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What Are The Best Lessons Learned from My Father?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Apr 24, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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Similar to everyone else, I have learned some valuable lessons from my father. He is a magical person, who indirectly (and directly), taught me some lessons that I always look up to. These stories, real-life incidents, and anecdotes have always given me inspiration and helped me overcome some of the hardest times in my life.

While my mom is pretty amazing at it too, since it is Father’s Day, I am going to talk about the best lessons from my father.

The Value of Education

Like every dad, my dad wanted me to complete my education. He himself had a master’s and Ph.D. from a well-known university, so he always supported the idea of the highest level of education. As his kids, we never questioned whether we would go to college or not. It was a commitment that we were in-built with.


The Value of Hard Work

Another important lesson from my father is the value of hard work. He believed that with dedication and utmost commitment, we could achieve anything. We have the power to overcome every obstacle that life throws at us with hard work. Therefore, at a very young age, we were involved in any type of hard work that could appear, such as shoveling snow, mowing lawns, mopping, cleaning, etc.


Be Your Best

One of the lessons from my father that I can’t ever forget is to be your best. As a kid, I would always go home crying when my teacher scolded me. My dad would often tell me it’s good they are doing that because they care. They are pushing you to be your best. The only time when you should cry is when they stop and lose hope in you.


The Value of Sacrifice

We all need to understand the art of sacrifice. Sometimes, we need to give up things for the happiness of others. He didn’t exactly ask us to sacrifice, but he helped us understand the same. For our sake, he would often give up what he wanted to do. As a result, we grew up understanding that sometimes sacrificing helps you make others and yourself feel better.


Be a Saver and Investor

When I started my first job, my dad would often encourage me to save. He would call me and ask how much did I save this month. While this can seldom make a difference, it is how he raised us and made us better at investment. From a young age, we were given allowances, and when we wanted something nice, we had to save and purchase it ourselves.


Don't Cut Corners

Never cut corners. At the start of your career, you should always be open to taking up new jobs. Never say you can’t do it or you are not here to do this. Always give it a try, and see how you get noticed. There’s always someone watching your move and appreciating your hard work. That’s how successful people are made.


Never Worry About "The Other Guy."

My dad was never jealous of the achievements of others. He would never compare his success and growth with what the other is achieving. He ended up comparing his growth with himself. Am I doing better than yesterday?


Be Bold!

Be bold and have the audacity to go get it. To become a go-getter, you need to just go for what you think is right. If the biggest professionals in the world would have second-guessed their start-up idea, they would have never achieved success. So, if you want to become a writer, quit procrastinating and start writing. Just go for it.


Always Have a Guy

Always socialize and make friends. You have to have a guy for everything. My dad had a guy for whatever you can think of. This means he had a guy for bulk bakery products, he had a guy for repair, etc.

I would say that the only reason he was able to achieve this is that he loved people, hence, he interacted with them whenever given a chance. Another thing that helped him find a guy for everything is his helping nature. He would never say no to help, even when it was out of his reach. He would always try.

Putting it forward and helping people allowed him to create a huge circle.


Be a Fighter

By this, we do not mean go on the streets and fight. We only mean the fight for the things you believe in. He would never let me give up. When I was being bullied, he asked me to stand up and raise my voice. My dad never allowed us to give in to fear, and we were taught to fight for what was important and necessary.


The Value of Struggle

Our father never let us quit. He would push us to achieve something when he knew we could do it. This made us struggle, fail, and fall. But, when we got up, we were stronger and better. I remember that I couldn’t enter a scholarship. Although I prepared well, fear had me. He never let me quit. He made sure that I gave my best before leaving this, and I did do my best – got the scholarship.

Of course, we can easily take it as forcing kids into something. But, it was not like that. It was not his decision that I get into this scholarship program. I wanted that and I worked for it. He made sure I didn’t quit or give in to fear.


Don’t Neglect Your Soul

While you can easily predict that this could mean you should be religious, it is not about that. My father was a religious man and he always woke up early for prayers. However, he never forced us to be religious. He encouraged us to find what we believe in and helped us make it a priority. Like I was always an early riser and I loved running a few miles. So, that’s what I did, created a schedule and always made time for it – I still do!


Family is Everything

The last lesson from my father is family is everything. You can make friends – a lot of them – however, at the end of the day, your family stays. Hence, I grew up keeping my family first. My parents and brother were always my first priority and I would never do anything to hurt them or push them away.



This Father’s day, I had an emotional tour down the memory lane. I could remember everything that my father taught me, and this has always helped me lead a better-driven life. If you are impressed by these values, help me know what your father taught you. Comment below, connect with me and let’s make this day about our bold and irreplaceable fathers.

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