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Set up Facebook Cover Videos

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Mar 10, 22, updated May 20, 24
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Facebook cover videos are believed to provide one of the most pragmatic and potential platforms to display the quality of your business page. However, Facebook has stopped offering cover videos from April 2021 to the general population across the platform. However, this tool is still accessible through some special accounts with pertinent access to this feature. Considering the utility of such videos, many people wish to find out the best practices and setup that can be followed for this particular feature.

Cover videos enhance the quality of the video and the content it displays. However, the question lies over setting up a Facebook header video or an animated Facebook cover for your account. To realize the practices and setup options provided for an effective Facebook cover video, go through this article to develop your knowledge of handling a Facebook cover video.

Part 1: The Basic Specifications of a Facebook Cover Video

When developing a Facebook header video, a few special dynamics of such videos are to be followed to the root. To avoid any issue with your video's potential upload across the platform, some basic specifications need to be covered across the cover video. Being a public video, anyone in the platform can effectively view the video; thus, introducing everyone to what the business intends to offer its customers.

facebook cover video details

Cover videos have been a tactic to allure new customers into the offered product or service. To ensure that the developed video is of the highest of qualities, you need to look into the specifications of a basic or animated Facebook cover, as shown below.

Size of the Cover Video

There are no specified sizes of cover videos uploaded across Facebook. Considering the basic limit of Facebook, the platform allows users to upload videos as larger as 1.75GB in size. Try to choose a file size that is within the basic limits. It is preferably advised to avoid such large video files as it gets difficult for users to view the video due to slow browsing speeds.

Dimensions to Be Followed

Facebook has set a particular set of dimensions for a Facebook banner video that you create for your page or business. With the default requirements of 820 x 312 pixels, the optimal dimensions that are believed to be the perfect fit for a Facebook cover video are 820 x 462 pixels. Facebook resizes your video within the 16:9 aspect ratio when uploaded across the platform.

dimension for facebook cover video

It is highly advised that the dimensions set by Facebook should be followed for the best results. However, the Facebook mobile application has something else to say about the size of a cover video. The application cuts off the sides of the video and restricts the display to 640 x 360 pixels. To counter the issue regarding cutting off the sides of the video, users are highly advised to keep their text-centered throughout the video.

Supported Formats

Facebook cover video operates quite similarly to a basic video upload across Facebook. With a maximum resolution of 1080p, users can utilize the MP4 and MOV file formats for uploading the Facebook video over the platform. The platform supports other file formats; however, for effective results, it is advised to keep up the use of MP4 and MOV for this purpose. Convert your Facebook cover videos if you wish to utilize these two file formats to upload your video.

Length of a Facebook Cover Video

The length of the Facebook banner video needs to cover a limit between 20 seconds and 90 seconds. Anything between this video limit makes the video perfect in its entirety. Being an advertisement of your business, this video length is believed to cater to the best resonance achieved from the viewers in the community. The length of the video defines the consistency of the viewer, whether they stay or do not stay by the end of the video.

Cropping your Facebook Cover Video

You may consider using different cropping tools for managing the aspect ratio of your video. While calling out the use of this tool, the images and text of the video should be as centered as possible, saving them from being removed from the banner after cropping.

Part 2: How to Set Up Your First Facebook Cover Video

Once you are made aware of all the important aspects of what makes a Facebook header video or an animated Facebook cover, it is time to take the responsibility of setting up the first Facebook cover video for your business. This part would feature the basic possibilities and procedural requirements to help users set up the first Facebook cover video.

The first and basic step of setting up the Facebook cover video is to have it uploaded across the platform. Before having it uploaded, ensure that the specifications of the cover video have been covered to perfection, with no particular loopholes within the video. Use the simple step-by-step procedure of uploading a Facebook video across the platform.

Step 1: Launch Facebook and access the page where the cover video will be uploaded. Access “Pages” from your news feed to look into the page.

tap on pages

Step 2: On the business page, tap on the “Edit” button present on the bottom-right corner of the cover photo and select “Choose from Videos” to upload the cover video. You are required to upload the cover video across Facebook first to make this happen.

select choose from videos option

Step 3: Select the video and upload it. You can reposition the video by dragging it up and down and tapping “Next.”

Step 4: You are advised to select the thumbnail out of the provided options. Furthermore, you are also provided with the option to select the ‘Automatically Replay Video in Loop’ button to keep the video playing in the loop. Once done, tap ‘Save Changes’ to conclude.

enable the loop option

The second step of this process is the assurance of a successful video upload. Check the uploaded video across the mobile and desktop browsers to check how it looks across the devices. Make any changes within the video and re-upload it again, if required.

Part 3: Make the Best Facebook Cover Video for your Business

The question comes over the basic tricks that should be followed to design a Facebook banner video. While looking for the best options for a Facebook cover video, a few tips effectively make a Facebook video look impressive to the users.

Tips that Should Be Followed for the Best Facebook Cover Video

While creating an animated Facebook cover for your business, you need to look into some tips and tricks to be adopted to make it look great to the viewers. While realizing that the video should be short, simple, and comprehendible for the viewers, a few points should be reconsidered before finalizing a Facebook banner video.

  • Make the most unique and exceptional idea out of an advert for your business's cover video. While understanding the professional approach to a Facebook cover video, design a cover video within the border of ethics and morality. Make it fun to watch; however, do not drag the basic idea elsewhere.
  • The video that is uploaded across the platform should ensure that the starting and ending points of the video should end within a natural loop. With an auto playset for everyone to view, a Facebook cover video should be uploaded for the audience to see the latest update that you have related to your business.
  • Reposition the text and images across your cover video to ensure that the cropped video does not involve any text or image. However, users should consider using the correct size of the Facebook cover video from the start.

Solutions to Some Basic Issues Encountered by the Users While Uploading Facebook Cover Video

There are a few hindrances that the users counter once they upload or are within the process of uploading their Facebook cover video on the platform. This section features some quick solutions that can be adopted by users while setting up their Facebook header video.

  • You need to look into your device and analyze that the latest operating system and an up-to-date browser have been installed across it. To ensure that the video lies within the specific range, it is important to fit the video within the right dimensions.
  • The file sizes and specifications are to be followed to their root to gain the best results. Users who complain of not fitting their Facebook cover video to perfection are advised to go through the specifications before finalizing the video. However, it still fails to deliver; try to contact Facebook support over this concern.
  • Make sure that the sound of the Facebook banner video is turned on.


This article has provided a clear, descriptive guide to the users on setting up their Facebook cover video and ensuring getting the best results out of it. While developing an animated Facebook cover for your business, you should be clear to follow the specifications provided by the platform to make sure the effectiveness of the cover video is on point.