Advanced Editing Tips for windows

  • What is the difference between filter and overlay?

    There is no big difference between filter and overlay. Usually filter means the internal effects while overlay means external effects.

    Filter sample:

    filter sample

    Overlay sample:


  • What is the maximum length of a transition?

    A transition is designed only for merging the items(videos, pictures) on the video track smoothly, so it should be simple and short.

    Based on this prinple, the maximum length of a transition is designed according to the length of the adjacent items(videos, clips), in general the maximum length equals 1/2 of the total length of the two items around it.

    maximum length

    You can ajust the length of a transtition by putting the cursor to the edge of it and then the cursor will become a two arrow icon and you can start to ajust it.

    If the length of a transition is at a maximum value, then it can't be increased.

  • Add a watermark to the video

    To add a watermark to the video, please follow below instructions:

    1. Press "Import " button to load the video file and the watermark image to the Media Library.

    2. Drag and drop the video file and the watermark image to the video track and PIP track .

    3. Then adjust the size of the image by dragging the small circles around the frame. You could also move it to the position where you need.

    4. Then change the duration of the watermark image to the same length as the video by dragging the edge of the image file.

    add watermark

  • Remove the original audio from the video and add a new one

    To remove the original audio and add a new audio to the video file, please follow below instructions

    1. Click Import to load the video and audio files to the Media Library. Also drag and drop the video file onto the video track.


    2. Select the video in the timeline, right-click and choose Audio Detach.

    audio detach

    3. Then the audio part and the video part will be separated. Select the separated audio file and delete it.

    delete audio

    4. Drag the new audio file from the Media Library to the audio track of the timeline. Meanwhile adjust the audio and move it to the place where you want it to be.

    replace new

  • Fade in/out at the beginning/end of the video

    To fade in/out at the beginning/end of the video, please follow below steps:

    1. Press "Import " button to load the video file to the Media Library.

    2. Drag and drop the video file into the video track.

    3. Find the Sample colors under Media tab, choose black and drag it at the beginning/end of the video.

    fade in and out

    4. To change the duration, you just need to put the mouse on the edge of the sample color and when it turns into arrow , please drag it to the length you need. Or you could double click the sample color on timeline and adjust the duration directly.

    change duration

  • Why I lost some effects after exporting

    To edit specific track individually, we add a feature to hide the content on each track on timeline. On the left of each track there is an “eye” icon, which can be used to turn on onor turn off “show track” off.

    When “show track” is on, you will see all the contents of that track in preview window While when “show track” is off, the contents of that track will be invisible in preview window and after exporting.


    So if you keep “show track” off accidentally before you export the video, then you will lost the effect added on that track. For example, you have added some custom “Texts” in your video during editing while you keep the “show track” off on text tack when you export your video. Then you will see no “text effects” after conversion. track-off

    To avoid this issue, please keep “Show Track” in activated status before you export your video.

  • What can I do if there are Black Bars around my video

    You may face such issue when you upload your video to Facebook and find that there are some black bars around the video. Such black bars appear on videos, when the aspect ratios of your video and the player don’t match.

    For example, if you want to upload the video to Facebook without black bars, then you need a video with 1:1 aspect ratio. But when you build the project in Filmora, you may start your project with 16:9 or 4:3, then there will be some black bars on your video after you upload to Facebook.You can follow below steps to eliminate the black bars.

    1. Launch Filmora, select Full feature mode.

    2. Drag and drop the video to the 1st track of the timeline.

    3. Select the video, right click, choose “Crop and Zoom”.


    4. Go to "Crop" section, select "Manually" then type the "constrain" in 1:1, like 620x620, press Enter button in the keyboard, it will show you the prompt result in preview. Meanwhile you can put the mouse at the middle of the selected area and then move it horizontally to adjust the wanted section. Or use the crop tool in the preview area to visually adjust the dimensions of the cropped area into 1:1


    5. Click on “export” then hit “settings” then select "custom" under " resolution" to change the resolution to 620x620, then hit ok and press "Export" button to start conversion.


    To avoid such black bars on your video, you need to confirm which kind of the player you will use to playback your video. And when you start the project, you need to select the same aspect ratio or crop the video to the same one as your player.