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Best Audio Recording Apps for Android and iOS

Best Audio Recording Apps for Android and iOS

Meta: Want to record your voice and audio on your smartphone? Check out the best audio recording apps for Android and iOS users.

The days of buying an audio recorder device to record voice and sound are over. Our smartphone is powerful enough to record any audio without any issue. All you need is the best app for sound recording on your Android or iOS device. In fact, it has become an essential app to have on every smartphone. Students can record lectures, journalists can record interviews, and professionals can record instructions and share the audio file with colleagues.

There are various audio recording apps you will come across but you need to choose the best app for audio recording so that the recording is top-notch without loss in audio quality. We have compiled the list of the top 6 best audio recording apps each for Android smartphone and iPhone or iPad users. You can check out their key features and choose the one that you find the best for your recording.

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Part 1. Best Audio Recording App Android

Here is our list of the top 6 best android audio recording app with their key features.

  1. Rev Voice Recorder

Rev Voice Recorder is a highly useful app for audio recording. You can use it without any annoying ads. With high-quality audio recording, it is suitable for dictation as well as transcription. The app lets you edit your recordings directly on your phone. You can organize the recordings and share them on your favorite apps.

Key Features

    • Record high-quality audio and voice.
    • Download recordings on the computer.
    • Simple user interface for hassle-free operation.
    • Optimization engine for enhancing recordings.
    • Allows recording in the background while you use other apps.
    • Supports sharing recordings on text messages, emails, and other apps.
    • Ability to record even when the phone goes to sleep.

rev voice recorder

  1. ASR Voice Recorder

ASR voice recorder is a great audio recording app Android that supports various recording formats. The app comes with the feature of auto-start recording as well as adding notes while recording. You can easily upload your recording on popular Cloud platforms. You can record by keeping the app in the background and it comes with a recording widget for easy operation.

Key Features

  • Supports recording even when the app is in the background.
  • Control of recording quality with bit rate and sample rate options.
  • Easy and quick shortcut access with the recording widget.
  • Feature of the playback speed controller and volume gain.
  • Dedicated recording pause and discard buttons.
  • Can record from Bluetooth devices. Group recording by tag.
  • Upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.
  • Save the recording in MP3, WAV, OGG, AMR, M4A and more.
  • Basic editing options for the recorded clip.
  1. RecForge II

RecForge II can record any audio and you can play and edit the recording. It comes with a live audio spectrum analyzer for real-time monitoring. You can even record in the background and skip silences. The app has a loop play function that can be great for memorization. It can even convert the recordings into multiple file formats.

Key Features

    • Record directly from an external microphone.
    • Adjust pitch, bitrate, codec and sample rate.
    • Allows manual gain adjustment and disable automatic gain.
    • Option to save the file in multiple file formats.
    • Audio spectrum analyzer for visualizing stereo audio signal.
    • Ability to extract sound from video.
    • Custom sorting of recording according to size, date, and name.


  1. Smart Voice Recorder

Smart Voice Recorder is the best audio recording app Android in the premium app category. The dedicated sound recording app allows you to record high-quality audio. At the same time, it compresses the audio file without loss in quality. It will also stop automatically when your phone runs out of memory. There is a live audio spectrum analyzer for better visualization.

Key Features

    • Allows recording using an external or internal microphone.
    • Pause, resume, and cancel recording as required.
    • Comes with a microphone gain calibration tool.
    • Adjustable sample rate of 8 to 44 kHz.
    • Choose from mono and stereo recording.
    • Instant start with the intuitive interface.
    • WAV and PCM encoding available.

smart voice recorder

  1. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder is one of the best android app for audio recording and it is available free of cost. It allows optimum recording even in multiple noise levels. The recording will be safe as it will automatically upload to Google Drive and Dropbox. It also supports home screen widget so that you can pause and resume recording conveniently. Not just that, the app also allows you to customize the audio parameters while recording.

