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Top 8 Tips for Mastering Facebook Live You Should Know

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

What is Facebook Live?

The live streaming video functionality of Facebook is known as Facebook Live. This feature would enable Facebook users to broadcast live videos with their mobile devices. The Facebook Live feature is accessible to all the profiles and pages of Facebook on Android, iOS and Facebook Mentions application. Moreover you will be able to stream your live broadcast on the groups and events of Facebook. When the feature was first released back in August 2015, it was only limited to public figures like politicians, celebrities, athletes, musicians and other eminent personalities. In January 2016 the live broadcast feature of Facebook was made accessible to the public.

Top 8 tips for Facebook Live

Most Facebook users are still trying to find what resonates most with their viewers and how to increase their numbers. The following Facebook Live tips would help you understand how to make the most out of your Facebook page.

  1. Plan your Broadcast
  2. The very nature of live broadcast implies that the users cannot precisely plan what they are going to post. However, it’s always better to do your broadcasting after a bit of planning. Like any other kind of online content the Facebook Live broadcast should also be done with a purpose in view. Therefore before uploading your video take some time to find out what you precisely want in your video and how you want to go about it.

  3. Promote before you broadcast
  4. The Facebook Live feature would let the users target their friends, followers, followers of their business page and the members of a group or event page. In case you don’t have a group or event then its time to create one. Its’ imperative for any business owner to let their audience know about the upcoming videos through posts on the news feed. You can start posting images or a short video to tell your audience about the video to come. If you are looking forward to make the most of your live video, you need to boost the announcement posts for your video as paid ads on Facebook. Inviting your followers from other social media networks, blog readers and email subscribers is a good way of boosting the number of audience.

  5. Set up your location and choose the right time
  6. Though the Facebook live feature is available on both iOS and Android, iPhone users get to broadcast their video both vertically and horizontally. So make your decision before you post your video. Also, you need to choose the right time for broadcasting your videos. Figure out if late afternoon is better than early morning or if late night is the best time. Ideally you need to find the ideal time for your audience by experimenting with different times. The ‘Insights’ section of your Facebook page would show you the time when most of your followers are online.

    In order to optimize the setup and location of your live video just follow the tips given below:

    • Keep the ambient sound as low as you possibly can. This would ensure a better production quality and allow your viewers to hear everything you want to say.
    • Instead of holding the phone yourself while shooting you need to make use of some kind of mount. You can also choose to delegate the job to another person so that you can get better quality videos by using the rear cam.
    • Find a spot where the wifi is strongest.
    • Forward all your phone calls while you are recording.
  7. Ensure that you have a strong connection
  8. Before you start recording, find a spot where the wifi connection is the strongest. Don’t panic in case you lose the Wi-Fi since the FB live would pause and try to reconnect. In case there is no available connection the broadcast would be saved to your page and can be later deleted. The Go Live option would remain frozen till you get good connectivity.

  9. Respond to comments
  10. Just like any other type of social content, engagement with your followers is one of the primary aspects of the Facebook Live feature. Facebook suggests that you should engage with your commenters by addressing their names and properly responding to whatever they posted. Since all your viewers can comment during the broadcast, you need to think in advance about when and how you are going to respond to your audience. In case you need to block a commenter, just click on the profile pic right next to the comment and hit the Block button. Keep in mind that whenever the video is replayed the comments are going to remain right in their place.

  11. Write a good description of your video
  12. Though it might sound really basic, yet writing a nice description for your video is going to make all the difference. It’s the description of your video which would allow your viewers to decide if it’s worth tuning in. You also have the option of editing your video description about your broadcast, eventually takes a different turn. Ideally you should come up with a short description of your video which can be easily comprehended by anyone.

  13. Be personable
  14. When you are all set to broadcast your video, just take a deep breath and put on a smile. Start with a proper introduction of yourself or your company and give your viewers an idea about the things you are planning to cover in the video. It’s also a good idea to drop a hint to your audience about your upcoming video.

  15. Optimize your live recording
  16. Though you are not expected to create a professional quality video yet, it’s a good idea to invent on a tripod and other professional tools. Your audience would immediately turn off the video if its too much shaky. The metadata of your video can be edited and the thumbnail can also be changed if you so wish. Just hit the date stamp, go to options and choose the ‘Edit this video’ option. If you are an Android user then you can do all these from your phone.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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