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Top 8 Facebook Movie Downloaders

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 11, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

According to the latest statistics, Facebook reigns as the king of all social media, with approximately 2.8 billion active users. It is the very reason people cannot get over its usage and its content. Sometimes, the videos are important so downloading them for offline access becomes the need of the hour.

To download the Facebook videos, one needs to access the perfect Facebook movie downloader that ensures great quality and easy workability. That's what we are here for! The article shall walk you through a diverse range of FB movie downloaders with their traits.

Part 1: Best Facebook Movie Downloaders On the Go

With the market teeming up with different types of Facebook movie downloaders, getting the hang of the perfect one is crucial. Good market research can help the user, so we have presented the whole research in one article. Follow this section vividly to have an idea of the top 8 FB movie downloaders and how they work in their domain.


The first Facebook movie downloader creating chaos in the market is Getfvid. It is a perfect solution to download great quality Facebook videos in seconds. The online tool allows you to paste the desired video link and download it in HD and Normal quality. Most people prefer saving only the video's audio, and Getfvid lets to do so effortlessly.

Essentially, you can also scan the QR code to download it on your smartphone or tablet directly. One can also save the video in Dropbox, which means that Getfvid understands your needs.

To know how to use this FB movie downloader, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Input the Video

First, head to your browser and launch Getfvid. The welcome window shows a space where the link can be pasted. Input the link to the video that you wish to download. Hit "Download" afterward.

tap on download button

Step 2: Choosing the Quality to Download

Now, pick HD or Normal quality for the video. A new window appears with the video. You can change the playback speed by clicking on three vertical dots. After that, click on "Download," and there you go!

choose video quality

Let us move on to the next Facebook movie downloader known to us as can be relied upon for downloading videos in HD and SD qualities. It is a great online tool with a Chrome extension to accelerate the process. Moreover, the fast download process has kept the users on the edge of their seats.

The procedure below covers a step-by-step guide to download the MP4 video in Let us have a look!

Step 1: Starting the Process

To start the process, visit the tool from your computer. The user will see the desired place to enter the desired link. Paste the link that you copied from the Facebook app.

paste the movie link

Step 2: Quality Choice

As the link is pasted, the tool begins processing it. In a couple of seconds, the video is displayed with quality. Choose the video quality as in HD or SD. Now, hit "Download" button and wait until the process is finished.

select the mp4 quality

The next Facebook movie downloader is and needs no introduction. The online tool enables the users to download the live videos after they are done streaming. The qualities offered by this impeccable free online app include Normal and HQ quality.

Let us have a look below at the extensive procedure to get hands on an interesting video on Facebook:

Step 1: Opening the Website

Launch from any browser in use. The interface presents space for you to paste the targeted link. Click on "Download" after that.

click download button

Step 2: Downloading Step

Choose the quality that you need for the video based on its usage. The video will start processing instantly. One can access it from the default folder of Downloads.

decide the video quality


FBDownloader is considered the most renowned FB movie downloader in business. The tool has got you covered to download public Facebook videos, live streaming, and stories in high quality. FBDownloader is compatible with all operating systems and devices, so users don't have to worry about that.

The step-by-step guide to download videos from FBDownloader are as given below:

Step 1: Interface Display

Visit FBDownloader from your computer. As soon as the interface pops up, the box shows the Facebook sign to paste the link.

add fb movie link

Step 2: Quality Preference

Input the link and press "Go." The processing will begin immediately. Now, choose the preferred quality for the video. The user can pick between SD and HD quality.

choose movie quality

Step 3: Final Process

Now, click on the three dots and hit "Download." The video will be saved in the system effortlessly.

choose download option

Bringing a positive change in multiple Facebook movie downloaders worldwide, allow me to introduce you to With HD and SD quality, has no restriction on the number of videos to download. The user doesn't have to install software or an extension to access the tool.

If you are not aware of how it works, we have sketched out steps for your ease.

Step 1: Opening the Official Website

In the first step, the user is directed to head to the official website of After that, paste the video link you need offline access to. Click on "Download."

initiate download process

Step 2: Quality Requirement

Choose the quality that you need for the video. The tool shall take you to a new window where the video will be shown.

fb movie quality selection

Step 3: Download the Video

Use the three-vertical dots to change the playback speed and click on "Download" afterward. It will be downloaded in a couple of seconds.

export the movie


SnapSave is extraordinarily famous for the diverse range of video quality it brings to the house. From full HD to 2K and 4K, this FB movie downloader understands your needs like no other downloader in the market. It is free to use and presents compatibility with every operating system and device.

Continue exploring the section to know the extensive procedure of downloading the video in SnapSave.

Step 1: Using Search Box of SnapSave

Input the link of your favorite Facebook video in the SnapSave search box. Click on "Download" so that the process can officially begin.

paste and click download

Step 2: Quality Choice

Pick the quality that you deem necessary and press the "Download" button again. The video will start downloading, and you can preview it from your folder in the system.

fb movie quality options


KeepVid is another workable Facebook movie downloader bringing a revolution in supporting a high range of video websites. One can count on KeepVid to download the video from more than 1000 web pages. Additionally, it is 100% secure, which means your browsing data is never monitored.

The procedure to use KeepVid is displayed as below:

Step 1: Pasting the Link

The first and foremost step revolves around pasting the video link in the targeted location at the interface of KeepVid. Hit "Download Now." After that, the tool shows quality with format and size. Choose as you desire, and another window pops up.

choose format and quality

Step 3: Export the FB Movie

Click on three dots and tap "Download." You can also alter the playback speed while watching the video. The video will be saved to the PC shortly.

export fb movie


FBVideoSaver is an amazing free online tool that offers users a great interface for effortless navigation. The app is accessible with mobile devices and presents no restrictions with the type of operating system in use. With that, the SD and HD quality can be chosen effectively.

The step-by-step process for downloading the Facebook video via FBVideoSaver is as under:

Step 1: Launch the Website

Open the official website and import the link to the Facebook video. Click on the arrow to initiate the process.

tap on arrow icon

Step 2: Format Choice

Pick the available video format and quality. Press "Download" and wait for some time.

select your fb movie quality

Part 2: Wondershare Filmora- As the Perfect Video Editor in Town

Video editing has become a part of our lives. Therefore, a good editor with an interactive interface and advanced features brings productivity to personal and professional life. Wondershare Filmora allows you to make necessary edits to the video, such as trimming, cutting, and cropping.

The Motion Tracking and Color Match features unleash the power of your imagination and make the storytelling process a blast. There are endless possibilities with Filmora in the frame.

filmora editor for facebook


The availability of internet connection cannot be made consistent. It is why one needs to download some videos from the internet to use them in the future. Facebook videos are downloaded for the very reason. Therefore, the article focused on the top eight Facebook movie downloaders to help the users make a conscious decision.

Wondershare Filmora was also the crux of the article and introduced as the perfect video editor in town. We hope that you can understand the workability of these downloaders with the procedure sketched out in detail.