Filmorago FAQ

Clip Editing for iOS1: Adding Clips for iOS

1. When you open up FilmoraGo on your device there will be two options, Create New Video and My Saved Projects. Select Create New Video.

2. Four options will appear at the top of your screen: Video, Photo, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Video and Photo options will both show you the files you have saved on your device.

The Facebook and Instagram options will both require you to connect FilmoraGo to your accounts on those sites.

3. Your clips will be represented by circular thumbnails. Scroll through them and select the ones you want to use by tapping the small grey checkmark hovering over the thumbnail.

4. Tap the red Next arrow in the top right corner of your screen.

5. You can add more clips at any time by tapping Add at the bottom right corner of your screen.