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20 Best Practices for Facebook Video Advertising

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 13, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
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Facebook video ads have become an indispensable part of Facebook ad campaigns. A single video ad has the potential to bring in almost twenty times the usual results. Let's look at a few Facebook video ads examples of a runaway success.

This article examines Facebook video advertising best practices. It breaks down what makes the video work as well as it did. It also has some key takeaways for you to implement in the next video ad campaign. Without further ado, let's dive right in. Here are 2022's twenty best practices for Facebook video advertising inspired by leading brands.

1. Sephora- Capture Viewer Attention with Movement

Sephora is a French international personal care and beauty products, retailer.

Sephora- Capture Viewer Attention with Movement

Key Takeaways: The ad begins with three types of movement to capture the viewer's attention. This is followed by changes in lighting, minimal text. The text defines the brand, the product within the first five seconds. The color palette of the ad is similar until the end.

2. Squarespace- Constant and Smooth Movement

Squarespace is a website construction and hosting company. It acts as a hosting service to users who want to create websites from pre-built templates with drag and drop elements.

brand logo for squarespace

Squarespace- Constant and Smooth Movement

Key Takeaways: Constant and smooth motion makes it instantly eye-catching. It presents a successful Facebook video ads example. The transitions to what it represent are well-executed, and the shifting angles leave users off-kilter but intrigued. This video ad has embedded captions on the video.

3. Spotify- Minimal but Colorful Elements

Spotify is an audio streaming service. The premium version offers an ad-free listening experience.

spotify video ad

Key Takeaways: This is one of the best Facebook video ads due to three key factors. It incorporates movement, colorful elements, and simple typography. This creates a brilliant background. Minimal text in easy-to-read fonts puts the message across without fuss.

4. Loot Crate- Unboxing Product Displays

Loot Crate is a box subscription service. It features products popular with avid video gamers, like figurines, collectives, apparel, pins, emblems, and more.

Loot Crate- Unboxing Product Displays

Key Takeaway: It features hard-to-come-by or unique loot items. It also has the added appeal of being an unboxing video to showcase what's inside. The quality of the products and the homemade feel of the video can appeal to the users. It also subtly showcases the quality of products and provides glimpses of the packaging.

5. Grammarly- Animated Iconography

Grammarly is a cloud-based writing assistant that's available on multiple platforms. It relies on an AI assistant to identify mistakes and suggest replacement phrases.

grammarly video ad

Key Takeaways: The simple three-frame animated video ad is compelling. This is due to the constant, fluid motion available. It uses less text and more icons to represent what it does. The video is less than 5 seconds long. It incorporates the brand logo. It has a clear message and a strong impact due to it.

6. Dollar Shave Club- Giveaways or Contests

Dollar Shave Club is an American company that markets razors and men's grooming products.

brand logo for dollar shave club

Dollar Shave Club- Giveaways or Contests

Key Takeaways: This video ad takes advantage of the endless loop effect. What sets this ad apart from others is that it uses giveaways and contests. This has proven to be a popular method to increase popularity and boost customer engagement.

7. TOMS- Non Branded Promotion

TOMS is an American footwear company. It also designs and markets eyewear, coffee, and apparel. It's well known for its philanthropic endeavor, which makes this ad on-brand for them.

video ad for toms

Key Takeaway: Thanks to this ad, TOMS has increased their brand awareness manifold. It carries no overt promotions about the brand. The video ad did not define the products, promote brand or use a strong call to action. This ad has striking visuals and solid messaging, which is an advantage for TOMS

8. Endless Satisfying Loops is a business that provides custom prints of business cards. It also offers custom design services for customers worldwide.

video ad for

Key Takeaways: The movement captures the user's attention immediately. The minimal text conveys what needs to be said promptly. A clean background allows users to focus exclusively on the product. The endless loop makes it easy for consumers to stay entranced by the smooth motion.

9. Pura Vida- Lean into Pop Culture

It's a company focused on selling artisanal, handmade bracelets and other jewelry.

Pura Vida- Lean into Pop Culture

Key Takeaway: It's a creative and interactive ad. Pura Vida can market this collection by leaning into the popularity of the Harry Potter series. The color themes were distinct. With strong visuals to back up each of the pieces displayed.

