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10 Most Popular New Year Music and Audio Effects in 2024

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan
Originally published Dec 03, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
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Vlogging and making videos is the newest habit of most teenagers. Many of them pursue YouTube as their career. In comparison, others find their way to cinematography as a professional. It really doesn't matter if you create vlogs, have a YouTube channel, or are an influencer. There is one thing that every soul on this Earth needs when they film something.

That one thing is editing the original video. Finding the perfect editing software is a tough job, but what's harder than that is looking for editing effects and audio effects. If you don't know about Wondershare Filmstock and are looking for editing tips and New Year audio effects, let us jump in and help you. Stay with us till the end of this article, and all your worries will be gone.

Part 1:Top 5 New Year Sound Effects

Editing is a key element to any kind of video. Adding quality audio and cool video effects to your videos is as important as using good editing software. Wondershare Filmstock is on the top of the list when it comes to effects, transitions, and other elements required for editing. With Wondershare Filmora Video Editing software, you can edit brilliant videos.

filmstock audio and sound library

With Filmora, you can get access to Wondershare Filmstock, the media library for editing Wondershare. It has hundreds of different title templates, effects, transitions, and also a lot of sound effects. With Christmas almost around the corner, everyone has already started preparing by purchasing gifts, making fun videos to upload, etc.

If you are looking for sounds with Christmas vibes and appropriate happy New Year music, then let us share the top 5 sound effects offered by Wondershare Filmstock for the New Year.

1. Firework

How can we not talk about Fireworks on New Year's Eve? New Year is all about celebration and welcoming the year with good wishes and positive hopes. Every country lights the sky with beautiful and breath-taking fireworks.

While editing your New Year vlog video, the best suggestion is to use fireworks sound effects to add the joy and excitement that everyone feels for the New Year. Filmstock has the best Fireworks sound effect that you can use easily.

The sound effect is available in WAV file format with a file size of 10.44MB. The effect has a bit rate of 145 kbps. The firework sound effect has a sample rate of 44.1kHz with a duration of 00:01:02.

2. Christmas

Christmas is all about lights, gifts, parties, and celebrations. It’s that time of the year when everyone goes back to their families, their homes. Every family celebrates Christmas with great hopes and prayers to have a good year ahead. There is a special Christmas joy and excitement of getting gifts from Santa, hearing those jingle bells.

Watching Christmas movies and hosting Christmas parties with Christmas songs. Decorating your house and also decorating a Christmas tree is among those traditions that we follow every year. For this years' Christmas vlog and videos, try to use the 'Christmas' sound effect by Filmstock to create the perfect vibe and environment.

The sound effect has a bit rate of 223 kbps. The file is available in WAV format and of 22.5 MB size. The duration of the sound effect is 00:02:13, and its sample rate is 0 kHz.

3. Single Bell Sound

Another sound effect that is Christmas-related and appropriate for New Year's music free offered by Filmstock is 'Single Bell.' This sound effect is perfect for adding the bells sound to your videos because, on Christmas, the jingle bells certainly create the vibe and deliver the message of joy.

The happiness of Christmas, the fun among the family members at the dining table while eating cozy food gets double when the Christmas jingle bells are heard. The loud laughter of Santa and this bell sound is very much related to each other.

The Filmstock sound effect has a Christmas bell sound. The file is available in WAV format with a 3.85 MB file size. The Sample Rate for this effect is 44.1 kHz. At the same time, its Bit Rate is 320 kbps.

4. New Year Horns

What even is a celebration without horns? This New Year audio effect offered by Filmstock has horn sounds in it. The actual fun and enjoyment of any party come when horns are used. They create hype in the environment. The whole vibe of the event is changed when the horns are used.

The same is the case with the sound effects used in the videos. To create fun and hype in your video, you can use the ‘New Year Horns’ sound effect. The file is in WAV format with a 1.1 MB size.

The Bit Rate for this sound effect is 2304 kbps. It has a Sample Rate of 48 kHz. If we talk about the duration of the sound effect, then that is 00:00:04.

5. Champagne

Another element without which your celebrations are incomplete is Champagne. No party, no good news is complete until you pop open a bottle of Champagne. Cheering a glass of Alcohol is the perfect way to celebrate. You can express your joy, your excitement, and even you can make a wish while you raise your Champagne or glass of alcohol for a toast.

This sound effect could be purchased from Filmstock. The Champagne effect has a Bit Rate of 1411 kbps. Whereas, the Sample Rate of this effect is 44 kHz. The sound effect is in WAV file format, and its file size is 55.89 KB.

Part 2:5 Popular New Year Audios

We hope that by far, Filmstock has impressed you all a lot. Since the top and the best New Year sounds have been discussed. So now, let us talk about the top 5 New Year audio effects that are offered by Wondershare Filmstock. All these effects will add life to your content if you use them.

1. Christmas Gangster

The top New Year audio effect-free is Christmas Gangster. Every year, you add the same Christmas audios to your videos because there are no new audios appropriate for Christmas. Wondershare Filmstock did an amazing job in this matter as this new and unique Christmas-related audio is perfect. The audio effect is not like traditional Christmas music as it's fast and full of fun.

The audio effect has a Christmas vibe to it because of the jingle bells, whereas it has that gangster mood to it from the thrilling music. The file size is 2.95 MB, and the format is WAV. The Bit Rate of the Christmas Gangster effect is 320 kbps, whereas its Sample Rate is 0 kHz.

2. Movie Nature

An audio effect that is close to nature, like the dripping water, chirping birds, or even the sound of thunder, such audios cast a different effect on us. So, this is an audio effect. It starts with the birds chirping and then followed by music that gives peace to you, relaxes your soul, and brings hope to your life.

This sound effect has a brightness to it. Days of Hope is full of positivity and calmness. The Bit Rate for this audio effect is 1411 kbps, and it has a Sample Rate of 22.05 kHz. The duration of the respective audio effect is 00:01:47.

3. Christmas Street Vibe

This is the most fun-filled New Year audio effect. The funky town street music has been mixed with the essential Christmas element. The audio effect sounds like big bands with jingle bells are being played in the streets. The effects deliver complete celebration vibes.

The effect has a duration of 00:00:14 with a file size of 3.85 MB. The Bit Rate is 320 kbps, and the file has a Sample Rate of 44.1 kHz.

4. Piano Music Chill

A very different and unique kind of audio effect that is only offered by Filmstock is Piano Music Chill generated by AI. The effect could be used best for giving tribute or maybe farewell to others. The slow yet melodious piano in this effect gives emotional vibes.

The effect has a duration of 00:01:55, and its file size is 4.4 MB. 320 kbps is the Bit Rate of this effect.

5. Xmas Logo

This is absolutely a Christmas-inspired audio effect. It has the sound of ringing bells. The effect could also be used for Christmas cartoons intro. There is an element of brightness and cheerfulness in this audio effect.

The audio effect is available in WAV format, and its size is 0.99 MB with a 00:00:03 duration. This calm effect has a 320 kbps Bit Rate with a Sample Rate of 0 kHz.

Closing Words

● We hope that this article has sufficient knowledge to inspire and motivate you all to use Wondershare Filmstock and its crazy cool editing effects. Don’t forget to try happy New Year's music from Filmstock this year. Filmstock has a massive library full of different Christmas audio effects, New Year audio effects, and a lot more than that.

● Since you are very much impressed by Filmstock so now let’s talk a little bit about Wondershare Filmora Video Editor because Filmora is the gateway to access Filmstock. You can do classical editing to your videos only if you are using Filmora, the editing Goddess. You can use different effects, transitions, and many more editing-related items on Filmora.

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