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Facebook Cover Video: Introduction, Size, Format & Time

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Nov 29, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
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A quick and well-structured video is an excellent way to reflect your business, portfolio, or profile. Although images are a better way to send messages than words, on the other hand, videos can tell the whole story with significant impact. Following the same footprints, Facebook Cover Page Video size and its moral implication carved out a niche among the viewers worldwide. Especially to stand out from others or want to reflect how your business, ideas, or portfolio differ from others in a glimpse, then opting for Facebook Page Video Thumbnail size as per your requirement will be the right option.

facebook cover

However, before going into depth, understand the proper Facebook Page Cover Video size criteria so you can adjust all the details to your video and represent it wisely among your friends, business partners, or leaders. Thus, let’s take a quick leap to understand the mechanism of Facebook Cover Video Aspect Ratio and other details.

Part 1 What is Facebook Cover Video?

When the talk is about Facebook Cover Video, I want to explain the short video you can set for your Profile Page next to the Profile Photo that will appear in the front and the top portion of your Facebook Profile Page. This feature lets you represent the central vision of your business and captures the visitor's attention if the video is created with well planning and covers all the important events/points related to your business or profile.

facebook cover video

So, with a thorough idea about Cover Video Facebook Size and other related information such as Facebook Cover Video Aspect Ratio, Dimensions, Format, or others, the final output video shall reflect your business rightly and up to the mark. All the relevant information will assist you with Facebook Page Cover Video size and other details. Just go through them and be ready with your perfect video to get displayed on your profile.

Part 2 What Facebook Cover Video can be used for?

Today, Facebook is such a giant hub for social interaction. There is a kind of special bonding while scrolling through the pages. But, when the focus turns from a regular social account to a business account, there seem some changes in terms of approach, practice, vision, and a lot more. Previously the Facebook Cover Video was accessible to all. But since last spring this year, Facebook has taken a big decision to keep this unique feature available only for business accounts. So, at this point, the question arises, now what Facebook Cover Video can be for? Let's try to figure it out in the following lines:

cover video used for

They grab the attention

Best way to represent your business, product, or service

Let the people stay on the page for a longer duration

More expressive than static images

Can cover more information within a single video

People understand easily about the product or services by just watching the video

Brand Promotion technique

Trending quite fast among the users

Brings innovation and different ideas through the showcase video

The right platform to the artist to showcase their talent, art-work

People prefer watching a single video that is self-explanatory than seeing multiple images.

The uses of Facebook Cover Size Video can be many more. You need to keep a watch on your business requirement and modify your video accordingly.

Part 3 Size, Format, and Time for Facebook Cover Video

Before starting any work, it will always be wise to do some planning. As you are about to create Facebook Cover Video for the business account, understanding all the technical aspects of Facebook Cover Size Video is practical. That will assist you in the smooth loading of the video into the profile page. Some of the primary requisite for Video Cover as per Facebook size covers-

facebook cover video specs

1. Video Format

Most recommended Video formats for Facebook are .mov, .mp4 as per Facebook video requirements. Other formats are also usable.

2. Video Size Specification

Video cover Facebook size should be within 1.75 GB. Keep it medium-sized to be accessible by all users with average browsing speed.

3. Video Duration

The Facebook Video duration optimally should lie between 20 to 90 seconds duration. That will get continually played in the loop.

4. Video Cropping

Make sure, while uploading the video, must take care of the center area of the video. So that critical content does not get phased out while dragging or cropping it.

5. Video Resolution

The minimum Video resolution for Facebook Cover Video is 820X312 px, or it can be 820X462 px. But for mobile devices, it becomes 640X360.

Facebook Cover Video Aspect RatioThe required Facebook Cover Video Aspect Ratio is 16:9.

To adjust or make changes in the aspect ratio of your video, you can take the help of Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. That will assist you in modifying the Video Cover Facebook size aspect ratio and help you do various video editing-related tasks.

Part 4 Make a Video Fit My Facebook Cover

Finally, the time has arrived to learn ways to make a Video as per Facebook Cover Page Video Size Requirement. For creating the video, you can either record the video yourself or take the help of some online video templates that you need to edit as per your need. Once done with the video creation part, adjust the Facebook Page Video Thumbnail Size or other technical requirements as mentioned in the above paragraph. This is quite important to make the video fit as per the Facebook video requirements.

Now, let understand the steps needed to upload Facebook Cover Size Video for the business account:

Step1 Log in to your Business Facebook Account, and click on the Profile Page
Step2 Then, bring the cursor over the Profile Cover area. On the top left end, click on the 'Upload Photo/Video' option.
Step3 Facebook will make some auto adjustments or crop it according to Facebook web page requirements once the video gets uploaded. Then, you can check whether it is working or not from your device.

That's it. Your Facebook Cover Size Video is ready to attract users, potential customers, art lovers, etc. And be ready to grow your business with this simple trick. It works like magic to gain attention by just visiting the Facebook page in one glance. Don't you think it is a beautiful idea to let the business grow using a virtual platform in an absolute sense? Though currently, the Facebook Cover Size Video option is available to the business account only, other normal account users are eagerly waiting to let Facebook open this service again to their account like before.


Setting out the example through outstanding visuals will create a big difference. After going through Facebook Cover Size Video requirements and fulfilling all the details very carefully, you would stand in a solid position to attract a large user base through your Facebook profile. So, follow the mentioned guidelines and equip yourself with all the necessary information to ring the bell at the right time. Facebook is creating tremendous buzz among Social Media Platforms exponentially among the users worldwide for networking among friends or developing and growing different forms of business. If you are among them and want to utilize the extensive network of Facebook, then hit the Cover Video Facebook Size target right now to generate the right opportunity for your business. Here both this article and Wondershare Filmora will be going to assist you like a true friend.