Shit Moms Say

By Dec 28,2016 18:58 pm

Let’s face it, our kickass mom’s say a lot of shit, even though they don’t particularly realise it at the time! We were all no doubt little assholes when we were kids so it’s hardly surprising that these weird and wonderful things came out of their mouths that we remember for years to come. And even better, when we become parents, we say them ourselves. Shock horror…we turn into our parents even though we said we wouldn’t! It just comes spewing out and we have that moment when we realise we’ve turned into our Mom. But hey it’s not a bad thing! As we grow older we learn to appreciate actually how awesome our Moms were, and that all they did was give us unconditional love and tried to guide us on the right path. Yep, they were and still are awesome. Looking back at what they said, we can now truly appreciate them, and get some warm and fuzzy feelings about them. They are cool!

Cast your eye over some of these typical MOMoments you’ve had and see how many you’ve heard 1,000 times before and even said yourselves. You know you have there’s no use denying it, if of course you’re a parent. If not, just wait and see they’ll hit you right between the eyes before you even know it.

Mom Quotes Alert!
Here they come…

“Always wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident.”

Like would I really not wear clean underwear? Well maybe I guess.

“Bored! How can you be bored? I was never bored at your age.”
Yeah right mom, you were never, ever bored? I don’t think so!

“Don't cross your eyes or they'll freeze that way.”
Really? Who’s going to freeze them?

“Don't pick your nose in public.”
Okay not in public, but at home is fine.

“Don't sit too close to the television; it'll ruin your eyes.”
So does everyone have eye problems?

“I would have never talked to MY mother like that!”
Oh I know you did, I heard it from your Mother!

“I will always love you - no matter what.”
Okay that’s a cool one, we like that, but maybe I can push a bit harder!

“Wear a jumper, it’s cold and I don’t want you to get sick.”
But Mom, I’m not cold, so why do I have to wear a jumper.

“When you have kids of your own you'll understand.”
Actually yes, true!

“You will ALWAYS be my baby.”
Okay cool sentiment, but I’m seriously not a baby anymore. Okay maybe you’re right, I see your point.

“What part of NO don't you understand?”
Well, I understand it, but I’m not all that keen to listen to it right now, and I’ll take that as a yes thanks!

“When I was your age, I had to walk ten miles through the snow, uphill, by myself, to go to school.”
A classic, but not sure I’m buying this! 

“Don’t make me come over there.” 
I know you won’t as you really don’t want to actually get up and come here.

“Because I said so.” 
Okay, I know you can’t think of any other reason.

“Don’t make me turn this car around!” 
I know you’re completely bluffing, as if we do we’ll have no groceries, diapers or wine! Wine is good. But I know you’re hoping that I won’t fall for it and I’ll get a treat at the grocery store anyway.

“I am going to count to three and then you better be in your bed.” 
I know you’re going to count really, really slowly and probably throw in few halves in there too, but you’ve got nothing in your armour after that.

“You are my favourite child.”
Well I’m hoping so, as I’m your only child Mom!

“I love you for who you are right now, not just for who you will become.”
Ah, that’s really cool Mom, thanks!

“I would not trade you for anyone else in this world.”
Warm and fuzzy feeling alert, perhaps a tear might spring to my eye too!

“There is nothing you could ever do to make you love me less.”
Gosh, that’s really nice. Best I watch what I do. Oh my word I gave someone shit the other day, hope she doesn’t find out, but she’ll love me anyway.

“Less talking. More eating.”


I know you want me to stop playing with my food and just eat. I guess you want me to be healthy, right?

“Always remember your pleases and thank you’s.”
Classic one again. I’ll try to be polite, but sometimes I can’t help it.

“Stop running you’re going to get hurt.”
No I won’t I know what I’m doing. Crash…ummm, okay you were right!

“Don’t slam the door. Someone is going to lose a finger.”
But I’m angry I want to slam the door. Ouch my finger really hurts it did get a bit stuck in there. Argh, she’s right!

“I thought your hair looked lovely the way you had it before.”
Well I like it full stop. Well just in case, let me go and look in the mirror. Right again, it’s not looking too hot.

“We wondered if you were coming to us for Christmas.”
I’d really like to do my own thing this Christmas, do I have to do. I’m sure she’ll be fine. Okay maybe not, she loves me and just wants to spend some time with me!

Recognise them? Sure you do! There’s the rational, irrational, logical (debatable) and the threatening, but we all know that half of them aren’t true, except perhaps the part that they will always love you, no matter what. Ah, awesome MoMoment! You may even have a few other pearlers up your sleeve that your mom has said.

So, they do say a lot of shit, it’s what mom’s do, it’s in their bones and it will be in your bones too! They’re senseless at the time right, we were little shits when we were growing up and rebellion was the way to go. But now we know…

It would be pretty cool to grab these moments, so that you can laugh your arses off for years to come. Watch mom in action, with all her wisdom, or perhaps not quite wisdom, let’s just call them ‘momisms’.

There’s a way, a seriously impressive way to do this, and give your mom a Mother’s day gift that she’ll never forget, and neither will you. Grab those sayings and create a kickass memory bank to remind her of the empty threats and senseless things, and actually the awesome things she said too. She’ll love it and will probably keep saying them, just to annoy you.

So, a video would be great right? But we’ve all heard promises, promises of easy software, finding ourselves tearing our hair out and ready to throw the computer out the window. If you’re starting to head out the door, come back, we’ve got good news for you. Honestly, there really is video software out there that will have you making a video in a breeze and patting yourself on the back for your excellent work. You might even decide you’ve found a new career, it’s that simple!

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