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The Best Tripod for iPhone and Android Smartphone

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

If you love shooting videos with your smartphone then it is essential to buy a tripod for your device. You can find so many brands and tripod designs in market but selection of right one is quite difficult, especially if you are a beginner. These tripods play important role in low light shooting conditions as well as self portrait type photographs. So, it is high time to update your knowledge about some of the best Tripods available in market for Android and iOS devices. Choose the best one out of the four top class tripod units discussed below and start with the shake free, sharper and high quality video productions.

JOBY GorillaPod Hybrid:

JOBY GorillaPod offers ultimate stability for each shoot with its durable and lightweight design. It is designed with the stainless steel plates along with fully rubberized foot grips; the legs are wrappable to ensure easy portability.

You will be impressed to know that GorillaPod Hybrid can maintain 90 degree tilt with 360 degree panning that lead to much precise positing even in rough conditions.

We all love to carry a lightweight accessory for filed recording, GorillaPad is designed to meet your desires with its light weight (only 3 lbs) yet durable design and it can handle weight up to 2.2 lbs. 

The best thing to know about this impressive tripod from Joby series is that it allows easy customization with dual action type knobs and effective locking mechanism.

This tripod costs somewhere around $30.00 only and it is designed to serve you for lifetime with its ability to resist with routine wear and tear. You will definitely avail impressive footage offering great stability with this tripod.


Square Jellyfish Metal Spring Tripod:

This tripod mount can serve you for multiple applications; it can be used to capture stills, videos, to play audios and even like a desk stand. People love to use this mount with their phablet and smartphone devices.

Manufacturers have designed this mount with a universal screw mount mechanism that makes it able to get connected with almost all tripod designs available in market. Most of the professionals love to use it with popular jellyfish pocket tripod. You can expect great results with iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6.

Here is one interesting thing to know about Jellyfish metal spring tripod that it can hold your smartphone in horizontal as well as vertical position. You can even connect it with upside down position to capture stills.

This small tripod mount is available with a price tag of $14.95 only and its tiny design allows users to keep it inside their pocket with ease. Carry it for long journeys with friends without making your luggage heavier and enjoy classic shoots at interesting sites.


Manfrotto Pixi Mini:

Manfrotto have designed this mini tripod with portable and lightweight configuration and it can handle wide range of video shooting devices like basic DSLR cameras, iPhones, Bridge cameras and even the Compact System Cameras (CSC).

Most of the professionals love to use Pixi Mini with CSCs because it ensures highest stability with its rich design. The maximum weight of this tripod goes up to 0.23 Kg and you will love its stainless steel body that makes it impressive enough.

Pixi handles all connections with its standard 1/4” screw attachment that is available right above a rubber circle.

The rubberized pads ensure perfect grip and plastic legs offer maximum length adjustment at 13.5cm. A small push button type mechanism maintains easy alignments at various positions as Pixi can rotate your camera up to 360 degrees and maintains tilt up to 35 degree.

You can buy Pixi with payment of £25 only but the downside is that it offers limited handling abilities with lesser control over ball tightness. However, the sleek and lightweight design have an edge with pocket friendly construction.


Full-Size Camera Tripods:

So, here we are going to talk about the full size tripods. Professionals often use them to handle their classy DSLR cameras and they can also hold almost all latest digital camera models including your iPhone.

If you have planned your shoot at some windy location then these full sized tripods can ensure you trouble free results with their super steady performance. No matter whether you have connected a large camera or an iPhone on these tripods, they will always ensure perfect stability.

Note that, this type of tripods need a tripod mount for making connection with iPhones you need to make some additional investment to buy one. Once you get a good quality mount then it can be easily used to make connection with iPhone via screw thread.

Market is loaded with so many full size camera tripod designs, you can pick any one out of Joby series, Shoulder mount or collections offered by Glif as all of them can be used with iPhones and standard tripods.

Here is one drawback of full sized tripod design; it is quite heavier so you cannot carry it on your tours, especially not when you are going for adventurous trips to enjoy hiking or trekking etc.


Why need a Tripod for Smartphone?

You will need assistance from a tripod in almost all professional level shooting conditions because here we cannot make compromise for quality. A tripod ensures blur free videos that are often generated with camera shakes.

iPhones are commonly used with low shutter speed, especially in low light conditions but this type of recording arrangement naturally give rise to camera shakes whenever the device is moved slightly. To ensure a good quality video you may have to make efforts for proper light arrangements at shooting site but this is not always possible in practical environment. So, the best solution is to buy a tripod that can eliminate all harmful effects generated due to camera shakes. It ensures crisp and sharp details for every shot.

If you are planning to capture deep details from nature like rivers and waterfalls etc then tripod can assist you to avail impressive results. They are also helpful to improve details with time lapse photography.

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