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Father's Day Poems to Add on Cards: 3 Poems Styles to Try

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

In our everyday busy lives, it’s a good time when Father’s Day rolls around once a year to give you a moment to reflect on the things your father said or did for you over the years. You go shopping for the perfect card, then ponder what kind of personal touch you can add to the card. What to say, how to say it?

Writing in free verse (as opposed to writing in stanzas, for example), you can write using short lines or long lines, even vary the length throughout. If the Father’s Day card you’ve chosen is lengthy, a short poem of your own writing can be your punch-line. If the card is short and sweet, get creative and let your own words and feelings flow.

Poem Idea 1. Creative Style

If you want to get really creative and include a visual effect, write your poem in the shape of the thing you are writing about. For example:

  • A heart-felt poem written in the shape of a heart.
  • A circular poem in the image of the sun to express your father as your guiding light.
  • Another circular poem in the image of the moon to express how safe your daddy made you feel when he tucked you in at night.

Poem Idea 2. Words Flow Style

Just as every human being is unique, so, too, are our relationships with our fathers.Bringing to light your father’s traits that you have come to cherish growing up can be spoken in just a few, simple, poetically-written words. With that in mind, some of the personal touches you can add to your father’s Father’s Day card might look like this:

"A"lways there.

Poem Idea 3. Soften Style

Unfortunately, yet realistically speaking, some relationships with our dads get strained. Father’s Day is the perfect time to start the healing process. Putting into prose your own words at the beginning or end of your Father’s Day card can begin to soften that hurt. Here are a few suggestions:

•“Give me time to think my actions through
I’ll need that time to grow up
And see
How much I hurt you.”

•“Didn’t you always tell me
That it was okay to disagree?
Because that is what makes you, you
and me, me?”

•“We can work this out.
Can I buy you breakfast so we can hash it out?”

Referring back to the visual effects that you can employ, your poem trying to repair your relationship with your father could be written in the shape of a tear, a band-aid, or better yet, a teddy bear. You’re looking for a hug after all, aren’t you? (Creating a poem in the shape of a teddy bear could be challenging, yet funny and charming and the deal breaker).

On a final note, if the words flow, let them go. If you’re struggling to find the right words, write them down, read and re-read them, then adjust accordingly. The bottom line is this: Honor the father in the way that you remember him.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.