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Facebook Auto Like: Whether You Should Use It or Not

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Mar 31, 2022• Proven solutions

From selling products to acquiring views on Facebook, many individuals and businesses search for free automatic options to lift up their profiles and increase their followers.

But, it takes time to build your profile, getting instant followers and millions of likes is not a matter of a few days. In order to go against this idea of building followers with time, many people turn to apps and services like Facebook auto like for gaining instant followers.

As an influencer, it is natural that you want to get more likes on Facebook. It is indeed appealing, but do you think you should use it? The answer is NO. In this article, you will learn why you should not opt for tools like Facebook auto like.

Part 1: What Is Facebook Auto Like?

The Facebook Auto Like is an online tool for obtaining more and more likes on your status message, videos, images, and posts. This tool can either be an extension, an application or a website. Mostly, it is a website that registers people and all the new entrants are counted as likes. As the registration increases, Facebook auto like on your posts also increases.

facebook auto like

Part 2: How Facebook Auto Like Works?

The Facebook auto like works on the basis of the number of registrations or members it has. For instance, it has 5 registered members and so you automatically get likes from the 5 registered members.

For your next post, you will get likes according to the added user registrations. If 10 more users registered on the Facebook auto like a website before your next post, your post will receive 15 likes (5 existing members plus 10 new entrants).

In order to manage the likes, Facebook auto like tool uses the Facebook app for storing and collecting user data. Like the Facebook app is used to login to Instagram, similarly, the Facebook auto like tool asks for app permission to the user account when someone registers for it.

In order to log in to the Facebook Auto Like, a one-time access token is generated that is valid for a certain time and expires post that time. Whenever you would like to login to Facebook auto like a website from your profile, you get an auto-generated token. But, how safe is it? Let’s learn further.

Part 3: Why is Facebook Auto Like Nothing But Bad?

You will Get Hacked

The app access tokens are considered as the passwords. It is made clear by the Facebook itself while generating the token with a message saying, “SECURITY WARNING! Please treat the URL above as you would your password and do not share it with anyone". It clearly means that Facebook has warned you. Facebook Auto Like spams by using your account and when status or messages starts getting your likes without you, doing it means your account has been hacked.

Facebook Will Suspend Your Account

Facebook is very strict while checking out the fake accounts and the spammers. It can ban or restrict your account if you continue using the Facebook auto like tool. Your account may get disabled permanently, you may be blocked or restricted from posting on your friend’s wall or on the groups, and also from commenting and liking the photos and status messages.

You Are Risking Your Reputation

Getting 300 or more likes in just one day is quite strange. Actually, it is due to the spamming Facebook auto like tool. When any of your friends are using this tool, you know that in some way your profile might also be hacked. In such a situation, will you be able to trust your friend or respect him like you used to do?

Neither will you want to go against the Facebook policies, nor want a spammer friend on your list. Isn’t it? So, your friend’s reputation is completely at risk and if you use the same tool, you will also risk your reputation.

Part 4: What Should You Do if Your Account Is Hacked?

To protect your account if it gets hacked, you need to completely erase the most malicious software that you must have installed on your mobile or computer device. Here are the few steps that you must follow to remove the harmful software:

  • Firstly, you must scan your device in order to clean your mobile or computer device. There are tools like TrendMicro and ESET that you may use to clean your device.
  • Next, you must get rid of the distrustful browser attachments. For the Chrome, the Chrome Cleanup tool can be downloaded to remove the malicious software.
  • To ensure the latest security updates are present, you must have the latest version of your web browser. Facebook supports the browsers like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Protecting your Facebook account from such malicious software is very important. Apps like the Facebook Auto Like is not at all a trusted site and can harm your account as well as your repute. If you wish to control the actions that have not been done by you like following or giving likes on unknown profiles, then you may check and delete from Facebook activity log.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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