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Clip Editing for Android

  1. Removing Clips

    1. Tap the thumbnail of the clip you want to delete.

    2. A toolbar will appear at the bottom of your screen. The Delete button is at the far right. If you cannot see it on your device simply slide the toolbar to the left.

  2. Trimming Clips

    1. Tap the thumbnail of the clip you wish to trim.

    2. Tap Trim Clip on the toolbar that appears at the bottom of your screen.

    3. Your toolbar will be replaced by a timeline bordered by blue tabs. Drag these blue tabs so that only the section of your clip you want to use is between them.

    Tips on Trimming

    1. There is a red indicator line which will show you where you are in your clip. Once you are on the frame you want to trim to pull your blue tab up to meet that red line.

    2. Start dragging the blue tab and the clip will pause with the red indicator line in place, but if you pause the clip before you start dragging the blue tab the red line will jump back to the beginning.

  3. Making Jump Cuts

    1. Tap the thumbnail of the clip you want to make cuts to.

    2. A toolbar will appear at the bottom of your screen. Tap Duplicate on this toolbar to create a second version of your clip.

    3. Trim one of your duplicated clips to include footage prior to your cut.

    4. Trim the remaining duplicated clip to include footage from after your cut.

    5. In the main editing screen, arrange your clips sequentially.

  4. Adding Clips

    1. When you open up FilmoraGo on your device there will be two options, Create New Video and My Saved Projects. Select Create New Video.

    2. Four options will appear at the top of your screen: Video, Photo, Facebook, and Instagram.

    The Video and Photo options will both show you the files you have saved on your device.

    The Facebook and Instagram options will both require you to connect FilmoraGo to your accounts on those sites.

    3. Your clips will be represented by circular thumbnails. Scroll through them and select the ones you want to use by tapping the small grey checkmark hovering over the thumbnail.

    4. Tap the red Next arrow in the top right corner of your screen.

    5. You can add more clips at any time by tapping Add at the bottom right corner of your screen.

  5. Arranging Clips

    The round thumbnails at the bottom of your screen represent the clips you have loaded into your project.

    1. Tap one of the round thumbnails and hold it for a moment. Your thumbnails will start to shake and an Okay button will appear in the bottom right of your screen.

    2. Slide your clips into the order you want them in.

    3. Tap Okay when you are done.