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How to Make Facebook Video Ads in An Creative Way?

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Oct 29, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

Facebook is a very known and old social media platform. Initially, it stepped into the market as a source of entertainment and a bridge for communication, but years later, like today, Facebook is more like a shopping hub. Everyone has their business pages, and they promote their brands digitally.

For brand promotion, Facebook video ads are the most widely used thing. The article below will discuss in detail brand promotion through Facebook. Questions like how to create Facebook video ads in better quality will also be entertained.

Part 1. Why Facebook Video Ads Become Important in Marketing?

Facebook is among the leading platforms these days. People prefer to promote their brands through the most used social media. Facebook video ads have got some serious importance in the marketing world. Still, some people don't know the reason why it is essential to create Facebook video ads for their brands.

reasons behind facebook video ads popularity

The following section will tell you more about the factors that why Facebook video ads are important in marketing.

Attention and Brand Awareness

Facebook has massive active users. Approximately around 2.7 billion users use Facebook actively. Using Facebook video ads as a source for your brand promotion is a golden chance to gain the attention of a huge potential audience.

Facebook is a very strong platform, so hence, nothing could be better than using it for your brand awareness. You can get quality traffic from Facebook promotions.

Distributes Information

Create Facebook video ads for your brands as they distribute information in a better way. It is very crucial to convey complete information to the customer. Facebook video ads answer all the questions and confusions of the customer and make it easier for them to buy the product.

Engaging the Audience

Video ads are far better than images ads because they engage the viewer differently. A static image can never hold the viewers' attention for long enough, whereas a video ad can sustain your customer interest as long as the video is conveying something. Your brand should make a Facebook video ad.

Retarget your Audience

Another important reason why Facebook video ads are important in marketing is that it retargets the audience. Promoting your brand once is never enough. You should keep reminding the audience about your product and its benefits. For that, video ads are the best option to retarget your audience again and again.

Part 2. How to Make Facebook Video Ads Better

Now that you have learned about the importance of Facebook Video ads, it’s the right time to share with you the tips that will aid in making a better video ad. Also, the following section will walk you through the basic requirements for Facebook video ads.

Requirements for Facebook Video Ads

1. The recommended aspect ratio of Facebook for in-feed ads is 4:5.

2. Facebook supports a wide range of file formats. MP4, MOV, or GIF are recommended for all video ads.

3. The video length for Facebook varies by video placement.

4. The text recommendation of Facebook for primary text is 125 characters. For the headline, it is 40 characters whereas, for the description, it is 30 characters.

5. For Facebook, the maximum file size is 4 GB.

6. The minimum resolution for Facebook ads videois 1080 x 1080.

7. The recommended minimum video width and minimum height are 120 pixels.

requirements for facebook video ads

Tips to Improve the Quality of Facebook Video Ads

Not everyone can create Facebook video ads that have some quality or that attract every viewer. For such conditions, we are here to help you. Given below are the tips and tricks that will contribute to making better Facebook video ads.

tips for making facebook video ads perfect

1. Video Formatting

The most important tip when it comes to Facebook ads videos is the formatting. We always forget the crucial fact that this is a multi-device era. Every person uses at least 2 devices. So, while you make Facebook video ads, make sure that the video is in both portraits and in the landscape too. You should give your viewer a full-screen view on whatsoever device they prefer.

2. Keep Things Interesting

Attracting viewers is easy as compared to sustaining their interest in your content and your brand. For that, the best suggestion is to keep things interesting for them. You can create Facebook video ads by implementing different styles. You can sometimes add BTS (Behind the Scenes) to your video. Making some kind of tutorial or recording an informative video can also do the job in a better way.

3. Add Caption

It has been observed and noticed that 85% of the audience watch videos on Facebook with sound off. For such scenarios, you must add captions to your content. This way, even if the sound is off, your message will be conveyed to the viewer. Even if the sound is off, you can still promote your brand.

4. Video Length

While you are planning to create Facebook video ads, you should not ignore the element of video length. Not every person sits and listens to complete video ads. It's best to make small and concise video ads, yet they should be informative. You must convey your message and promote your brand early in the video so that no one misses or ignores it.

5. Content Quality

For your Facebook ads video, you should maintain the quality of the content. Although it is mentioned to take care of the video length yet, the video must cover the essentials for the brand and the product. An ad video that lacks sharing basic information about the brand is nearly useless. A good Facebook video ad must have a conversion, consideration, and lastly, awareness.

Part 3. 5 Attractive Video Effects Pack for Facebook Video Ads

Once you have created your Facebook video ad, now it's time to edit it. Instead of looking for an editing tool. Then later, look for effects and filters to add. You can get rid of every problem by simply using Filmstock by Wondershare.

Filmstock offers you hundreds of effects for editing your video into something cool. Filmstock has a massive asset library that could be used to get HD images, sound effects, and other visual effects which can be accessed by Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. A few of its amazing effects for Facebook video ads are:

Colorful Sales Title

As the name represents that this title pack is full of colors and life. This pack has 25 titles. The ‘Colorful Sales Titles’ pack has headlines, promotions, discounts, etc. The colors in this pack will bring a smile to your face, and the news of the sale will bring joy to your life.

colorful sales title pack

Black Friday Titles

Its been years since the Black Friday sale concept was launched. This title pack is based on that same sale concept. ‘Black Friday Titles’ pack has 20 titles. The pack talks about sales, promotions, e-commerce, retail, store, etc. The pack used a lot of red colors to show the importance of sales.

black friday titles

Cyber Sale Pack

Another sale pack is the 'Cyber Sale Pack.' This pack plays with the purple color. It has 13 titles, 11 elements, and 4 transitions. The pack talks about sales, marketing, purchasing, etc.

cyber sale pack

Flash Sale Pack

The ‘Flash Sale Pack’ has 22 titles. It has 16 elements, 6 transitions, and has 4 overlays. The pack says 'Sale' from every aspect. You can easily use this pack for your Facebook ads video. This pack shows flash sales, business, promotion, marketing, etc.

what is shutter speed

Image alt: flash sale pack

Sale Tags Pack

This pack has 25 titles and 20 elements. The ‘Sale Tags’ pack is a fun pack surrounded by creativity. The titles in this pack are unique and classic. The pack talks about tags related to online stores, purchases, e-commerce, sales, etc. The perfect kind of pack for your Facebook video ads.

sales tag pack

Final Words

The article above has talked a lot about Facebook ads videos. We aim to share the most with you so that you can improve the quality of your videos ads. The article started from the reasons that why Facebook video ads are so important in marketing. Then it shared different tips that are very useful to make better video ads.

Lastly, the article sheds light on editing software by Wondershare. The software is Filmora. It is not just an editing platform, but it is also a learning source for different skills. Wondershare Filmora is an all-in-one kind of opportunity where you can edit, add effects, add transitions and do a lot more to your content. Filmora is the best editing software to edit your Facebook video ads.

Wondershare Filmora

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