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Basic editing for mac

  1. Fail to import AVCHD file.

    AVCHD, produced by Sony and Panasonic, is a file-based format for the digital recording of high-definition video. Camcorders save recorded video and other files like thumbnail, clip information, playlist, etc in a folder structure. Usually, the AVCHD video file has extension of .mts or .m2ts, and saved in /PRIVATE/AVCHD/BDMV/STREAM folder.

    So you just need to right click the AVCHD file, choose show in folder, open the .BDMV folder, then open the STREAM folder, you are able to drag the .mts or .m2ts file to Filmora.

  2. Why can’t I apply the transition to the video?

    Currently the transition can be applied to the media on the 1st track (also known as Video track) of the timeline only. If you have dropped the media to the other tracks,such as PIP track. You have to remove them manually. Then go to Media library, drag and drop the media to the 1st track. Lastly drag a transition to the media from transition library.

     apply-to-pip  apply-to-video-track
  3. “Loading completed. 1 file failed to load ”appears while importing media

    If you receive an error “Loading completed. 1 file failed to load ” while importing media files, please follow below instructions to get rid of it.

    Can you play your media file on Mac with iTunes? If your files can not be played with iTunes, it might be damaged. Our program might not support it. If your files can be played, please copy it on desktop and load it again.

    Whether your video is DRM protected? If you purchase it from iTunes or other places, they might be DRM protected, which is not supported by filmora.

    Did you try other media files? Does it load other video successfully?

    Also, please save it to the local hard drive of your Mac instead of dragging it from any other external device, such as camera, flash drive…etc.

    If the video can be played with Quicktime Player, you're recommended to transcode it before importing to our application. While the video file is playing in Quicktime Player, go to Export under File. Then select a format under Export. It will pop up another window. Then follow the on-screen instructions to re-encode the file.


    Or you can right click on the video file in Finder, select Encode Selected Video Files.


    An “Encode Media” will pop up and allow you to setup the quality and format settings. Lastly press Continue to start the transcoding.

  4. Formats that can be imported to Instant Cutter

    Instant Cutter only supports to import .MOV, .MP4 and .MTS files with H.264 codec. If you have no idea about the codec of your file, you can select the video file, right click and choose Get Info. An inspector window will show you the codec under More Info

    .  video-info
  5. Why is the video blurry after dropping to the timeline?

    Actually, after you load the video to the timeline, it will be compressed to a lower resolution as 360P to set the preview window, so there will be quality loss while previewing. But generally the output quality will not be affected as long as you adjust the output settings ( resolution, frame rate and bit rate) as similar as the source media.

  6. How to fix the lagging playback on timeline while editing?

    If the playback on timeline appears to be lagging or out of sync, you can detach the audio from the video first.


    Then highlight the video part on timeline, press the Render button to render the timeline. You will get a smoother playback after rendering.

  7. How to Edit Videos on Mac [Easy and Fast Ways]

    Whether to use the Apples iMovie video editor or third-party video editing software is a puzzle to many Mac users. Equally, how to edit videos on Mac has been a strenuous exercise to many professional video editors and beginners for years.

    Is it because the video editing software or the tutorials are too hard to follow?

    If you are wondering how to edit videos on mac for free, easy and fast, you are in the right place.

    In this article, you will learn how to edit videos to get thousands of views in less than seven days.

    Option 1: Edit Videos on Mac Using Filmora9 (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

    The numbers of video editing software you can use on Mac are many. However, majorities are too complex, lack essential video editing features and others overpriced. To understand how to edit videos on Mac fast, I will start illustrating how to use Wondershare Filmora9 for Mac.

    Among the reasons, Mac users prefer Filmora9 for Mac is its simplicity. Its interface is simple and easy to understand.

    Step 1: Download and install the video editor.

    To learn how to edit videos on Mac for free, start by clicking below to start downloading Filmora9 for Mac. Then double click the .dmg file and follow the instructions given to finish installing.

