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7 Tips And Tricks To Make A Cute Children's Day Video

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Apr 24, 22, updated May 20, 24
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7 Tips And Tricks To Make A Cute Children's Day Video

Each year on the 20th of November, we celebrate children’s day. As this day comes once a year, our aim should be to make it special and memorable for our kids.

The norm is to plan different activities and events for the kids in school or at home. However, we have come up with something a bit different than the usual: Making a cute children’s day video using Wondershare Filmora.

There are plenty of different children’s day video ideas to create a video that the kids will enjoy. And, to help you with your creative ideas, we have put together 7 tips and tricks to make a cute children’s day video.

Let’s have a look at them:

Tip 1: Pay Attention to Kid's Likes And Dislikes

If you are making a video to make your kids feel special, the best tip is to pay attention to what they like or dislike. For instance, if your kids are scared of clowns, including clown-related content in the video would be pointless.

But, if your kids like a certain cartoon character, you can use that theme in the video and make the video fun and exciting for them.

Take this cute monster pack by Wondershare Filmora for instance. It has a number of fuzzy stickers, text, and motion elements to add a fun and amusing factor to the video.

Cute monster pack by wondershare filmora

Tip 2: Take Some Important Videos or Photos of Your Kids in Daily Life

Kids love nothing more than to see their own pictures and videos. Why not make a compilation video of random images and clips from their everyday lives? They would be ecstatic to watch it!

All you have to do is put together all the photos and videos of your kids and use Wondershare Filmora to make a stellar video. Creating a video has never been easier with all the effects and different video editing features in Filmora.

And, if you’re not very tech-savvy but would still like to create a video to make your kid’s day special, you can use Filmora Instant Mode.

Tip 3: Use Filmora Instant Mode

Instant Mode is quite a helpful feature in Filmora that allows you to make a video even if you don’t have any editing skills. The process is also quite simple. You simply have to add all the media files you want to use in the video, and Filmora will whip up an amazing video for you instantly!

How cool is that? No editing, no time wastage, and a cute and memorable video for your kids on children’s day.

Tip 4: Enrich Resources from Filmstock

If you want to add life and color to your children’s day video, you can check out the resources available on Filmstock.

There are plenty of templates, complete with effects and animated stickers for all themes.

Take this baby kids pack template; for instance. It has 16 titles, 36 elements, 7 overlays, and 5 transition effects for you to make the cutest children’s day video for your babies.

Baby kids pack by wondershare filmora

Tip 5: Get Unlimited Stock from GIPHY, Pixabay, and Unsplash

The more the images and media in a video, the more appealing it is! You can find a large variety of relevant images, videos, animations, and media files from platforms like GIPHY, Pixabay, and Unspash, to add more innovation and vibrancy to your children’s day video.

Like this amazingly colorful image from Unsplash is perfect for a happy children’s day video.

Stock image - Happy child

Tip 6: Get Creative Effects from Boris FX and NewBlue FX

A video without effects can be quite boring. And, if we, as adults, can get zone out while watching a plain video, imagine how uninterested kids would be in watching it?

Therefore, adding some creative and special effects to the video can not only make it interesting, but it can also create a sense of excitement in the audience.

You will find a gazillion visual effect plug-ins and graphic templates on Boris FX and NewBlue FX to make your videos look professional with dynamic graphics, video overlays, and titles.

Tip 7: Add Elements That Are Liked By Your Kids Such As Astros/Dinosaurs/Dolls/Toys

How to make a children’s day video they would absolutely adore? Add elements they love!

Kids love all sorts of different things. For instance, some kids might have an interest in dinosaurs, while others might be space freaks. Then there’s a certain lot that loves dolls or animals or literally anything with color.

Adding these elements in the video would instantly create interest in the video, and the kids would watch it till the end.

Like this unicorn magic themed template in Wondershare Filmora:

Unicorn magic theme by wondershare filmora


Making a children’s day video is quite a fun activity; however, the real trick lies in making one that is liked by the kids! And, what makes kids happy are things they like, colors, animations, lot’s of music, and cool stickers.

If you combine your creative ideas with our tips to make those ideas shine, it can result in a cute children’s day video with all the bells and whistles.

So, throw in some cartoon characters, use fun children-themed templates, get your hands on sparkling royalty free media, use outstanding effects, and make the best children’s days video for your kids with Wondershare Filmora!

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