Key Features

    • Input selection according to individual requirement.
    • Easy management of recordings and you can experiment with playback
    • Direct transfer of recordings wirelessly.
    • Specific input gain settings for optimum recording.
    • Customizable audio quality by tweaking available parameters.
    • Notification bar and home screen widget for convenient recording.
    • Save in multiple file formats and change bit rate up to 320 kbps.

Part 2. Best Audio Recording App for iPhone

Here is our list of the best audio recording app iPhone with key features.

  1. Voice Memos

Voice Memos has everything that lets you go for easy recording and editing of your files. The app comes pre-installed on iPhones and you can find it under Extras. The app makes your iPhone a portable audio converter that can be great for different purposes. It even comes with a powerful editing tool for ironing out the mistakes in recording. You can easily organize recordings and find any recording with the search function. It even allows you to share the recordings on AirDrop, iMessages, or emails. It is literally the best iPhone audio recording app that is available for free.

Key Features

    • Pause and resume record as per requirement.
    • Allows recording directly from the wrist using Apple Watch.
    • Easy organization with quick finding feature.
    • Fine-tuning of recording with customization settings and configurations.
    • Basic editing to make the recording crisp.
    • Choose from uncompressed or compressed audio formats.
    • Easy synchronization of recordings with iCloud support.
    • Automatically names recording according to the location.

voice memos

  1. AudioShare

If you are into making music and recording songs, the app can be perfect for you. Apart from recording audio, you can easily normalize, convert, trim, import, and export recordings. There are several customizations and configuration options available to record audio as per your requirements. AudioShare allows you to organize the sound files and manager recordings. You can even transfer the recordings with the AudioShare library. It allows recording directly from compatible apps, microphones, inter-app audio, or external audio interfaces. You can even convert a file into multiple other formats.

Key Features

    • Record in multiple bit and sample rates.
    • Play the recording with different playback options.
    • Add fade in and fade out effect and trim recordings.
    • Easy exporting and importing from compatible apps.
    • Built-in text editor for adding notes.
    • Various sharing options available.
    • Proper organization in files and folders.


  1. Awesome Voice Recorder

Awesome Voice Recorder is another great audio recording app that can record in both stereo and mono sound. It enables you to save the file in multiple formats. The top-rated app comes with an intuitive interface for everyone to use it easily. It offers high-quality recording with unlimited recording time. You can even cut and trim the records according to your requirements.

Key Features

    • Audio visualization feature for easy identification of voice sections.
    • Active noise reduction for removing background noise.
    • Easy folder management for editing, moving and deleting.
    • Allows adding descriptions to voice records.
    • Background and secret recording possible.
    • Create ring and remote control playback.
    • Safe stop during low battery or phone calls.

awesome voice recorder

  1. Auphonic Recorder

Auphonic Recorder has all the necessary features and options for high-quality recording. The audio recorder can provide both compressed and uncompressed audio. There is also an editor and you can even share the recorded files. You can process the recording, encode it if required and manage it with tags as well as publish it instantly from its web interface.

Key Features

    • Automatic noise filtering and reduction.
    • Automatic speech recognition for clear recording.
    • Intelligent leveler balances audio input properly.
    • Feature of loudness normalization as per standards.
    • Audio file encoding into multiple file formats.
    • Automatic publishing of results on multiple websites.

auphonic recorder

  1. MultiTrack DAW

MultiTrack DAW is a professional audio recording app designed for professional audio recorders such as musicians. It is a premium app with a wide variety of features and functionalities that you do not get in other apps. The powerful audio recorder can record high-quality audio and you can customize all the different parameters for recording audio as per your requirements. It features a built-in track compressor as well as an equalizer.

Key Features

    • Advanced playback feature for 32 tracks playing at once.
    • Adjustable metronome range of 40 to 240 BPM.
    • Incredible gain boost with volume fader of +12 dB.
    • Supports different audio inputs and multiple audio file formats.
    • Regions and Bins enable non-destructive editing.
    • Easy region alignment with grid view feature.

multitrack daw


Every app that we have selected for Android and iOS users has certain exclusive features that make recording better than any regular app. Hence, you should check out all the apps we have selected and compare them in terms of features and functionalities to check the best app for audio recording to fulfill your requirement perfectly.