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How to Share Videos on Facebook?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Feb 14, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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Facebook has been a first-rate choice of many users within the social community. While catering to billions of users, Facebook has developed as a global social platform providing exceptional services to its customers. Facebook has developed into a very diverse platform from a simple social connectivity tool, allowing individuals and businesses to make a significant social presence.

From designing videos to making advertisements for impressive branding across Facebook, there is a lot to be done across Facebook. If someone wishes to share a certain video across Facebook, it is quite simple and easy to carry out. This article particularly explains the procedure to share video on Facebook. There are multiple techniques to make this possible, which would be the highlighting point within the article.

Part 1: 4 Ways | Share Videos on Facebook

The first and foremost discussion comes onto the ways that can be effectively consumed to share video on Facebook. Long before elements such as Facebook Stories and Facebook Messenger were introduced, the only source to share video on Facebook was across the profile. This part would focus on the four unique and different ways that can be inherited to share video on Facebook.

Method 1: Share A Facebook Friend’s Video Post

Sharing videos across Facebook initially involves sharing content from a friend's profile. If your friend has posted a certain video you find attractive, informative, or amusing, you can look to share it across your profile. To carry this out, look into the steps featured below.

Step 1: Log into your Facebook account across any device you seem fit to log in through. Find the video that is to be shared.

login with facebook account

Step 2: After locating the video, you would find the "Share" button adjacent to the "Like" and "Comment" button. Select the "Share to News Feed" option to lead to a new window.

tap on share button

Step 3: You can set up the caption for the post if required. Along with that, you can consider changing the privacy of this post as per your consideration. Once done, tap on "Post" to conclude the sharing process.

click on post

Method 2: Upload A New Post Onto Your Timeline

While looking to share video on Facebook from your friend's profile, you can also share a certain video from another platform. In other cases, the video can also be something nostalgic from the past which should be shared in your eyes. Thus, you can look to upload a new post across your timeline. For carrying this out, you need to look into the steps for uploading a new post across your timeline.

Step 1: Log in to Facebook from your computer or any appropriate device and proceed to tap on the "Photo/Video" button on the top of the News Feed. On locating this option, you would be preceded onto a new window that would help you share video on Facebook.

Step 2: To add an attachment across your post, tap on the “Photo/Video” button across the “Add to your post” section. Navigate across your computer and locate the video that is to be uploaded.

upload photo or video

Step 3: After adding the attachment, set up the post's caption and tap on "Post" to share the video across your timeline successfully.

post your video

Method 3: Post a URL of a Video

This method is quite conventional in terms of sharing content across Facebook. If you are amused with certain content across another website, such as YouTube or Twitch, you can share a URL of the video across your profile as a status update. To share video on Facebook as a URL, you need to look into the steps featured as follows.

Step 1: Proceed to the video across the browser to be shared. You will find the video URL on the top of the browser within the URL tab. Select the complete URL and copy it across the clipboard.

copy video url

Step 2: Lead in to your Facebook and log in with your account. You would be directed across the News Feed.

login to facebook

Step 3: On the next screen, tap on the “What’s on your mind, …?” option and paste the URL across it. On pasting, tap on “Post” to share the URL of another video across Facebook.

paste link and post

Method 4: Share Video onto Facebook Directly from YouTube

YouTube and such platforms allow users to share video on Facebook directly. However, they follow a certain protocol that needs to be realized by the users. For this, they need to look into sharing content across Facebook from platforms like YouTube.

Step 1: You are advised to access the YouTube video to be shared across Facebook. Tap on the "Share" button on the specific video.

access share option

Step 2: This opens a small new window showing different sharing options across different platforms. Select “Facebook” from the available options to open a new window.

choose facebook option

Step 3: You can set up the post according to your requirements on the new window. Write down the caption, set up privacy settings, and share the video to the News Feed by clicking on "Post to Facebook" conclusively.

tap on post to facebook

Part 2: Share Videos to Facebook Story

As Facebook turns out to be more inclusive and diverse for its users, the platform developed, embedding Facebook Stories and other elements within it. Facebook is known for providing diversity to its users, which also shares Facebook stories. Users looking to share video on Facebook Story should consider working on the following steps to make their work easier.

Many people are not aware of using Facebook Story for this purpose. Facebook Story has purposefully allowed making significant content displays, which also includes sharing video content across Facebook Story. The following steps provide detail on how to share video on Facebook Story.

Step 1: You need to log in with your Facebook account across your device. Once logged in, find the video to be shared across the Story.

find the facebook video

Step 2: Tap on the "Share" button to make the different options of sharing available across the platform appear. The user can select the option of "Share to Your Story." If you own a Facebook page, you can also select the option of "Share to a Page's Story."

select story option

Step 3: On selecting a specific option, open up the window to set up the Story. Make significant changes across the Facebook Story and proceed to tap on "Share to Story."

Part 3: Share Videos to Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is another efficient approach to connecting with your beloved ones. As Facebook believes in private connection and chatting, the existence of Facebook Messenger explains a lot. However, when it comes to sharing content across Facebook Messenger, it is considered quite effective to share video on Facebook Messenger.

Users who wish to share videos with their beloved or friends across Facebook Messenger can follow a simple guide explaining the complete procedure in detail. Look into the steps featured below to know more about the process.

Step 1: You need to log in with your Facebook account and navigate to the post that is to be shared across Messenger. Have something exciting to show to your Facebook friend? Tap on the "Share" button to open a set of different options. Select "Send in Messenger" from the list.

choose messenger option

Step 2: This redirects you into Messenger, across which you can select the account that you wish to share the video too. Tap on the "Send" button adjacent to any Facebook user to share video on Facebook Messenger.

choose person and tap send

Part 4: Share Videos to Facebook Live

Facebook Live is another pertinent example of sharing content with the viewers that is amusing or informative to watch. Being a content creator, you have the option of sharing videos and other content with the viewers across your live streams. If you have something important to show to your viewers, you can follow a simple process of sharing it within your live stream.

facebook live

Every live stream has a comment section that can be utilized perfectly to discuss certain things with your viewers. Considering you have to share video on Facebook Live, you can copy the URL of the video and paste it across the comment section of your live stream chat. To make it more highlighting, you can even pin the comment with the link to the video to make it simpler for users to view the shared video.


This article has provided a detailed guide on how to share video on Facebook with explanations of different procedures that users can adopt. There are different directions available across the platform, allowing users to share video on Facebook Story, Facebook Messenger, or Facebook Live as desired. Look into the article to explain the different options considered while sharing content across Facebook.