10. Mango- Relatable and Natural Audience Appeal

Mango is a clothing design and manufacturing company.

brand logo for mango

Mango- Relatable and Natural Audience Appeal

Key Takeaway: It's a simple slideshow of images with text. The thing to note here is that it represents clothing worn by a wide array of everyday people. While it doesn't have any flashy brand logos on the images. It is composed of wide-open fields, close to nature photos. This draws associations in the mind of consumers that it's a natural and nature-inspired brand.

11. Nintendo-Bright Colors and Transitions

Nintendo Switch is a device that lets video gamers game on the go.

Nintendo-Bright Colors and Transitions

Key Takeaways: A blend of graphics and real-life creates a fantastical setup. It has bright colors and transitions well to solid holographic text. The brand logo is immediately displayed to establish identity. It also showcases a wide demographic for its games.

12. New York Times- Textual and On-Brand

The New York Times is a daily newspaper based in New York, USA, and a worldwide readership. This ad by the New York Times is powerful and moving.

New York Times- Textual and On-Brand

Key Takeaway: It uses only text to convey a message. It has a compelling narrative. It's easy to create if you have the right tools. It represents the ideas and values of the brand in subtext.

13. Dior- Celebrity/Influencer Collaborations

Christian Dior SE is a luxury brand that sells luxury haute couture products.

Dior- Celebrity/Influencer Collaborations

Key Takeaway: Collaborating with celebrities and influencers. This helped create one of the best Facebook videos with Ji-Soo, a South Korean idol. It's minimalist, with neutral colors. This allows the bold red lipstick product to take center stage.

14. HelloFresh- Problem-Solution Based Ads

HelloFresh is a German origin meal kit provider. It delivers recipes and comes with prepackaged portions with ingredients for a home-made meal.

product display for hellofresh

HelloFresh- Problem-Solution Based Ads

Key Takeaway: It's one of the best Facebook video ads because of the simple idea and superb execution. It offers a problem and shows how their service is the solution. It also highlights unique selling points and how it functions better than competitors.

15. NARS- Blend 3D and Real Life

NARS cosmetics is a brand reputed for its line of cosmetics.

NARS- Blend 3D and Real Life

Key Takeaway: It plays with 3D animation. The animation is so well crafted it plays well with real-life, as evidenced by the later parts of the video. It highlights the brand image and the main product.

16. Oreo-Swift Movements

Oreo is a popular sandwich cookie owned by Mondelez international.

oreo thins video ad

Key Takeaway: It has a fast-paced movement with bright colors. The subtle shift in color makes it appear sleek and professional. The circling pattern of movement makes it look sophisticated

17. Puma- Bring Your Logo to Life

Puma is an international corporation that designs and manufactures athletic and casual footwear and apparel.

Puma- Bring Your Logo to Life

Key Takeaway: The video ad draws subconscious parallels between the brand’s mascot and footwear. It brings a CGI Puma to represent the brand and the colors closely resemble the footwear in focus.

18. Amazon Ads- Using Statistics

Amazon is an e-commerce retailer. They provide products for sale across the world.

Amazon Ads- Using Statistics

Key Takeaways: The use of statistics makes an ad more reliable. It gives people concrete data on what is happening with the company or brand. Remember to quote the source as well.

19. Toni and Guy- Work With Big Events

Toni and Guy are a fashion first line of hairdressing salons.

Toni and Guy- Work With Big Events

Key Takeaways: They use the glamor and fashion consciousness of London Fashion Week to display their skills. Collaborations on events like this helps Toni and Guy remain in the frontline of haute couture.

20. Savage X Fenty- Socially Consciousness and Inclusivity

Savage X Fenty- Socially Consciousness and Inclusivity

Key Takeaway: Social consciousness has always been at the forefront of Savage X Fenty. The video ad uses bright colors and bold typography to advertise itself.

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wondershare filmora filters and effects


These are some best Facebook video ads examples of various brands that highlight what works. The only way to be the best is to learn from the best. If not, you can always deconstruct these ads and mine them for ideas and valuable information. Every ad can teach you something. You can either learn to do better or learn what not to do. You can also upskill with the Wondershare Filmora video editor.

These best practices can shape your understanding of the elements of a good ad. You can put your spin on these ads in creative ways. Use these ads as a baseline for what is possible and do better.