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How to Trim Facebook Live Streams on Mac

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Sep 23, 2021• Proven solutions

Have you ever come across a Facebook live stream when the beginning of your broadcast doesn't quite get off to the best start? If so, you may have wanted to trim off the opening section. However, the ability to trim your live videos on Facebook has been a long-awaited feature but finally, it has been originated.

With this advanced trimming feature, now you can cut down the informal or unprepared clips, and only display the required beginning and ending content materials.

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Section 1. Steps to Trim Facebook Live Streams on Mac

Live broadcast that has been posted as a recorded video on your page can be trimmed following the below steps on Mac.

    Go to the Facebook page and search for the recorded live video that you want to trim

    Press the “…” on the post, then click “Edit video”

    Select “Trimming” by scrolling down to the bottom of the right column

    Choose your beginning and ending point using the scrubber or simply edit the “From” and “To” timestamps

    Play it and hit the "Save" button

Facebook will then send a notification after the successful trimming process. However, it may take some time depending on the size of the video. Trimming can also be undone or changed if required.

Section 2. Which Software on Mac Can Help to Trim Facebook Video?

Trimming Facebook Live Videos becomes critical so that they do not start quickly to lose the audience's attention. You should know that your first five seconds are significant to keep your viewers hooked, set them up to be engaged, and stick to the rest of your video. This is exactly why you must eliminate abrupt parts to connect with your audience.

Understanding the importance of editing videos, here are a few editors that can help you trim Facebook Live Videos on Mac without any hassle.

1. Filmora X - Top Pick

If you are searching for an affordable, feature-rich, and high-performance audio and video editing software, then it would be challenging for you to find a better software than Filmora X, which is available for both macOS and Windows.

It is an ideal application for beginners and those video editors who don't need professional editing features. Filmora X has a user-friendly interface, more than 800 effects, Hollywood effects, and support for a wide range of formats for both imports and exports.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Some of the top features include motion tracking, adding texts and titles, transitions and elements, overlays and filters, and a music library. You also get access to an audio mixer, pan and zoom, green screen, color grading, advanced text editing, audio equalizer, screen recording, picture in picture, video stabilization, and more.

2. WeVideo

From allowing users to capture exquisite moments, converting them into exciting stories, cutting them down into clips, to combining them together, and WeVideo editor is an online video editing tool that can be accessed anywhere and at any time. It supports all Mac devices and remains connected to you whenever you need it.  


    Comes with a business plan ranging starting from $4.99 to $29.99 for a month

    Includes stocks to video clips, image, and sound

    Quick in uploading videos on Facebook


  • Simple to use with friendly interface
  • Offers cloud storage, voiceover, and screencasting capabilities
  • Designed to capture, create, view, and share high-resolution movies
  • Intuitive editing and creation features such as themes, fonts, and green screen options


  • Convoluted privacy with all the potential sharing options
  • The complete program is expensive

3. OpenShot

One of the best free open source Facebook video editors, OpenShot is a cross-platform that supports all Mac devices. Users can enjoy various effects, filters, and transitions to Facebook videos as the tracks are unlimited. Highlighting key messages using the titles and texts is also possible through this editor.


    Supports many videos, audio, and image formats

    Cross-platform video editing software for Mac, Linux, and Windows

    Unlimited tracks and layers

    Desktop integration (drag and drop support)

    Powerful curve-based keyframe animations

    Video transitions with real-time previews

    Clip resizing, trimming, scaling, snapping, rotation, and cutting


  • Non-linear editor with infinite tracks
  • 3D titles
  • Curve-based time mapping
  • 100% free
  • Easy to use
  • No watermark
  • Frequent update
  • Multi-lingual


  • Limited editing features
  • Unstable performance
  • Obsolete interface
  • Less powerful hardware acceleration

4. iMovie

Used by millions of editors throughout the world, iMovie is a popular and professional video editing tool that works effortlessly on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It is quite easy to look for a collection of Hollywood style trailers from iMovie with classic 4k quality.

To make your Facebook Live videos more intriguing and valuable, iMovie allows you to include studio-quality titles. It has a huge advantage of high content quality for marketers as they can create videos with crystal clear results with the help of iMovie.


    iMovie is a great choice for Mac users to edit Facebook video with simple features

    It has a modern and intuitive interface that beginners can use to make Facebook live videos

    High-quality videos can be made by including effects, music, and transitions


  • Aptitude to fix shaky videos
  • Can edit each clip up close
  • Changing the audio over a video clip
  • Add text effortlessly and include credits
  • Include background music and some visual effects with transitions


  • Only available for Mac and iOS users
  • Doesn't include the full-fledged capabilities of a full video editor
  • Importing formats
  • The layout isn’t user-friendly
  • Uploading to YouTube

5. HyperEngine-AV

HyperEngine-AV is another popular Facebook video editor that is supported on all Mac devices. Users can create a Facebook Slideshow video by including music and images. Also, adding lyrics and credits to make a valuable, interesting, and informative video is easy with HyperEngine-AV. It can be a good source to make a Facebook video on training as it comes with a recording desktop video feature.


    Used to create slide shows

    Supports capturing desktop screen and editing the videos


  • Supports MPEF 4 jpg, mov, tiff
  • Permits free editing of unlimited videos
  • Built-in QuickTime format translator
  • Offers 12 studio-quality effects


  • No chances of a newer version

Final Word

Facebook Live Videos are one of the best options to advertise your products and services. The aforementioned editors can help you seamlessly include exciting features such as music, texts, images, slideshows, effects, transitions, and much more.

If you are still unsure about the given software tools, we’d recommend you using Filmora X to edit videos before posting them on Facebook. This credible video editor is designed for beginner and seasoned Facebook video creators who like making engaging videos for their followers. It includes over 300 transitions, filters, and effects with various title and text templates to your brand style. 

Those who want to try a free and high-quality video editor, can download Filmora X today and enjoy the exciting video editing features without paying for them. 

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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