    Download Filmora9 Mac Version

    Again, double-click the download icon to open the video editor. 

    Step 2: Start a new project.

    To start a new project, the first step is to set your video aspect ratio. Select the most preferred 16:9(Widescreen) aspect ratio as it gives videos a wider resolution. Then click “New project”.

    Filmora9 for Mac interface is easy to interact and use. Among the video editing features on this interface include the toolbar, media library, preview window and storyboard. 

    how to edit videos on mac by Filmora

    If you have downloaded the paid version, register the program by clicking the “Account Icon” at the top right corner. This is to open the limited features reserved for the paid versions only. Upgrading to paid versions enables you to create videos with no watermark.

    how to edit videos on mac by Filmora

    Step 3: Import or record video clips.

    You can download video clips in three different ways.

    First, Click “Import Media Files Here” to import any video file from your library. Filmora9 for Mac is compatible with almost any type of file format.

    how to edit videos on mac by Filmora

    Secondly, go to “File” then select Import Media and choose whether to import from file or camera.

    how to edit videos on mac by Filmora

    The third method is to record a video. If you are creating videos for Instagram, this is the best option. To record from the webcam, click "Record". On the pop-up window, click the red button. Once you are done with recording, click “OK” to save the recorded video.

    how to edit videos on mac by Filmora

    Step 4: Video editing.

    After you are done with importing files, this is how to edit videos on Mac without iMovie. Start by trimming the unwanted parts of your file before applying video effects and transitions. Use the Scissors icon (1) to trim the video and click delete (2) to completely remove it.

    Other editing features you can use are splitting video clips, resizing images, combining video clips.

    how to edit videos on mac by Filmora

    The second editing option is adding special video effects that are categorized into Filters, effects and overlays. Use the filters to enhance video colour or distort images. Overlays add a new layer to videos making giving them a new different look. Just click any motion graphics, element or mosaic that would make your video look better.

    how to edit videos on mac by Filmora

    To remove unwanted filter and overlays, select the filter option then click “Delete” on the keyboard. Right-click on the overlay and on the menu and select Delete to remove the applied overlay.

    Once you have finished editing your video, hit “Export” and select the action to take from the five given options.

    how to edit videos on mac without imovie

    Editing videos on Mac using Filmora is now more simplified. The second most used video editing software for Mac is the iMovie.

    Option 2: Edit Videos on Mac Using iMovie

    iMovie is a software application developed by apple for creating and editing videos for macOS and iOS.

    Another interesting video editing feature under apple is the QuickTime app. How to edit QuickTime videos on Mac is a title for another day. Keep searching for the guide on Wondershare Learning Center.

    Anybody can create beautiful videos with 4K resolution videos using iMovie.

    To make iMovie the preferred video editing software, apple included the following features;

    • Automated video editing
    • Video speed change
    • Multiple video-sharing channels
    • 4K video resolution and
    • Video effects, transitions and video color enhancement

    Step 1 : Open the iMovie Icon.

    To open iMovie, click the iMovie icon. Ever seen the Hollywood Walk of Fame icon? Search for a resemblance on your Mac.

    Step 2 : Open and Name the New Project.

    After opening iMovie, go to File and choose New Project. Name the project and click to start a new project.

    how to edit videos on imovie on mac

    Step 3 : Connect Camera or iPhone.

    To edit videos from your camera, connect the camera to the Mac with a USB then turn it on. For the camera to reflect on your Mac, set to a PC mode.

    If you are wondering how to edit iPhone videos on Mac, follow this procedure.

    Step 4 : Import Files to Edit.

    Open your library and select the file to use for the new project. Before you can start to edit selected videos, set the new videos aspect ratio, theme and frame rate.

    Step 5 : Start Editing Videos.

    Start by cropping the videos. Why struggle editing parts to eliminate later? You can split the videos into several frames by clicking “Split Video Clip at Playhead” if necessary. This will help edit each frame to give different themes.

    Click “Effects” to make your video as stunning as possible by using the free effects.

