you have lost it. Engage the audience in the first three seconds by asking a relevant question or using a title card.

Make it Soundless

Most Facebook users have their sound muted. Therefore, find a way to communicate yourself without depending upon sound. Use animations, texts, and effects to bind the audience to the screen.

Brief Yet Complete

The video must be brief for 7 seconds, but it should convey a complete and comprehensive message. It shouldn't end abruptly without a powerful and thoughtful end. Design the video that sends a profound message in only 7 seconds.

Entertainment with Motivation

Use instructional videos or cooking tutorials that entertain the audience. You can start from an uplifting and motivational video so that the audience gets a mixture of both fun and inspiring.

Animated Logos and Portfolio

Animated logos are always a better choice as compared to still logos. Keep your brand logo simple and minimalistic, yet it sends chills down your spine. It means that animated logos say more. The portfolio can be displayed using a wide range of effects. It would play a phenomenal role in sharing your work and its value.

Final Remarks

The advancement of technology has no bounds. People have invested in businesses with just one login to social networking websites. Facebook has been a vital help as pandemic and quarantine hit us. The use of FB videos picture engages the audience and creates brand awareness.

Henceforth, the article revolved around making a Facebook picture video and tips for creating a bold statement. Wondershare Filmora was also introduced to help you with the editing process.