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5 Inspiring Halloween Video Ideas for Small Business Owners

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Jan 19, 2022• Proven solutions

If you want to be inspired for Halloween or if you want to create a video that will really have your customers interested in what you have to say then you certainly have a lot to think about. Take a look below to see how your business can get involved with the festivities while also taking your profit and your sales to the very next level. There really is something for everyone!

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1. Pranks

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Pranks can be a great way for you to get a sudden surge of interest in your company. One company planted some hidden cameras and they had books falling from the shelves as well. They did this in a property that they were trying to sell, and it is safe to say that it went down a treat with the customers. This type of thing can really get people talking and that is exactly what you want at the end of the day.

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2. Promotions

halloween video

Halloween is one of the spookiest events of the year, so why would you miss out on it when it is going to provide you with such a valuable marketing opportunity? If you sell home products in your store, consider getting some spooky decorations and really do your shop up. You can then do a video that shows your customers around your store so they can see what you have done. Some of our customers will want to come and see it for themselves so this remains to be a great way to get people to come and pay you a visit. It is really easy to do as well!

3. Makeup

If you own a makeup store or a health and beauty store, why don't you create your very own video that shows your customers how to do great Halloween makeup? You could even use your own products because this way, if people like your video, they will come into your store and buy your products. This is a great way to advertise your products and there are plenty of benefits when you do this via a video as well and one of them is that you can get some fame on YouTube. If you can't go with the makeup, try and go for some spooky recipe ideas or some DIY costume tips. You really do have so many options available and you can do your video in any way that you want as well.

4. Photo Slideshow

Facebook video has really taken off in recent years and social media is the key when it comes to getting your name out there. If you want to engage your audience then try and show off this by providing them with a spooky photo slideshow that shows some of your employees dressed up or you could even take photos of the shop as well. As you can see, it is really easy to do and all you need is a camera if you want to get started. Why don't you give it a go for yourself today?

5. Event Invitations

If your business is hosting a Halloween party then you need to give your guests all the information they need to come and attend. A great way to do this would be to create a video that comes complete with pumpkins, eyeballs and cauldrons. You can send your complete video to your customer inboxes or you could host it on your site so whoever pays you a visit will know about it. This is a great way to draw some interest in the internet and you'd be surprised at how much it could help you to get where you need to be.

Of course, there are plenty of other Halloween videos out there and there are many more ideas that you could use in order to get your company talked about, these remain to be some of the best so why don't you get dressed up and try some of these for yourself today. You won't regret it and sometimes the most simple ideas are the best ones so if you don't have much of a budget, you don't have anything to worry about.

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