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How to Increase Likes on Facebook with 10 Effective Strategies

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Mar 31, 2022• Proven solutions

Facebook being the widespread social media platform has played a key role in enhancing business reach. Joining hands with Facebook influencers is going to brag more avenues for your business. To get Facebook likes from a broader audience, you need to establish a strong relationship with brand influencers on Facebook.

If you feel puzzled by how to increase likes on Facebook, worry not! In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best methods of getting likes on Facebook page.

Part 1: Why you need to get more Facebook likes

Have ever asked yourself what is the need for getting Facebook likes to grow your business? If yes, then here is the answer. Huge number of likes on your page would lead to more inbound traffic. This in turn helps you convert that into potential customers. By collaborating with Facebook influencers you can mutually help each other enhance traffic and increase selling products. With more likes on your page, it leaves a mark of trust on your followers. It helps your brand in the long term.

Part 2: How to get Facebook likes easily and fast

Here are the major aspects that define how to increase likes on Facebook. Let’s have a look on each of them.

1. Clear goals are necessary

Creating goals to get Facebook likes based on attainable, realistic, measurable, specific, and timely aspects adds more value. You get to revise regularly whether the targets have been met or not. Moreover, you get clarity over the success or plan to device a new strategy for enhancing your marketing efforts.

2. Build an informative and reliable page

To get likes on Facebook page you need to have unique relevant and helpful content. But, the content also needs to be unique and searchable by search engines. Stay far away from keyword stuffing, rather focus on optimizing them as per your business needs. In case you have a Facebook page, then you need to include –

  • A link to your site.
  • Business overview (what you offer).
  • Additional information to understand your business.

3. Post high quality content

Creating high-quality and relevant content that is short and yet fun to read. In addition, eye-catching images to grab attention of audience are essential.

The basic things to incorporate in your post on Facebook –

Eye-catching visuals

Text only photos get less viewership than the ones with attractive photos on Facebook. You can pick stock free photos or infographics to convey your message.

create great content

Incorporate catchy headlines

Though, it’s the first thing that brings your audience to the Facebook post, through the search engines. You need to make sure that it explains your product or services.

  • It should be accurate and clear
  • Informative headline.
  • Says what the post is going to offer.


Stop being over promotional by packing the posts with sales pitches, rather make it informative and entertaining. Such over promoted posts get less likes on Facebook.

Offer what followers want – by going through the comments on your posts. Creating ‘How to’ or ‘hacks’ or ‘best tips/tricks’ content (video/photo) garners more interest from the audience.

Focus on videos too – by creating a strategy for better video content on Facebook. 360 degree videos can be included for better product or service exposure.

4. Invite people to like your page

Ask your friends, family, and customers to connect with you on Facebook. It not only propels you to get likes on Facebook page, but grows your brand’s network too. Use every possible medium email/WhatsApp/Facebook and tell them to like and post reviews. Encourage the connections you have to be fans so that more people will see the page as a suggestion on Facebook as ‘recommended pages’. You can open ‘Build Audience’ > ‘Invite Email Contacts’ > upload up to 7000 email contacts a day (5000 at once).

5. Be consistent

Consistency is the key in everything, be it building your business, getting Facebook likes. A steady approach needs to be maintained for staying active and make your presence felt on the social media. Post relevant and appealing content and monitor the presence by interacting with fans. Search, follow and build relationship with people in your niche to spread the word. Engage in Q&A with fans and make them follow you consistently.

6. Hold a contest

Organizing contents and giveaways can attract more audience to your brand page. New users get to know about you and follow or like your page. Prizes and discount coupons are few of the goodies that can be included in a contest. Contests are effective in engaging and educating users with your brand. Either you can host the contest on your Facebook page or both on Facebook and website.

hold contest

7. Cross promoting Facebook on other channels

In case you have a physical shop, then ask your customers to become Facebook fans. On the entrance of your store, stick the page name, include the Facebook URL on all receipts, and keep some discounts for people becoming on the spot fans on Facebook. Mention Facebook and other social media page names on flyers, printed ads, catalogues, business cards and direct mail assets.

8. Use Facebook Ads

Though, organically getting likes on Facebook page is way better to drive engagement and turns fans into consumers. You can invest in paid Facebook advertisement to enhance your exposure. Through this ‘Page Like Ad’ a call to action (CTA) urges people for liking your page. Using granular targeting capabilities of Facebook, you can reach your target audience and enhance the exposure.

9. Learn Facebook algorithm

You can get more likes on Facebook page and posts by understanding how to work along with Facebook algorithm. It helps you organically reach a broader audience. This algorithm gives immense value to quality content without being promotional. Facebook highlights genuine content with informative and entertaining content picked by the algorithm. You can even try live video to make use of Facebook algorithm. Broadcasts get priority in the algorithm and tops up the news feeds in Facebook. Cover your events and promotions like this.

facebook algorithm

10. Engage with your audience

If you are wondering how to increase likes on Facebook, then keep in mind that going social is the best option so far. As you know, Facebook is a social network and interacting with people and being social to enhance engagement creates more opportunities for your brand. Engage with other brands on your niche, excluding direct competitors. Comment or like their posts to draw attention towards your brand. Cross-promoting your business can be a cakewalk with Facebook this way. Tag other brands on relevant posts and get more likes on Facebook, as that brand’s followers notice your presence.

Find Facebook groups of your niche and showcase your brand there through effective posts. Don’t try to promote it as a brand, rather be subtle and offer tips, hacks, etc. to let the admin realize, your presence adds value to the group.

Quick Snapshot

From the above article, we understood that getting likes on Facebook is no rocket science, unless you over promote your business. Create valuable content and monitor what and when to post, network with the right people over Facebook and nothing can stop you from getting more likes on Facebook.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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