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Top 10 Women Who Got Hot During FIFA World Cup

Jan 04,2019• Proven solutions

Football is the most popular sports around the world. Other sports like baseball, rugby or cricket is gaining attraction but the passion for football is much intense. This game has produced some great superstars. Spectators and fans are crazy for them but fans are not less interested about their Wives and Girlfriends. Moreover some female spectators have generated huge interest among the fans due to her attitude and attractive body shape. All these are part of this great game which helped football world cup to become "Greatest Show on Earth". As a result fans around the world are watching the Football world cup as well as browsing and loving to collect information about footballer's WAGS and female spectators. Here we have discussed about some football related women who have attracted some real interest of people around the world on different world cup tournament including this 2014 FIFA World Cup.

We have done some research and listed out some top insights into football video on YouTube platform, below is the statistics about the most viewed world cup related videos on YouTube.

most viewed world cup related videos on Youtube

1. Victoria Beckham

Age: The age of Victoria is 40 now. She remained the center of crowd attraction at FIFA 1998 world cup football. In that time her age was 24.

Country: England

hot women in world cup

Why she got/getting attention: There are several reasons for her attraction. Victoria was a member of the most popular female pop music group 'Spice Girls'. Her popularity dimension was changed in 1997, when she started dating with British footballer David Beckham, after they meet each other at a football match. In 1998 they announced their engagement and on 4th July 1999 they got married. In the FIFA 1998 world cup football tournament, this couple caught immense interest from people around the world. The reason for such huge interest was due to her incredible shape and exceptional voice. Moreover, her husband Beckham was also one of the top most popular football players. In addition both of them are British. So, the attraction generated for them are immense due to media. World media often labeled Victoria as the “Queen of the WAGs”. Victoria always remained a fashionable female.

Current activity: She is now busy with her personal business and stage shows.

2. Susana Werner

Age: Her age is now 36, but she caught some serious attention of peoples around the world at her age of 20. She was born on July 20, 1977 at Rio de Janeiro of Brazil.

Country: Brazil

hot women in world cup

Why she got/getting attention: There were some specific reasons to become famous. She was the Brazilian Actress and model. During the 1998 FIFA World cup Football Suzana became the most attractive female and spectators as she was the girl friend of Brazilian football superstar Ronaldo. She took the spectator's seat in every match that was played by Brazil. She had an excellent shape at that age with excellent eyes. Her colorful dresses and attitude was more than enough to draw people's attractions.

Current activity: Now she is married to the Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar and has 2 children.

3. Shakira Isaabel Mebarak Ripoll

Age: Born in February 2, 1977 at Barranquilla, Colombia. Her present age is 36. She become the talk of the 2010 Fifa World cup Football tournament.

Country: Colombia

hot women in world cup

Why she got/getting attention: Shakira’s song ‘Waka Waka’ was the official song for the 2010 Fifa world cup football. She and Spanish defender Gerard Pique came close to each other when both of them worked together to build that music video of ‘Waka Waka’ song. The song was a real heat, so as Shakira. As her father was from Lebanon, she had inspiration to learn belly dance. With worlds one of the best butt, she with her spectacular stage performances has certainly become a real success. In the 2010 FIFA world cup the couple were in the center of attractions from people around the world. Rumors were circulating about their intimacy. Shakira officially confirmed their relationship at March 29, 2011.

Current activity: On March 25,2014 her 10th album was released.

4. Sara Carbonero Arevalo

Age: Her present age is 30 years. She was born in Toledo on 3rd February, 1984. She got attention from peoples around the world at the 2010 FIFA Football World cup when her age was only 26.

Country: Spain

hot women in world cup

Why she got/getting attention: Sara was one of the top sports journalist of Spanish media. In July 2009 she was voted as the Sexiest Reporter in the world by American edition of FHM. During the 2010 FIFA world cup she took an interview of Spain goalkeeper Casillas during the match between Spain and Switzerland. Many people alleged her for that famous loss that was suffered by Spain because of that interview, where Casillas lost concentration. Then Fan’s of Casillas around the world showed their interest on her. She has a very slim but strong figure. She is cute and has a nice smile. Eventually, Sara and Casillas became partner.

