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The Best Camera Phone

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Mar 24, 2021• Proven solutions

Buying a new smartphone is definitely a daunting task, especially for beginners who have least knowledge about best set of specifications. Market is loaded with unlimited models and lots of brands are beating each other with classic feature updates. So, buyers naturally get confused while choosing their device. One of the most essential features that consumers need to consider while buying a new phone is quality of its camera. That makes a big difference. The article below contains details about some of the best camera phones available in market; hope it will help you to make right investment while buying a new gadget.

Samsung Galaxy S8:

Price: $749.99 only.

Samsung calls Galaxy as one of its most special model with an attractive narrow shape that fits perfectly into your palm. Its 5.8” colourful screen maintains crisp display and the classy curved sides make it look beautiful in your hand. One thing is essential to mention that its photo and video quality is really stunning and you can also enjoy live video streaming from NetFlix and YouTube with rich content. It will never let you lose any frame from your streamed content.


  • This phone is well known for its impressive battery life.
  • Designed with water resistant body.
  • One of the most amazing features is its wireless charging ability.
  • Designed with external storage slot so that users can maintain huge collection of music, videos and photos with ease.
  • Featuring 12MP camera.


  • Takes too much time to get unlocked as the fingerprint sensor is not so good.


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OnePlus 3T:

Price: $439.00 only

OnePlus 3 grabbed great attention from buyers’ right from its launch date but its updated version 3T made users crazy about selfies. Those who are crazy photo and video lovers always need a phone with huge storage capacity so that they have their favourite media files with them all the time; finally, OnePlus 3T is here to solve all your troubles. It offers 128GB storage space without slowing down its performance. You can also enjoy fast typing with its highly responsive keyboard. OnePlus 3T contains a 3400mAh battery that lasts for almost 16 hours.


  • Its battery can serve you for longer duration.
  • OnePlus 3T is well known for its ability to deliver classic results for selfies.
  • It offers huge storage option with its 128GB capacity.


  • You will find it little costly but there is no doubt to say that it is able to complete with most of high end gadgets.


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Sony Xperia X:

Price: $249.99 only

People trust Sony for its great build quality; Xperia X is designed to fit in your palm with its sleek and compact shape. The square sides improve its grip whereas the fast finger print sensor improves usability; except the US version. Xperia X phone offers 4G LTE speed and its large screen assists videos lovers in outstanding viewing experience. This dual sim model offers 64GB storage space with its promising video quality that professionals will definitely love to enjoy.


  • It is compact enough, looks classy.
  • The high quality camera makes it suitable for professional photographers.
  • You can enjoy quick shoot option with its dedicated camera button.
  • Designed with 23mp camera offering predictive hybrid autofocus feature with a 13mp front camera.
  • It offers brighter and crisp 1080p resolution display.


  • Troublesome battery life.
  • The US version of phone shows problem in its fingerprint reader; buy safe.


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Huawei P10:

Price: $649.00 only

Attractive finish with a metal body- the first impression itself is stunning. P10 is well known for its compact shape with 5.1” screen that fits perfectly into your jeans pocket. Further, the dual lens type camera setup ensures incredible results for each shot. Huawei has designed with smartphone to offer crisp colour details along with perfect brightness adjustments even in dark light conditions. You will be able to avail 64GB storage space with this model and its octa-core processor makes it fast enough. How can we forget to talk about battery life, P10 can serve you for almost 15 hours with single full charge; but you must expect little decay in performance if you always stay connected to video streaming sites.


  • Perfect grip and impressive design.
  • Incredible camera results.
  • Great battery life.


  • Quite expensive.
  • You will find its touch sensitive navigation keys little annoying.
  • Sadly, it’s not waterproof.


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Apple iPhone 7 Plus:

Price: $649.38 only

One of the most interesting features of Apple iPhone 7 plus is its 256GB storage space that makes it suitable for professionals. The water resistant body with extremely fast processing speed; all great features are embedded to this tiny phone. iPhone 7Plus comes with digital zoom ability that ensures crisp details in videos as well as stills, even from a longer distance.


  • Designed with dual rear lenses that ensure 2x optical zoom.
  • Longer battery life.
  • Water resistant body.
  • Outstanding storage service, professionals will definitely appreciate its 256GB storage ability.


  • You will not find any standard headphone jack option on this device, users either need to go wireless or use an adapter.
  • Expensive option.
  • It is bigger and heavier.


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Google Pixel:

Price: $649.99 only

This device is popular for its stunning camera quality; it never let users make compromise for pixels. It captures images efficiently without getting tired and brings vibrant colours to every still or video. Even the close ups contain outstanding details with great crispness. Google Pixel never decays its camera quality with variable light conditions but yes its screen goes little blur in sunlight. Manufacturers have improved data security with addition of finger print lock.


  • Google Pixel is loved by users for its stunning camera that ensures perfect results even in low light conditions.
  • Impressive design.
  • Works with voice commands.


  • Display becomes dim in strong sunlight.
  • It is not water resistant.


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