    Step 6 : Save Edited Video.

    Save and export the video.

    How to Edit YouTube Videos on Mac?

    Videos are intended for different purposes. You may intend to upload videos on Instagram today and tomorrow it’s on YouTube. Also, different cameras produce videos with different aspects. GoPro videos are among the best HD videos to upload on YouTube.

    Want to learn how to edit GoPro videos on Mac? Use the steps in editing YouTube videos to create the most followed GoPro videos on YouTube.

    Step 1 : Download the YouTube Videos to Your Mac.

    Since you cannot edit YouTube videos online, first download the video to edit and save on your library.

    Read More to Get the proven ways on How to Download YouTube Videos without Any Software Easily >>

    Step 2 : Download Video Editing Software (Filmora for Mac).

    To edit downloaded videos, you need good video editing software. Download and install your preferred software onto your computer.

    Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

    Step 3 : Download Video To Be Edited on The Timeline.

    Start by importing the saved videos into the library. Use the software effects, transitions and other video editing tools to give a totally different video outlook.

    Step 4 : Save the Edited Video.

    Save and upload the video to YouTube.

    Also Check>>>YouTube Video Editor Tutorials

    How to Edit Videos for Instagram on Mac?

    Instagram is currently the most used social media by marketers and business owners to promote their products and services. Promotional Instagram videos should be of the highest quality. This is how to edit videos for Instagram on Mac.

    Step 1 : Search for the best videos or record.

    Record videos or upload saved videos on your Mac. Instagram videos have dimensional restrictions. Depending on the kind of video to upload on Instagram size it to meet the set standards.

    Step 2 : Upload videos to the Editor.

    First, set the videos aspect ratio either 16:9 or 9:16. Click on the File menu to import files to the editor timeline. You can also include images.

    Step 3 : Edit uploaded videos.

    Use the same procedure highlighted in Option-1 above to edit your Instagram video on Mac. However, keep in mind to maintain the required resolutions and frame rate.

    If you don't know how to upload picture and video Instagram posts, check this Ultimate Guide on Best Instagram Video Dimensions & Story Size for a perfect post to drive millions of followers.

    Step 4 : Save and upload the video.

    The essence of your video is to upload it for Instagram viewers to view, comment or share. Ensure the video is of the highest standard, save it to the library or click "Export" and share on Instagram directly.

    Top 5 Video Editing Tips On Mac

    Whether using MacBook air, iMac Pro, mac Pro or mac Mini, you can attest these apple devices are equipped with video editing tools. Not everybody is a video editing pro on Mac.

    Here are the top five tips when editing videos on Mac.

    • Use photo/video grid to crop images

    Apple has simplified how to crop images on Mac. Almost every Mac has a grid. To crop your still images on for a video, use the grid as a guide to maintaining the images original quality.

    • Take advantage of the Mac software

    Mac has its own inbuilt software for editing video light intensity and a high pixel camera. Concentrate on capturing videos with the best natural light for your nature videos before using the light editing features.

    • Use Continuity Camera in macOS Mojave to import scanned documents

    It is now easy to add pictures to a document on a video using Continuity Camera. In connection with macOS, scan documents and add them to your videos using the Continuity Camera.

    • Record your movies anywhere then detach background and sounds

    Did you know you could detach sounds from a video on Mac? You can be interested in a certain natural sound and not the images. On the Mac select the Detach Audio and use the audio on a video of your choice.

    With the above video editing tips on Mac, you can produce the best video on YouTube or for your Instagram.

    There as many different videos you can edit on Mac as there video editing software.


    There are many options for editing videos on Mac. You can use Mac inbuilt video editing apps or upload external video editing software. How to edit videos on Mac is determined by the video size, purpose and the compatibility to the channels to upload. To edit a video, you have to factor social media to upload.

    Editing live streaming videos for social media sharing is a complex topic to both beginners and experts. Which software is more suitable when editing live videos? Share your best software or leave comment on our social platforms.