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Unique Graduation Gift Ideas for Her or Him

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

The sleepless study nights, the heavy load of book, the pressure of doing assignments on time and tension of exams, everything gets a break on graduation day when we through off our hats and say goodbye to textbooks. Millions of students come to this chapter of life every year and this is the day of celebration for them where they love to have all their friends and relatives on a wonderful venue site and enjoy together the happiest day of their life.

The special moment comes when you get graduation gifts from your entire dear and near ones. Celebrate the day with a beautiful invitation card and a nice dinner where all can enjoy the hours together. But beyond all these things if you are going to attend such a party then surely you need to bring a gift for the lucky graduate person of the day and it is really a tough job to find the right gift for your graduate friend.

Here are a few wonderful graduation gift ideas for boys as well as girls:

Graduation Gifts for Girls

1. A lovely flowerpot:

Girls always love flowers and they prefer to plant them in the balcony as well as love to put some attractive collections inside their room with unique vases. It is a wonderful graduation gift idea for a recently graduated girl; she will love to decorate her room with colorful flowers contained in a well-shaped flowerpot.

2. A travel bottle:

Pick a beautiful travel bottle for her that can be reusable as well as nontoxic so that she can utilize it during her visits.

3. Tea Accessories:

Help her to think with some cozy thoughts by presenting a lovely tea accessory collection that can make her kitchen look more attractive.

4. Yoga Mat:

Finally, she is over with studies and now it is time to inspire her to care about health by presenting a quality yoga mat. It will help her to manage stress from the past as well as related to their career.

5. Monthly gift box:

Contact with those companies that offer monthly gift boxes for girls containing beauty and makeup-related accessories. She will definitely love the present and use it every day for making her day out more special.

6. Trendy Dress:

Girls always love to collect trendy dresses; you can add something beautiful to her collection by buying something latest from the market. It will definitely make her graduation day so special.

7. Suitcase or overnight bag:

If the next step of your newly graduated friend is to get admitted into any other college in a different city or country then it is good to gift her an overnight bag that she can utilize for her weekend trips.

8. An inspiration book:

After graduation, it is time to take some effective decisions about life and career so she may need inspiration and motivation. Pick an inspiration book from the market, preferably of her favorite author so that it can motivate her to dream about a bright future.

9. A collage photo collection:

Girls love to click photographs and she might have a wonderful collection of her graduation days. Pick some of these and make a beautiful collage type photo frame; this gift will make her so happy with the best collection of memories from her college days.

Graduation Gift Ideas for Boys

1. Lather Mouse Pad:

He will definitely love to have a leather mouse pad for his computer as now it is right time to spend a quality time with this device. These leather pads are generally available in black and brown colors that suits best for boys.

2. Bike:

Boys always love to have bikes but during studies they rarely find time for such things but as now your graduated friend has always said goodbye to textbooks so it could be a right time to enjoy rids over a bike.

3. Gold Wishbone Keychain:

Here is a good luck charm plated with 24 karat gold that can be used for keys of his new apartment. It is easier to hang and can keep your keys safe from getting lost.

4. Make an amazing video:

Your friend will love to collect the memories of his graduation day for rest of the life and you can contribute into this by making an amazing video during party and different events. It will bring a big smile on newly graduated friend’s face and he will never forget your lovely gift throughout his life.

5. A smartwatch:

An idea to gift something trendy, unique and of course valuable; pick a smart watch from online store and make his graduation day more special. Recently so many brands have launched smart watch collections and they are easily available in market with affordable price range.

6. Portable GPS:

A portable GPS unit will help him to be safe while driving; it communicates with voice guidelines and makes driving much easier.

7. Guitar Glasses:

If he is a music lover then these guitar glasses can make him extremely happy and he will love to wear them while playing his favourite tunes on guitar.

8. Concern tickets:

Boys love to go out and enjoy concerns; if you want to add something special to his schedule then it is best time to buy tickets for his ever loved concern and enjoy the day with a dinner outside.

9. A professional Tie:

Surely, it will be a great start to his professional life and he will love to wear it for his very first interview of life.


All these gifts can make their graduation day more special but your selection completely depends upon your budget and preferences. So many things are available on online stores and they are tagged with a reasonable price tag that can be paid easily. Visit some online stores and select your graduation gift, make payment and soon it will reach your door step. One more lovely way to present surprise is that you simply order it as a gift and add your friend’s address as delivery place; he or she will be amazed to get a graduation gift from online delivery boy.

Making A Video for Remembering Those Happy Times

Besides buying something for your friends, you can also make a graduation slideshow video to remember those happy times. Here I recommend you to try Wondershare Filmora, which is very easy to use.

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