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Top 10 Travel Destinations Shouldn’t Be Missing for Summer

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Mar 24, 2021• Proven solutions

Visiting different countries and travelling around the world could be one of the most amazing and rewarding things, a person could do in their lives. A huge amount of thrill and excitement could be obtained by travelling to a far and distant nation. Getting inside the plan and flying for some hours to a whole new different mainland could be an adventure!


Perhaps you like to see the scenery of the foreign land; getting a train ride will enable you to see the breathtaking scene of the local city and landscape. You could also travel through boat that could be breathtaking as well. Imagining boarding on a vessel by ocean, which will sail through the port of a big metropolis passing through historical landmarks.

Top 10 travel destinations for this summer

1. Sri Lanka

First on the list of our travel destination is Sri Lanka. Lots of people are visiting this lovey destination because of its leopard located in Yala National Park, exploring the abundant number of ancient spiritual sites and temples as well as surfing on its palm-shaped coast. What is more about this country is that fact that it has lots of mouth-watering and heavy dishes.

2. Wales

Did you know that Wales is rejoicing its “Year of Adventure?” Although there are still lots of people who are having doubts in the capabilities of this small country, still they obtained winning awards and praises for its one-of-a-kind beauty as well as ancient and well-preserved spots. From the Gower Peninsula, to the rugged peaks of the Snowdonia, lots of tourist are having their great time here.

3. Romania

If you are looking for multi-colored medieval cities, excellent nightlife and dining, as well as forest-clad mountains travel destination, Romania is the place you are looking for. In terms of geographic properties, this travel destination is the best road trip as it will bring you to different landscapes, breathtaking castles and lots of ancient towns.

4. Paris, France

It is a surprise to see Paris on the list of the best travel destinations you shouldn’t be missing, as the “City of Love” has lots to offer to travellers. If you are only looking for that famous view of the Eiffel Tower from a balcony of the hotel, then you can check yourself to the Shangri-La Paris, which has undeniably the best view of the tower coming from its breathtaking suites and rooms. For you to save some cash on your flight and booking a hotel, it would be better if you will pack your stylish jacket, after all this is Paris and you know that.

5. Nepal

Even though this country suffered from shocking earthquakes, still the number of tourists are still on rise. Along with varied landscapes, starting from the spectacular Himalayas to forests inhabited by rhinos, elephants and tigers, Nepal is the place that you must choose to travel this summer.

6. Cuba

Given the high number of tourist visiting Cuba, there is no doubt that more and more travellers are wanting to visit this country. There are lots of art centers restos and new bars such as Fabrica de Arte Cubano have begun establishing in Havana, however the traditional Havana as well as the rural gems outside the capital was still there and is preserved on its former condition.

7. Great Barrier Reef

Known to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Great Barrier Reef is certainly a travel destination you should look forward to visiting. The great time to visit this place is from April to May. Along with good and warm weather, this in-between weather season sees less crowds and good hotel rates than going on the tourist season. This destination welcomes a big number of tourists throughout this period due to its weather.

8. Tokyo

Perhaps you are aware that “animated” is the best phrase to describe this city. The mega city of Japan is buzzing with movement, from cars zoon on the streets; feet clack sidewalks, subway trains, ships cruise and a lot more. If you want to get the most of visiting this country, it is better if you get through the subway. This efficient and extensive network will bring you to anywhere in the city as fast as possible.

9. Maui

Even though Maui is not as big as the Big Island, nor as bustling as Oahu, or as warm and quite like Kauai, still for lots of vacationers, this travel destination is just the right place that provides a sense of everything the Aloha State has to provide. From its marvellous wildlife to its intriguing culture and history, you will surely enjoy your vacation in this wonderful city.

10. New York

Crowded, cosmopolitan, cool, busy and constantly changing, the Big Apple was able to combine the big city splendor along with small city charm. Along with the towering skyscrapers and iconic landmark, you will experience an exciting and lively culture flooding on the distinctive neighbourhood of the city.


Exposing yourself to new culture and people is such an overwhelming experience. Going to this travel destinations and adapting with the locals of a foreign land at the same time learning their traditions and customs will expose you to amazing ideals and expand your horizons too.

Travelling in other countries and experiencing the wonders and beauty of the world could teach you more than what you could ever know and read out of a book, however even more so, it could teach you about yourself as well. In order to step foot on the soil of each continent is a truly amazing and unique accomplishment that some could claim the rights to.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.