Activation for mac

  • What can I do if I failed to download the free effect packs?

    Since Chrome is unable to activate Filmora to download the free effect pack automatically by using the current private protocol, so it will pop up a blank page or there will be no responding after you share the pack on Facebook. As alternative, you can follow below steps to share and download them within Filmora.

    1.Launch Filmora, select Create New Movie or Open Recent to load a saved project.

    2.Go to Music library , select More Effects.


    3.Select Sign in and log into Filmora Effects Store. Please sign up a new account by selecting Sign Up A New Account if you are a new user.


    4.Go to the bottom of the page, press the letter "f" . Or you can select an effect pack, it will pop up a new window, please choose Share Free Download.


    5.Log into your Facebook account and select Post To Facebook to finish sharing.

    login-fb share

    6. After sharing, the downloading will start automatically under My Effects


    7.When the installation completes, it will generate some new folders/categories based on the name of the effect pack. You can find the contents in the folders.


    Tips: It requires to share each free effect pack individually on Facebook before you download them.

  • How do I register or activate Filmora for Mac?

    Here are two methods to activate the software, see below

    Method 1 Create Wondershare ID account with the email address which you used to purchase this software. Please refer to below screenshot.


    Method 2 Type the register code directly without signing with Wondershare ID account. Here is the screenshot you can refer.

  • How can I activate Filmora9 for Mac?

    You can use the same Wondershare ID account to activate Filmora9 through online or offline activation.

  • Will Filmora8 or older versions be replaced after I install Filmora9?

    Actually, Filmora8 and older versions are totally different from Filmora9. Filmora9 will not replace your older versions, so they can be installed at the same time and saved on your computer.

  • Is there dark skin for Mac version?

    There is dark skin for Filmora9 and above on Mac, but there is no dark skin if your version is older than Filmora9.

  • How can I remove the watermark added on the video created in trial version?

    The trial version and registered version of Filmora for Mac is functionally the same product. The limitation is that there will be a watermark on the exported videos. You need the registered version to output files without watermark.

    So to remove the watermark, you need to ensure that you have managed to register the program. Secondly please select Open Project/Open Recent from the top menu to reload the project file (.WSVE file). Lastly press Export button to export the project file again, there will be no watermark added any more.

    Note: After you purchase and register the product, the output video with watermark cannot be removed, and you need to output the file by using the registered version again to get the output files without watermark.