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10 Best Thanksgiving Movies for Kids and Families

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

Thanksgiving is the time, when we thank God for all his blessings. It is important to thank God for each and everything he has given us because it makes us realize what we have rather what we want. Gratefulness keeps us grounded in the realities and keep us connected to the giver of all gifts. Thanksgiving is the day when we thank giver of all gifts and blessings for his numerous blessings he has showered upon us. Without gratefulness, humans tend to feel that they have achieved everything on their own and consequently become arrogant and self-centered.

Watching thanksgiving movies along with your kids is the best ways to make your kids understand the importance of thanksgiving day. This way they not only feel motivated, but also remain connected and grateful to the God for all his gifts. If you are looking for a list of inspirational movies that you can watch along with your kids and family, then here we have solved your purpose. In this article, we are going to share with you a list of inspirational movies on thanksgiving.

1. Garfield , Holiday celebrations

This movie features 3 cartoons and their holiday adventures. In this movie, lovable Garfield and Odie get trapped in a haunted house by spectral pirates. Garfield is popular comic series, which have been into the existence since 1973. It features cat Garfield, owner Jon and Jon's dog- Odie. Here is the YouTube link for its trailer

2. Alice's Restaurant

This thanksgiving blockbuster hit the screen in 1969 and is still counted among the best thanksgiving movies till the date. In this movie, Gutherie visits his friend Alice for thanksgiving. After thanksgiving, he offer his friend Alice his help to move her trash to the bin, where he discovered closed landfill. After taking some time, he puts garage into the gully. When gutherie was caught by local police, series of events take place, and declare him not worthy for the military service.

3. A Charlie brown thanksgiving

This is another great thanksgiving movie to watch on the auspicious occasion of thanksgiving. A charlie brown thanksgiving is an Emmy award winning movie, which garnered lot of appreciation from the viewers. Charlie brown is a peanut gang movie, which is being enjoyed by children since 1973.

4. Miracle on 34th Street

Thanksgiving is marked by holiday season and this movie will make your kids ready for the holidays. The movie has been directed in several versions, but classic version is still the best among all, which was released in 1947. This movie, seems to be a more Christmas movie than thanksgiving , though. Watch the trailer

5. Winnie the Pooh

We all love Winnie. Winnie has encouraged us with his amazing performance every time and thanksgiving season is no different. In the thanksgiving season, Winnie and his friends hunt hundred acre of wood for preparing thanksgiving dinner. The movie ends with a moral of gratefulness that we should thank God for each little thing we have. Winnie, surely know the trick of winning over the hearts of the viewers. Watch the trailer:

6. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Kids, who want to hear the roars along with the sound of laughter, then planes, trains and automobiles is definetely the movie for them. This movie stars Steve Martin and John Candy. With this film, you can have peace of mind that you will get absolute entertainment. This movie features the age old concept of two different people with different personalities, becoming inseparable and learning new things as they get along with each other.

7. The Mighty Ducks

You can always rely on Disney movies for complete family entertainment and the mighty ducks is no different. In this movie, Emilio Estevez, plays a role of a lawyer. The movie also provides great enthusiasm and inspiration to the real hockey team- the mighty ducks of Anaheim. To watch the trailer:

8. Mouse on the Mayflower

This legendary movie depicts the rich history of the thanksgiving. If you want your kids to know the great history of the thanksgiving, then this is the perfect family movie for you. The story is about the smallest cartoon - a mouse which witnesses the story himself. To know more about the film, please follow the link to visit the trailer of the film.

9. Pieces of April

This is another great movie to watch on thanksgiving. The movie stars Katie Holmes, who scourns her apartment, to bring her family together for the thanksgiving dinner. Katie Holmes, lives with her boyfriend in her apartment. When she came to know about her mother's breast cancer, she invited her family to the thanksgiving dinner. To watch the trailer:

10. Skyfall

Skyfall is a Daniel Craig film. This is an action shot perfect film to bring your family together on thanksgiving. It is the best treat that you can give your family this thanksgiving day. In this movie, the loyalty of bond is tested to M , when her last comes forefront to haunt her. Watch the trailer of the movie:

Those are the best movies for thanksgiving to watch this season. These movies are power packed with complete entertainment and are perfect for kids and families to watch together. If you have been looking for such movies , then get inspired by visiting the trailers of the movies and let your kids explore the great history of the thanksgiving.

All these movies are a delight for the kids. Teaching your kids values and morals about our rich heritage and culture is important. And there is no fun way doing that than making your kids watch inspirational movies. All these movies are epic and give a beautiful message at the end I.e to thank the lord. Make your thanksgiving day even more special and auspicious with these great movies.

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.