Current activity: She is now a mother of a beautiful boy kid and continuing her journalism.

5. Larissa Riquelme

Age: She is now 29. She got attention at the 2010 FIFA world cup football when her age was 25.

Country: Paraguay

hot women in world cup

Why she got/getting attention: She was the top Paraguayan model. She has a tendency to catch the eye of media by doing exceptional things. During the 2010 Fifa World Cup she became famous as a supporter of Paraguay national football team. While celebrating a goal that was given by Paraguay she put her mobile set in between her breasts. Following that incidence, she then became the most searched person in the internet. Later she announced she would run naked if Paraguay reach semi final by beating Spain. Eventually they couldn’t but she did it as promised. She has a beautiful look and excellent figure. Her naked picture in front of Paraguay flag was the hot cake in the internet after the world cup.

Current activity: She is now a top model for different big brands.

6. Irina Shayk

Age: Born in Russia on January 6, 1986. Now she is 28 year aged. In this world cup she is attracting crowd attention because of her boy friend named Cristiano Ronaldo.

Country: Russia

hot women in world cup

Why she got/getting attention: She got every attention when she started dating with super star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo since May 2010. Both of them met when they campaigned for Armani Exchange. In this year world cup 2014 this couple has caught the eye of world too much, so that; they are able to beat Victoria and David Beckham couple. Her height is 5 ft 10 in with figure of 34-23-35. Irina posed for different hot photos of her beautiful figure; this is also a reason to get attractions. She was voted sexiest woman in the world for the year 2011 by the Hungarian magazine Periodika.

Current activity: Recently she stated her acting career, in the film Hecules.

7. Antonella Roccuzzo

Age: She is drawing attention in this world cup and now her age is 26.

Country: Argentina

hot women in world cup

Why she got/getting attention: She is the partner of Argentine megastar footballer Messi. They know each other science childhood. In 2008 while Messi went to his home town, they met and fall in love to each other. She is continuously getting people’s attention because of her less dressed post at different social media pages. She has a nice figure and excellent smile in her face.

Current activity: They have a beautiful boy.

8. Alexandra Curran

Age: Her age is now 31 and was born in 23 September 1982. She is getting full attention in this world cup like last world cup.

Country: England

hot women in world cup

Why she got/getting attention: She is the wife of England captain Steven Gerrard. She is one of the top wives among all the footballer of this world cup. She has a nice body shape with measurements 36-24-34. Her height is 5 ft 9 in. She is the fashion model and fashion columnist. She has nice legs and very hot look.

Current activity: She writes weekly column for the Daily Mirror titled “Go Shopping with Alex Curran”.

9. Deniella Semaan

Age: She is getting attention for this world cup in her age of 39. She was born on 4th June 1975

Country: Lebanon

hot women in world cup

Why she got/getting attention: She is the partner of popular Spain footballer Cesc Fabregas. They are dating since June 2011. Both of them were engaged to different persons. Daniella was married to ex-husband Elie Taktouk and Cesc was maintaining relationship with childhood friend Carla Garcia. Then Daniella and Cesc met in London. Many people alleged Daniella for breacking up of the previous Cesc and Carla relationship. Daniella will be the top MILF WAGS for this world cup along with Shakira. She has a great look and hot figure.

Current activity: She has 2 children from her previous husband and Cesc and she has a girl kid.

10. Ann Kathrin Brommel

Age: She is now 23. She was born in Deceber 6, 1989.

Country: Geramany

hot women in world cup

Why she got/getting attention: Ann is a German model and singer. She is the girl friend of promising German football player Mario Gotze. They met each other in 2012 and starts dating. She has many hot photo of her in internet and looks so hot. She definitely is going to attract people with her nice figure. Current activity: Recently she is writing blogs on fashion, music etc.

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